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I am 18 and for a few years now I seem to cry loads, at the very smallest things. I can be watching the TV and see a program about something many would not be affected by but I seem to be flooding with tears. Somethimes I get the sensation that I am about to cry, like a lump in my throat, and I stop myself. But othertimes I can’t stop myself and I just start crying, not knowing when I will stop. I don’t have emotional issues, as in, I don’t get anrgy or sad as quickly as I cry, I just cant seem to stop crying. The crying follows in pattern with my menstrual cycle and, so, at times it is worse. Then, I can even cry if I liked a TV program. and it finish.

Is there anything I can do to stop it?? Or even help??

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It’s a good idea for you to see your physician first because, as you point out, the crying jags coincide with your menstrual cycle. It’s possible that your episodes of tears are a result of  hormonal changes in your system. This could even be a form of PMS. Either way, these are common symptoms related to the ebbs and flows of estrogen and progesterone.

Several years ago, I young woman was referred to me with a very similar problem. She had many stresses in her life butl, much like you, she would begin to cry at the most minor of occurences. She was as confused as I was about what was happening. A visit to her gynecologist revealed a cyst on one of her ovaries that was impacting her hormonal flows. Surgery corrected the problem with no harm to her reproductive system. The tearful episodes stopped and she was able to cope with her personal stresses without feeling as though she was out of control.


However, if a medical examination proves that you are in good physical health, then depression needs to be seriously considered. Depression can exist even when a person is convinced that they are not.

In my opinion, you should begin with a medical examination that includes your informing your physician about the symptom of crying.

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