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I Love My Teacher


I am a girl of 16 and I think I am in love with my female teacher; she’s 30. I don’t know how to tell her about my feelings.

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I highly recommend not telling her! It is not uncommon for individuals in your stage of life to confuse their feelings. Is it possible that you are confusing admiration with love? Do you have any experience with homosexual relationships? Does she? It is not uncommon for individuals of the same sex to feel strongly about one another, but it is not necessary to act on those feelings. There are also too many negative consequences if you were to tell her of your feelings, social as well as legal. She is your teacher and you are a minor… Consider how telling her about your feelings could affect your friendship with her. Have you told any of your friends about your feelings? How did they react? You must consider the social stigma that homosexuality still carries. You are young and peers often react negatively to those who are different. There is nothing wrong with homosexuality, but you should be sure of your sexuality before announcing it. Don’t do something that you may regret later. Best of luck, – Anne

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  • Anonymous

    I'm in love with my female teacher and she is 27. I make any excuse to see her or to walk past her room, and my feelings are SO strong. My heart skips a beat when she talks to me, and everytime I look at her, I can't help but stare at her.

    It's so hard to forget her, or push her out of my mind, and I've been on the internet and found all these things you're supposed to do. Write a letter and rip it up. I did that, but how can ripping paper stop love. You don't just wake up one morning and stop loving someone. My advice to you is to admire from afar. I could never tell my teacher, because i don't want to jepoardise what we already have, but if she kissed me, I wouldn't tell her to back off though.

    It pains me to think that in 3 years time, I'll leave school and never see her again, but I can't do anything about it. She will never know how much effort I go to every day, to look good for her, and how every lesson, I don't come early to learn, I come early because I love the moments when its just me and her in the classroom chatting about random things. I know exactly how you feel. And I don't think anyone can help you. But try not to act on your feelings if possible.

    Anonymous x

  • Anonymous-1

    I love my teacher too. She's 30. It breaks my heart that I'm leaving school this year and I won't ever see her again. I find ant excuse to walk by her room jsut to see her, and I can't stop thinking about her.

  • Anonymous-2

    I'm also in love with my teacher, I'm male and so is he too. I understand how you feel and it breaks my heart to think that one day I'll have to leave school and never see him again. I've read what people say about "forgetting about it" but you can't just fall out of love, and I can't forget about him because I'm with him 3 hours every week and when I'm not with him I miss him. It makes all those things people worry about seem trivial..

  • Anonymous-3

    I am also afraid i am in love with my female teacher (she is 30 i am 18). i hope it is just admiration, as she is everything i want to be - passionate, caring, determined, dedicated... but i have never felt this way about anyone... i've got all the symptoms of love heart skipping a beat, butterflies, aching to spend time with her, trying to draw out her hugs...

    nothing could or would ever happen as she is definitely straight (up until this point i was sure i was too, now i just don't know). she is beautiful and really popular, and as much as she helps me out with my problems i know she thinks of it as her job and nothing more.

    i am leaving school for uni this summer, and i dread not being able to see her everyday, but at the same time i hope that once i've left we'll keep in touch and can be friends. whether or not i can ever be satisfied with that, well i'll just have to wait and see.

  • Anonymous-4

    I too am leaving my school this year and its difficult becasue the only reason that could possibly make me want to stay behind is my teacher. I think and hope that in my situation I really have just confused admiration with love because although i have no problem whatsoever when dealing with different sexualities, my family only accepts one. At first I felt the same as some of you, deep feelings of always wanting to be beside her, and when she smiled at you it put you in a happier place. I always wanted hugs from her but would never ask, and sometimes i'd hang around after school in the foyer so that when she comes out of the office i could just have a few minutes to talk to her. Lat year i used to see her alot more as she taught me many subjects this year i hradly see her except for maybe afterschool on teh occasion. I still want to be around her as much as ever and i don't think any of my feelings have dissapeared i just think i realize that shes more of a mother to me than anything else. I want her to remain in my life and be there when i graduate, i want her to be the one to come and watch me when i'm acting or come see me in highschool once in awhile. But all in all i believe it is just a deep sense of admiration that is very highly confused. I love her to pieces but even if i did like her more i would never do anything to risk her career and most of all family who i have grow to love adn care for as well. Even still at times it is really hard to determine where that line is, when i see her i'm always smiling no matter how bad the day might be going, and she never has to talk to me about my problems to make me feel better, just being there is enough. Whenever she see's me she will always smile and she has the most amazing smile around, and her eyes are one of a kind. Their those eyes that just seem to see straight through you but are soft and warm too. I know there have been times where i have been mody even to her but still she makes the attempt to cheer me up and see whats wrong. And if she knows i am mad at her the guilt in her eyes is enough to make me want to cry for being mad at her in teh first place. Ahh but i've written wayyy too much now to sum things up she is an extremely attractive, hardworking, sensitve, caring person. I love her more than life itself and would gladly give mine up to save her. but in the end i do believe it is a heightened sense of admiration then love.

  • samantha

    im so glad iv found this website this has helped me so much im in year 10 at high school and im 15. It started in year 9 when i started to have feelings for my engalish teacher her name is Casandra she has the most georgus blond hair ever i go past her room just to see if she's there i realy love her but she's obviusly straight i know it sounds sad but i dream about her every night i canot get her out of my head and i cry myself to sleap most nights thinking about her and how i can never be with her. what can i do ???

  • :)

    I'm female and i've just left year eleven to go to college. I have had the same teacher for a subject throughout my time at secondary school, and I have to say I've grown attached to her. I think about her everyday, and I dream about her too. I can't get her out of my mind! I'm confussed about what I feel towards her, I don't feel attracted to her physically... well I sort of do, I don't love her as in a sexual way, it is more of a motherly way. And to quote from a comment above, I wouldn't back away if she kissed me.

    I don't know how I feel sometimes. I didn't realise I had these feelings for her until a few weeks before I was due to leave. This made me feel even worse about the situation because I never made the most of her. The first time I met her, in year seven I knew there was something there. But a few weeks before I was due to leave, I figured out what I felt towards her.

    Now I can't stop thinking about her. I decided to go to college because I hated my previous school. I didn't have that many friends so college would be a good place to have a fresh new start and make new friends. I wish I didn't now, I want to stay at my old school with her forever.

    I do have a last opperatunity with her, my GCSE exams. But she is going to be a moderater. I'm worried that instead of doing my exams, i'm going to be gawping at her instead.

    I was thinking about plucking up the courage to talk to her after a exam. But I couldn't do that... I'm too shy and she will think i'm some weird lesbian reject.

  • Anonymous-5


    like everyone else on here i know what you are going through!

    I am female and have left school a couple of weeks ago i only have to return to do my exams. the problem starts here. at the start or your 10 i met a teacher who i instantly felt a connection to. she taught me english i really got on with her. i could stay up all night if i was thinking of her and most of the time unless i was with her i was oblivious to everything that happened around me becuase i couldnt get her out of my head.

    i started questioning how i felt about her at home is was a mental wreck. i had never experienced fealings like thease and i was scared that i wasnt normal. I am quite popular at school and if i ever told anyone at school i would be a laughing stock. i realised i had a crush! i didnt do anything about it but i started to become all nervous around her and whenever i would see her i couldnt take my eyes off her. everytime i saw her my heart would skip a beat. i would hand in homework late on the odd occasion so she would have to chase me for it, just so i could talk to her or see her just for that one minute.

    i also couldnt stop listening to soppy love songs on my ipod and staying in my room laying on my bed thinking about her. we didnt speak as much because i was always so nervous becuase i liked her so much. and she would give me wierd looks. i started to get paranoid and think that she hated me. i even tried to convince my self that i hated her and acted to my friends like i hated her. becuase i thought to myself that if i hated her she would hate me and the feeling that had started to control my life would soon go it didnt work,

    because it was approching the last week of year 10 we had to be split into different groups. i was gutted at the time but i can now see that it was for the best.

    i know when you are going through it that it feals that you can not go on any longer because what you are feeling is so strong and it phisically hurts everytime you have to spend time apart but it gets easier in time.

    i went into a different class and as time has gone by where i dont see her everyday and i can honestly say that i dont feal as strongly as i did before i know it hurts but give it time and you will get through it and find someone elso

    1 piece of advise though.


    trust me time is a healer its a cleche but it is true!

    i hope i have helped

  • Di

    This year...I felt inlove with my English teacher.When I saw her for the first time I said on my mind "Look!She is so beautiful,isn't she?" :).Even I have to buy a present for her for Christmas.every year with our class we exchange some presents.For example:we start to pull little list where was written our names.Example:Viktoria have to buy a present to Nicky but NIcky have to buy a present to Angelo like some that :).Anyway,when I bought her christmas present she was very happy that I have to buy her present I think she likes me :) but it wasn't that ( Recently I have stopped thinking about her and I felt inlove with other teacher :) She has a long black broken hair and she teaches sports :) but she don't teach in our class :).When she saw me for the first time she said me"You're so sweet.What's your name?"I smiled at her and said my name.Then she said"That's a very nice name.I like it." :)When I back from school I just was lying on my bed listening music and think about her words :).I can't believe she told me this :).It's so nice isn't it? :).So when I see her I every time smile at her and I think she loves me because this was in the begining in the year.And today if I saw it I say to her "I love you" and I don't think she will be sad if I told you I'm sure that she will happy because somebody thinks about her every day and night! :) That's it! :)

  • Abby Brown


    I've got a crush this year on my female english teacher,i'm 15:she's 25....... I think it's more admiration than other things,but i had a dream of her and we were really close in it.I'm not gay! I really love boys...!!!! XD

    She's so clever and cool :) I don't think that my feelings are love but just admiration for this amazing woman.

    Hope it's helped!

    Abby xoxoxo

  • Anonymous-6

    i am in love with my female teacher too, i am female too. i am 18 and she is 27, and i have her for english, and it really sucks that i am leaving in june to go to college, i really want to stay here and be with her.

    when i see her in the halls she says says hi to me and smiles, she is soo beautiful and smart and funny and relly popualar. i really want to tell her how i feel becasue it is killing me inside, i do dream of her... everynight actually and i jsut want to go up to her and tell her how i feel, but if she kissed me i would not back down. i am pretty sure she si bi or something because the way she looks at me cause one time i i was talking to her and she was looking into my eyes,when i looked down i caught her in the corner of my eye looking at my chest and that jsut turned me on, i don't know what do to do, i get happy and butterlfys in my belly and nervous all at the same time when i see he and i don't know what do to do i think she feels the same i don't know but want to find out.... what should i do, should i ask her or jsut write her a letter and give it to her at prom, beacsue i love this girl and i want to be really close freinds with her and jsut don't know how to tell her that, what should i do

  • meh!!!!

    rite ive wrote on here before about my english teacher and i still love her to bits i email her allways and i dilibretely go past her room so i can see her but whenever i talk to her i go bright red like a tomato and when i see her my heart skips a beat im in year 10 now in i dont wanna leave skool ill propa miss her :(

  • Help


    i really need help...i really dont know what is going on in my a said earlier (my title was help) i was in love (or what i thought was love) with my teacher...i wont go into details becuase i have said earlier.

    anyway to get the gist of it i was in love with my teacher and we used to give eachother the fealt like she would single me out infront of everyone and even make me stand up infront of the class and talk about a random thing for 2 minutes as a punishment for talking...she would of course choose what i had to talk about, that was the most imbarasing...standing infront of all of my peers talking about something i had no idea about...and then when we were alone she was the nicest person, asking me how i am and what i am doing on the weekend.....i then learned i was going into a different class with a different teacher i was so gutted when my name was read out. we hen had a 7 week holiday and after 1 month i started to not thing of her constantly...then i drove past a place with her car in the drive. it was her house because she was unpacking some stuff from the boot of the car (shopping bags) i then couldnt get her out of my head...i finally started to get her out of my head wheni started in year 11, we had a new teacher start that year and she was absolutely stunning, i didnt want to feel the way i did about the previous teacher so in my head i started to list bad points about her in my head. her hair colour, her eye colour, her taste in clothes and her accesent...eventhough there was nothing wrong with it....i have totally fell for this personn when i see them i still get butterflies..... after i had taken my exams i would try and find reasons to go back to school and see her... e.g here is that dvd you wanted to burrow...or here is that dvd you lent me...and purposely 'forgot' to put the disk in it... i have thought i was in love with 2 teachers before that, one in primary school and the second in secondary school...thought they were both male...

    i really dont know what is wrong with me.....why do i keep getting thease feelings for people who are unobtinable.... i would do anything for the one i currently love (the other 3 people i didnt feal as strongly about as i do this teacher) i would get arrested for doing something stpid if i thought for one second she would smile... i would even egt in the way of a bullet if it would mean saving her life

    i know it sounds stupid but thats where i am right now..

    am i normal to have had crushes/ been in love or indeed in love with teachers?

    why do i always fall for teachers and not students...

    and another thing i even went to 6 form to be able to see that teacher every day..

    am i normal??


  • Anonymous-7


    Lately Iv Not Been Eating Properly and skipping meals all the time and crying in class the worse thing is i have been really angry with my freinds !

    its all to do with my science teacher im a girls an yea, so is she i have never felt like this in my life about another girl! i though i was going mental or something and i thought i was a freak! when i was frst put in her class we didnt get on at all i tried to make her angry at me cause she didnt scare me and i was showing off but the last month i'm constantly crying and i told my mum witch i dont no if that was the right thing to do because she always is worrying about me . i look for her break and lunch and when i cant find her it makes me really upset but when i do i dont even talk 2 her! my eting is getting better i no i cant handle it unmaturly so i try my best. i Do get atracted to boys as well but i dont think im bi or anything because its unusuall for me to feel like this over a girl please help me im young and dont really no how to hanndle this she has a bf! thankss xxxx

  • Anonymous-8

    I really understand what everyone here has written.

    I'm female, 16, and completely head over heals for my 25 year old science teacher.

    My feelings for her became really strong when she went to hospital last year, and the saying, "you never realise how much you miss someone until they're acutally gone", struck me.

    The first lesson she returned, I couldn't take my eyes off her, and ever since then I've spent every day of my life thinking about her. Even at school I try to make up the most pathetic excuses to try and see her, or even just walk past her to say Hi and get a smile from her..

    I even did my work experience with her because of how much I wanted to see her and build on the strong relationship we already have.

    I've also bought her tons of gifts in the past year, and given her countless hugs. =]

    Today was my last day of year 10, and just thinking about 6 weeks without her makes me feel sick inside. I really want to come back and do 6th form at my current school, but I fear the only reason for that is because of my teacher.

    My teacher & I have a really close friendship at the moment, and we consider each other as best friends. The only thing in our way of communicating outside of school is the law, and I really can't wait until the end of next year, because we can finally be friends and meet up etc.

    Of course I'm not going to confess anything yet. Not until my school life is over anyway...

    We have both promised to each other we'll meet up loads once i've left education & hopefully stay as close as we are. Maybe from then on i'll tell her everything...

    But my advice to anyone is leave everything until AFTER school, during it is too risky. Just stay as friends for now.

  • Anonymous-9

    It's great to know that we are not alone... I have been in love (or whatever it is) with my now 27-year old teacher for a good three years... and it's so horrible! i had her from year seven onwards, and i reckon a week after she became my teacher i realised i thought about her too much, or enjoyed the classes more than others. i haven't got her for any subjects this year, and i can't stand it. Like everyone else, i make up stupid excuses to walk past her room or talk to her... i hate going a day without seeing her... but the worst part is she's basically besties with another girl. it sucks seeing them together all the time- i wish i was in that position. i'm in year ten , that means i only have two years left with her... i want to tell her but i know for sure she doesn't feel the same way... she just got a boyfriend! but i just want to let her know how effing amazing she is to me.

  • Anonymous-10

    Same here. I'm a female and my teacher is a female too. I love her, i really do. Whatever she does affects my mood of the day. If i see her talking to another girl(her pet), i'll get jealous and when she smiles at me, i would just walk away, not bothering her. I see her everyday in school(except for the days that she's not in school). However, i missed her even she's right in front of me. I don't get it, i know we are both females and moreover, she's 30++ years older than me. For what i think, i feel that i am just treating her as my mother. She always shower me with love and never fails to show concern to me. I will be leaving school this year, and i'm sure that i would definitely miss her badly. I want her hug from her, i've been yearning for her hug since the starting of the year. I want to tell her that i love her, but i'm afraid that we would draw apart after saying that. I used to hate her last year, but i just couldn't control myself to love this year when she's not my teacher anymore. Is this the meaning of absence makes the heart grow fonder?

    All of my friends said that i'm abnormal. Because she's just a teacher and there's no reasons for me to love her so much. But i'm just simply obsess with her. I can't help it, i can't control my feelings. After much consideration and thinking, i think that i'm still normal. I still like boys and i'm confident that i just treated her as my mother.

  • Anonymous-11

    I'm feeling the same way about a teacher in my school. Last year I was crazy about her. Thought about her all the time and looked forward to every class I would have with her. I walked past the classroom so many times just to get a glimpse of her. On a few occasions we shared this stare i don't know how to describe it but it felt amazing. I know i'm not a lesbian but am beginning to wonder if i am bisexual.

    At the end of the school year i dreaded the summer holidays as I knew it would be a matter of months before I would see her. The whole summer I thought about her, i tried to move on, i now have a boyfriend who i'm also crazy about. But the thought of her never left me.

    When we got back to school this month, I was so excited at the thought of seeing her again. But she wasn't there.. I don't know if she's going to be teaching this year and its tearing me apart. I think the main thing for being so obsessed is because of the way she made me feel when I talked to her.. this happiness, like i was important. I don't know if its love or infactuation. All I do know is that she's not around and I miss her more and more everyday...

    For everyone out there feeling the same way.. i know it's hard.. but someday you'll find that one who makes your heart smile and you do the same for them. Just remember this happened for a reason and it has helped you grow and mature. I think that no one who feels this way is weird.. it's all a way for us to grow up.

  • Anonymous-12

    i am female in year 11 and i havent had my teacher since year 9 but i am still in love with her she is beautifull and funny in a sarcastic way i always used to look through the gaps between her blouse for a glimpse of her chest. but the wierd thing is she or no one else would ever guess i felt this way as i dont act like i like her! i used to be really rude to her and i act really stupid and immature when im around her. i used to love it when she sent me out the classroom as when she'd come outside to talk to me it was just me and her, id still act rude but in my head was just thinkin wow. i used to act dumb about the work so shed lean over me and help me i used to breathe in her scent and feel a rush of exitement when her hand brushed mine. iv kept all my old year 8 and 9 books and spend time looking at the comments she used to write about my work and studying her handwritng. i love her black glossy hair and her bright blue eyes and her amazing smile. i go to the hall every friday at breaktime when shes on duty just to see her! and i muck around when im in ther and get into trouble so she'd come over and shout at me but i love it! im obssesd with her i spend all the time thinking about her and every night dream about her i downloaded her favourtie song on my phone and listen to it over and over she is the only female iv ever felt attracted to and still love boys. :( love hurts

  • Anonymous-13

    im in a simlar sort of proplam. im realy nervous around my new form teacher because he is male and he goes out with my old english teacher. everytime i look at him i go bright red or do somthing wrong. im so uncomftable around him. i NEED some advice.

  • Anonymous-7

    Hi Its been a while since i have writen on here and since then alot has happened!

    first i told my pe teacher who i get on well with and she said she had the same problwm when she was my age and then my science teacher found out! and this is the one i have been thinking about every second of the day . i was dreading the school holidays and cryed everynight cause i just wanted to go back to school and see her then when we finally did get back to school i wasnt in any of her classes ...

    i walk around randomly at lunch and break looking for her and am late for most of my lesons cause i try looking in the room she is teaching in .. i stayed behind after school the other day and it was empty with just a few teachers in and i was leaning aginst the wal on my phone when she came past and i shouted HELOOO .. i didnt no what else to do! she just looked me up an down and gave a smile another time i saw her with my freind and she looked at me again :) i no nothing can ever happen but it just hurts when you no a person doesnt feel the same for u as u do for them.. i ask every one "hey whos your scince teacher" then if they say they have my old one for there teacher i look at what room its in and what time of the day so i can walk past it . i could write forever about this but i need to stop at one point. i still have this feeling for her and hoping it will go away but it does make me want to go to school everyday but i stil think about her in my classes and end up doing hardly any work . i will write in a month or to to say if anything has changed ..

    thanks so much for making this site! it lets u get your feelings out and no that some other people feel the same as u xxx

  • Anonymous

    Please Help Me :'(

    Okay so here's the story, in grade 8 I used to be in another class then a strange teacher came in (another grade 8 teacher) was talking to my teacher, then they made me and some of my classmates stay in for recess because they were going to discuss something with us. They told us that we had to move to the other teacher's class because there were too much people in my old class. I did not want to move. On my first day of my class with my new female teacher, my first impression was i thought she was not pretty and she dressed pretty weird. When I started to get to know her, she would ask me to do stuff for her, she calls me her reincarnation in sports because we were both athletic. When she would always ask me to do favours i kind of noticed that i had a crush on her, and i always want to go to school everday because of her, and i studied really hard to not fail any of my subjects because it would be embarrassing for me if i failed in front her. I really love her, when we went to a class trip before my graduation, she put my seat in the coach bus, right behind her, so she would talk to me and asking me if i wanted to listen to her ipod. I also liked showing of in front of her and i love seeing her pleased. Some of my friends are confronting me that she was either a lesbian or a tomboy, and she liked me (crush). When we went to Ottawa for 3 days...she waited for me outside the bus to help her carry her bags to her hotel room...and when i agreed to help her..everyone i mean EVERYONE of my classmates were staring at me, dirty looks, winks, smiles...i felt myself the same time i was quite happy that she picked me to help her out and weird. When we graduated she moved to another school it was all boys...although for the passed 2 years i havent seen her. Now i am in grade 10 my history teacher looks exactly like her and my history prof. reminded me of i was curious i went to my teacher's school that she was now teaching in and i visited her..and she invited me to watch her football practices. i miss her terribly...i do love her but i dont want to ruin her life..if she does have feelings for me and confesses them to me after i graduate i will confess my feelings too. :{

  • Anonymous-14

    These stories sound extremely familiar, I've been trying to figure out what's wrong with me :(

    Question for everyone/anyone: How is your relationship with your actual parents or at least your mother, and were any of you adopted?

  • Anonymous

    Someday, after my high school graduation I will confess to her my feelings. It's better if you let them know. Maybe they feel the same way, we never know. Anyways, I will let my old teacher know about these feeling I have for her...after high school XD. But it's just i don't think I don't have the guts to do so. ={ I am just scared, that she'll be scared at me and we'll drift apart...I hope that she notices my feelings for her than saying it to her face, i think she does but she never mentions it. She'll probably thinking why is this girl visiting me in this all boy's school. :P I need advices please! HELPPPP :P

  • Anonymous-15

    Hiya, im a 14 year old girl and i've been in love with my PE teacher for about 8months now, she is 28. I'm not alone though, my best friend feels the same way, we would do EVERYTHING to just talk to her. We joke and ask her were shes off on the weekend, she tells us and thats were we go on the weekend with just that little bit of hope we'll see her. She has a boyfriend of 5 years and it looks pretty serious :( We saw them in town yesterday and last night we thought about her more than ever. I even know her number plate off by heart, when ever we see a car that look like hers, ours hearts skip a beat. But theres no way we can tell her how we feel!
    Can anyone help?

  • Anonymous-16

    i am in virtually the same situation...i am completely in love with a teacher (39 but looks much younger...) and im almost 18...there's another problem. she is my coach. i've always looked up to her but last year i began to have feelings for her and they are getting progressively really glad other people are dealing with the same thing...and don't worry..i dont plan on ever telling her lol!!!!

  • Anonymous-17

    I'm so glad to see that I am not alone in this issue. I thought I was a freak, what I feel for my Spanish teacher is not love, but a different sensation.

    It all started last year, at the beginning of the year, I hated her. She seemed so annoying, but one day...I began to think differently. I thought she was pretty and she was sweet and I could talk to her. That day at lunch, I had the best conversation with her. From that point on...I had that sensation. It's the weirdest sensation, but I can't stop talking about her. Everytime someone says they have Spanish, I ask them who do they have. If I hear her name, I become very happy.

    This year however, things are kind of rough. We don't talk anymore and we've grown apart, much to my displeasure. I wish we could have one more conversation together.

    I'm glad I'm not alone.

  • Anonymous-18


    ok i have the same problem. i am an 18 yr old girl and i am in love with my english teacher. i jsut graduated in june and now i am in college, i still stop by the school jsut to see her, i love her soo muhc ...i have had dreams about her, like we would be making out and stuff, and when i see her i feel hot and happy and excited, my fash blushes and yeh, and i hug her everytime i see her now before i leave, i want to tell her hw i feel soo bad it is killing me, my friend and i wrote her a note on facebook about how we think she is hot n stuff, and i dun know if i should jsut tell her how i feel or jsut wait till i graduate collge.. she si 28 and i 18, i dun no if it is legal or not for me to confess to her but i really want to, soo bad i want to let her know how i feel, when i wwas in english class i would too glance down her shirt, she has really bigg boobs lol but anyways and i would always walk by her class room everyday and wave or smile to her, at one point we had like a 10 seconds stare wheere we jsut started at eachothr, and i ave caught her looking down my top and she has cught me lloking down her top and i do pretendt to need help soo she would come over and lean over me and put her hand on my hand and then if i were to jsut turn my head a lil bit then my face would be right in her brests, and i have wanted to jsut turn my head soo bad, i think i love her but i know i am sexually attracted to her...oh and by the way if you have not noticed i am bi and i think i feel lust and a lil bit of love toward her ...everyone thinks she si sexist teacher in school and i jsut want to have a one on one convo with her and tell her how i feel, but i could write for ever soo i am goignt o stop now lol


    help what do i do

  • XtHinkingX

    I really didnt think that anyoen was going to feel like i did.

    But that was in the past. i was in love with my old health teacher. HE WAS WOW. Then i saw his girlfriend, and i fell deep. BUT we changed numbers and everything. i still have it, but we grew much apart. and i realized it was just LUST.

  • nguyen

    Hi every1!!

    I have the same problem like u . I'm 16 n I love my english teacher . She about 34 n she looks like a man . I know that i shouldn't love her n i wanna stop it . last time i told with her that i love her in Chinese ( she 1/2 Chinese, 1/2 indonesia) but then she star to laughing n think that i lier .

    Everytime i c her , i feel that my heart really hurt, i cried many time just because missing her .

    WO AI NI Jiejie Angg

  • Karolina

    I'm Karolina and 20 y/o, my female dance teacher is 45 y/o.

    She was my dance teacher at high school, I saw her everyday in and inbetween classes. We talked about everything (secrets etc), watched films, cuddled... I was in love and she saw me as a friend.

    I have done very obvious moves on her and she never backed away.. I think she liked it. I used to feel her up when hugging, smell her hair/neck, stroke my lips on her neck... give her flirtatious looks in class... I even gave her a loong kiss on her cheek once...

    I think she knew about my feelings for her, but since she's much older and my teacher she can't be with me. When I told her about my feelings she shut me out.:( I asked her once again for a ride home and this time she said no.. "I don't think that would be a good idea" she said and looked at me with sad eyes.

    I miss her so much... I haven't seen her in 1-2 years and I still love her sooo much... does anyone know if this teacher/student law has a time limit or something? Cuz she's not my teacher anymore but when I saw her a year ago she seemed to keep a distance to me.:( (I know she's not homophobic.. it must be she don't want to give me any false hope.)

  • Kris

    Wow. This is ridiculous. How comforting is it to know that others feel the same way you do! I am 17 years old (a freshman in college) female and I am in the exact same situation with my English teacher from high school. Only, she has expressed feelings for me to.It all started in 9th grade. I was going through the most difficult time of my life, and she was always there to support and encourage me. We instantly felt a connection with each other, a mutual bond. Over the next two years, we developed our instant connection into a deep, mutual friendship. We spent so much time together, inside and outside of class. She would play music for me (what a brilliant pianist), we would exchange CDs, go to fun places with other friends and classmates,4 she would take me mountain bike riding, we would go to concerts (we have a connection to each other through music especially), she would invite some students over for games, etc etc. Basically, she wasn't a typical teacher and was well-respected and well-liked because of it. She treated each and every one of her students like they were adults. However, I was the only one she had a deep, personal connection with. My relationship with her was unlike any other relationship she had with her other students. She never spent as much time with her other students as she did with me. (Out of all of her students in her past five years of teaching, I was the only one she had given a graduation present to). Our bond was always more than we could put to words. (She is actually really close to all of my family. She has even gone on two summer vacations with us in the past two years.)Anyway, I have developed such strong feelings for her - ever since the very beginning. Because of this, a lot of her actions and the things she told me were really misleading. We always told each other we loved one another. Not face to face (although that has happened from time to time), but through notes or cards - always when we saw that the other one was upset or having a bad day or something. We just spent so much time together. Some days we would actually plan "quality time" with each other (during an off-period at school or after school) and go to some shop to have tea and play game boards or something. I have had so many conversations with her, in which we both shared very personal information regarding our own intimate lives. We developed a mutual connection to each other that, at times, seemed like it was much, much deeper. She has always had a boyfriend (three in the past four years that I have known her) and, from what I know, has always been straight. I, too, have always had boyfriends (four in the past four years that I have known her). But because we both have boyfriends, it is just impossible to tell what our feelings for each other mean. Our deep, non-traditional, student-teacher bond just became normal for us. I always feel like there was something more between us, something subtle yet unbelievably strong. It was in every “hello,” “thank-you,” “I love you,” hug, touch on the shoulder, wave of the hand, etc. After developing a connection with her for the past four years, it was impossible to tell exactly what every action or every word meant. These feelings were just so unbelievably hard to deal with that I, often times, had to pull away from her (not see or talk to her as much as I usually do). Just until the feelings subsided for a while. I did this a lot during my senior year, and, because of it, we didn't spend as much time with each other towards the end of the school year. Never did she know why I pulled away from her so much.In fact, on our most recent family vacation (last summer, about two months ago after I had already graduated), I pulled away from her and ignored her so much that she was really upset and hurt about it. She started crying on the boat and, knowing that I had upset her, asked if she wanted to talk about it. So. We left the public area and went to some quite place to talk (this was in the middle of the night while everyone else was sleeping). The first thing she told me, after a minute of her crying in silence, was, "I just don't feel like you love me as much as you used to." Of course, I told her that is was actually quite the opposite and that I was very sorry for hurting her. Knowing that it wasn't fair to her - me pulling away and hurting her without giving her a reason why - I had to tell her the truth. (Something I never thought I'd do.) So. I told her that I had developed feelings for her, ever since 9th and 10th grade, and that I just couldn't deal with them (we both have boyfriends) so I had to distance myself from her. Just to keep my sanity. Then, after a couple moments of silence, she went on and told me a few stories where she liked people she wasn't "supposed" to - older step-siblings and a woman, whom she had gone camping with earlier that year. She told me that having a crush on a woman (this was before she started dating the boyfriend she has now) was something she really had to think about and determine what that exactly meant about herself. Then, she asked me, "What do you want me to be to you now?" And, knowing that this was a nearly impossible situation to be in because we both had boyfriends, I told her that I just want her to be one of my closest friends - just like she has always been. However, I explained to her that my feelings for her do keep rushing back and that I have to pull away from her when that happens. Then, she said, “You know…I felt like I knew in a way…Because I think I felt it too…It was always when when you would pull away…” At this point, I was so confused that I had no idea what she meant or, worse, what to say back. Then, she told me, “You know…I can’t…I just can’t explain it. It’s there, I just can’t find the words for it.” I told her I had no way of explaining it either, even though I was still unsure about what she had just told me seconds before. Did “I think I felt it too” mean that she loved me too? Or was she referring to me pulling away and that she could tell? In a way, I felt like, because of our current, impossible circumstances, she and I have deep and mutual feelings for each other. We just cannot do anything about it and so, at the end of the conversation, we promised each other that we would always love one another. Now, again, this is so unbelievably confusing because I don’t know if she meant loving each other in a way that friends do or loving each other like actual people do, or both.Now, because I am more than an hour away, I don’t talk to or see her nearly as much as I used to. We still have boyfriends and have actually hang out as two couples before, but I just don’t know how she really feels about me, or what our whole conversation during that vacation meant. I don’t even know if it is possible to be with her due to our circumstances now. But I just wish I knew how she really felt and that we had words to explain exactly what we have in our relationship. I mean, I always wonder how the situation that night would have played out if neither of us had boyfriends at the time. (I can almost assure you that we would have kissed each other that night.) And, most importantly, should I say anything more to her now?Can anyone help here? Is anyone in a similar situation, where the feelings appear to be mutual? What do you do? What should you do? Please. Any opinion/comment would help here.Anyway, that’s my story. I apologize for the length, but it was something I had to get out. In writing. For the first time. Thanks to those of you who read it.I wish each and every one of you a way to express, rather than repress, your feelings. Live. And be. It’s not the worst thing in the world. Just be happy.


  • sunny

    I am a 45-year-old woman, and I love the beautiful, deep, passionate feelings that all of you have expressed here. What poetry!

    Unrequited (or impossible) love is the driving force behind most poetry and art and .. everything.

    How sweet (and brave!) all of you are ... to allow yourselves to feel these things ... and to express them here ... as impossible as they may be.

    And what sweet strength and wisdom you seem to possess (in spite of your youth, and all of the confusion). I will tell you this: There is never an "answer" to any of this. But it (the sleepless nights, the confusion, the missed heartbeats) is truly what makes the world go around.

    You are all wise (and very strong!) to understand that you cannot act on, or openly express, these feelings (when you are still underage and your "desired one" is an adult). You don't want to invite rejection (which the object of your desire MUST do at this point), and also, you don't want to hurt that person, if they were to give in to their own mutual desires -- and thereby destroy their loves.

    But when you are an adult -- you can (maybe, under the right circumstances) take the risk of expressing these things. After all, there was no great love realized, ever, without bravery and risk.

    But know this: Your feelings are not only "normal," but quite beautiful. These intense feelings, however painful, are the color and depth of life. I feel them still!

    Here is a beautiful poem about a forbidden love:

    I send kisses and love to all of you, and a thousand wishes, that (in your lifetimes) you experience poetry and art and passion and romance and .... most of all ... burning erotic love.


  • Kelly

    Hi All,

    I am 34 and have had similar experiences. I woul dlove to talk more with others. feel free to drop me an email.


  • Anonymous-17

    Hi all,

    On Oct. 16th, I wrote about my ex-Spanish teacher, but I wrote it in such a rush. I was doing homework and other things.

    Now I want to express everything because it's slowly eating me away. If someone was to ask me what do I feel about Senora, I would say she's a very nice person. In fact, I have had that question asked before and I did give the following answer.

    But that answer is not enough, such a sweet woman, yet at the same time, she's not. One of the reasons I feel this way about her is because she's real. She's not a fraud teacher that smiles at every student. She does smiles, but she teases you and bothers you and makes you feel like she cares about you. It's all mished mashed into one roll.

    I feel at times that I hate her. Sometimes it is because of things she says and other times it's just me. Underneath that so-called hate lies my flower of affection. Because the truth is, I feel affection for her. I love her and I'm so glad I can say it without anyone judging me on this site.

    When she does talk to me, I can feel my cheeks get warm and I get all flabbergasted. I smile and continue talking, I sometimes wonder if she notices my cheeks turning red.

    But all in all, I will always remember Senora, even when I leave high school and move on. I'll remember her when I get a job and probably move elsewhere. I'll remember her after years and years, so long she probably no longer exists to me, she will always exist. She's my crush.

    Thanks to all of you for making me feel so comfortable to express my feelings. I'm glad I'm not alone.

  • Anonymous-19

    i am only 15 years old but i am in love with one of my teachers from school. She is the most caring perons i have ever known she is so beautiful also. I walk past her room everyday to see if she is in just so i can talk to her as lunch. I buy her, her favourite sweetie all the time cause i love to here it when she calls me her favourite pupil. I still get butterflies whenver i see or talk to her. I cant get her off my mind but so some reson i dont want. Am leaving in 2 years and have no idea what i am going to do.

  • Anonymous-7

    Helloo wrote on here about 6months ago about my science teacher.

    since then litrally nothing has changed i dont get as upset abot it all now tho . she said hello the other day but wheneva i try and say anything it comes out wrong so i just walked off ...

    Will Talk Again soon

    Lovee xxxx

  • Anonymous-20

    I'm at a stage in life now where I'm trying to work out if I still love my teacher or not. I loved her from year 8 til just recently, but that's the thing I don't know if I AM truly over her. I recently started university and keeping busy meant I didn't think of her so much. But now I keep getting dreams of her again, same old same old, usually involving me seeing her vividly or searching for something connected with her. I sent her a normal letter today to let her know how I'm doing (I'm studying German and French - she was my German teacher), unlike the other 3 letters I sent her while at school telling her I loved her to pieces. This was a total mistake...she didn't seem to do much after the first one, but then she told another teacher when she received the first. I told friends about my situation and got backstabbed beyond belief. Advice to all you guys would simply be to enjooy what you have with your teachers and don't tell them no matter how much you want to. This is for your sake cause I don't want you to be bullied like I was.

  • jaz

    I think Im the youngest to respond to this. Im 14 turning 15 next month and im in love with my english teacher, atleast I think Im in love. When ever she touches me I feel like as if she brings me life. When i dont see her im like really upset and I will start to cry. I want to tell her that Im in love with her but I know i cant. I dont know what to do because every "I LOVE YOU" I get hurt because I dont think she could ever love me as much as i love her. I NEED HELP please e-mail me at with advice

  • J

    why are you all teanagers?

    im 22 and always fall for my teachers...i don't know why

    i think this is really scary cuz im an adult and still a lesbian!!

    becuz of my weak spot for teachers i learned to get over it in a couple of months..

    if im to be a reacher i hope all of the girls out there who has feelings for me would tell me how they feel!!

    i think i'll die young cuz im always surpressing myself..

    i love my sexuality but it is driving me crazy!!

  • Grace

    Since the beginning of the year, there were rumors about my physics teacher being lesbian. And it didnt actually surprise me, but i got interested in her.

    Im 16 and she's around early 30s but she looks like she's my age.

    These days.. I don't know why, but I've been thinking about her so much... In class.. in the bus.. at home.. before sleep.. Yes, i know. I'm kind of obsessed. I even try to find her on internet. Try to know as mucohh as possible. In my last laboratory repport I gave in, i drew her name in the back and she acutally liked it! :D hehe And i also took one of her pictures in the internet and photoshopped it and i send it to her by the school email. The next morning, she stopped me in the hallway to say hi and she told me she liked what i did. It surprised me so much. I thought she was going to ignore it. And the weid thing is that I dreamt about her last night that i kissed her. Seeing her today really made my day.

    i stayed after school and told her i had to stay because i needed help in my laboratory reports. I actually did, but not as much as i asked for. We talked a bit and it really make me .. more than happy :)

    I really dont know what to do. I have a girlfriend right now... and i guess i should try ignoring my feelings for the teacher. I know I can't do anything with her. Even if she actually had feelings for me, I don't think it would work out..

    Anyway, if you're in the same situation as me, feel free to e-mail me :)

  • Anonymous-21

    im 16 and she is like i think in her 20's, she is so fit, i dont think she is a lesbian and i dont think i am either, but i dunno i really like her, she is so nice, and whenever she see's me she will be very niceand will gimme that kinda look that i will start thinkin this is hope, i fink howeva she has a b/f, now ive let skool i cant stop thinkin bout her i wanna jus go nd see her hot face again,damn she is hot.

  • Alyssa

    Hey i just turned 14 and im in lovd with mr.blaha a 29 old teacher help me i cant stop thinking about him

  • Jaquiline

    I think this is a great wbsite to help us to knw more about our problem, n we can share experience each other

  • kate

    hi,,im just 14 yrs old,and im a sophomore..i really like my english teacher..every time i see him..i feel like in heaven..he has a good voice,nice body and a very handsome man...he is 25 yeas old,,i really like him,so i want to tell him that i love him,but im afraid that he wil reject me coz he have a gf..but i cant stopp thinking about him every time of my life..when think about the time that he will reject me in the future and makes me feel die..i start crying..the tears in my eyes cannot stop i need to tell him that i really love him and its not only crush i feel about him...our age gap is to long and i dont magine that we will be together coz it hurts me more,but i still love him so so so much...every time we were texting at night i feel i am his gf,,i always give him a gift on xmas,new year on his bday and on valentines day..i really love hm and one could understand that except me..if you wat to give me an advice please email me at ( im glad if yu could help.. thanks.!!

  • Anonymous-22

    i was rather relieved to find i wasn't the only one who was in love with my female teacher.

    I'm in a situation where I think I've always loved my history teacher. When I first started high school, I got her for history and at first i liked her. But then I started to feel hatred and I don't know why cos she was alway so nice to me. This carried on for a year and a half and then I realised I'd fallen hook, line and sinker for her. I went through months of going over my sexuality, but I don't think i'm a lesbian. Anyway, my 3rd year, I found out she was having an affair with one of the married maths teachers who i've hated, like, always. so that hurt alot and i endured rumours of her being pregnant and everything. Then the summer before my fourth year, the maths teacher had been divorced and they got engaged. I remember finding out through myspace bulletins from classmates and breaking down in tears. I had to go on a walk to calm myself down. For my last two years, I have her for history again, but I'm beginning to think she really is pregnant. I know i have to let go cos if she ever found out, then i know that would be the end. I too have felt connections between me and her but i'm beginning to think it was just my imagination. All i can think about is her. I wonde what she's doing all the time and whenever i see her or speak to her, my heart skips a beat. But in reality, love is the most painful thing i've ever had to face.

    apologies for the slight length. just needed to share my feelings


  • Anonymous-23

    I'm 14 and have been in love with my old english teacher sice year 8 (im in year 10 now). When i first met her i hated her, and for most of year 8 tried my best to annoy her, but then i realised that i only did that because i liked her shouting in my face, having one on one time with her in detention. i was really upset in the hloidays after year 8. when i found out i didnt have her in year 9 i was very depressed but soon realised i could see her outside the classroom. in the year 9 summer gholidays i was upset again, but then thought i was finally over her, then i bumped into her in a shop on the last day of the holidays. we had a chat and i could feel old feelings brewing up again. when i found out she wasn't my year 10 teacher i was really upset but i see her everyday now as my group of friends hang out outside her classroom. i also see ehr in asembly every week and at friday break when she is on duty. shes always been nice to me, even though sometimes she can be a bitch to everyone. im in love with her! i love her blacky brown hair, her green eyes and her accent! she has the most amazing irish accent ever!! she has a nice figure and whenever she is walking down the corridor i find myself drawn to her arse or tits. she has a boyfriend though, who is one of my old teachers. he doesnt teach at my school asnymore but it makes me cry to think of them together. she's having an operaation next week and she will be out of school for a month! i dont know what ill do without her there! i wasnt in school today and spent all my time thinking sbout what i was missing out on seeing today, wondering what she was wearing, sometimes she wears skirts and it makes me smile. she always says hi in the corridor and i get all the love signs, weak knees, miss a heart beat, butterflies, cant speak. i try and show off aroyund her. i ho0e her operation goes well and i wish i could tell her how i feel, but i know that will ruin things. i love her with all my heart and yes i am a bisexual female. i know nothing could ever happen as im 14 and she is 29 but ill still have my fantasies. i love her!!!


  • Anonymous-23

    i adde da cooment about my irish english teacher. just wanted 2 tell u i have even gone as far as to dedicate a song 2 er!!!!

  • Sarah-LOU

    Hey as most of you all said, its nice to know that wer not alone.

    I no how you all feel :( Im 15 nd i think im in love with my english teacher i cant stop thinking about her nd its so werid as wen i cum home frm scool i wish i could be bk again and cant wait until the next day to see her again. Its so unfair cuz shes lak sumbody who i get on wif so well but again im to young, shes like 26 nd is defo not lesbian as she has a boyfriend which hurts wen she tlks about him but i just play along nd go awwwwwww miss wen inside im lak nooooooooo ! Its a werid situation to be in as i dont think im a bi as iv never had this feeling before in my life. Everyday i wish i could be holding her in my arms nd i always think to myself mabye sum day it wil be me&her together hip by hip never to be taken apart. But unfortantly this fairlytale isnt looking good but ino 4 sure il always love her and try my best to hint at her but at the same time im not brave enuf to do so :(


  • Anonymous-24


    I have a crush on my dt teacher, He is so nice i joined the class and he was nice to me and for the first few lessons i was thinking he was quite fit. And then its all grew for me since then i lay in bed awake thinking about him and also i love the way he smiles at me he helps me alot with my work and always tells me how i enjoy the lessons and i am well behaved and im always a star in his lessons. I kept thinking he has feelings for me too but im not too sure is he did i just want to wait for a text with him texting me but i dont know how i could leave my number so he gets it. Or how to get his number, I always stare at him whe n he is talking and he stares back at me he is always offering me help and showing me what to do because i miss a few lessons every now and again because of other problems.

    I cannot wait to do his lessons i hate it when i got other lessons on that day i do not like and refused to do for ages but i will do them if it means i can go to his lessons and i love3 going to them and asking him for help he is always willing to give me help and is always there for me i have not had a talk with him yet about problems he is not the type that would do that and i am always bad in other lessons but always seem to b a star in his lessons. I love it so much i know that there is no chance in the world that we would be together and people say that he sounds gay and acts it but i dont thinks so (even thow i wish he was) i always try to find a way to talk to him but when i do i sometimes fell as if im going red then walk away. He always ticks off my card to say i behaved at the end of the lesson and he always talks to me for like 10 seconds and keeps me hanging around to collect it and always makes sure that everyone else is out of the room .

    I am due to come off this report card soon but i dont weant to if it means that i can talk to him at the end of the lesson's and that. I also balgged my way of being kicked out of the school so that i could stay there because he is ther i always search his name up on google but find nothing.

    I just want this to go away even thow i love him to bits and its a feeling that i have never experienced before.

  • Anonymous-25

    I can't say how much this relates to me.

    I'm 13, probably the youngest here, in 8th grade. I have a crush on my teacher from 6th grade. I really used to hate her in 6th grade. I never had lesbian/bi feelings towards anybody until mid 7th grade, and I saw her one day and realized to walk past her just because. Basically, I was showing off. I spent all summer thinking about her, it was crazy. Then this year. All I ever do is think about her. Everyday I get dressed in the morning like I'm going to see her, and I never look bad so I can make a good impression on her if i see her. The only times i really see her are when I'm going to my bus, when she's standing out there with some fellow teachers. But she's not always out there. Today was Friday, and from now on every Friday I have 30 minutes with her in the morning. Today I had her, and it was amazing. She talked to me more than i expected :) And then after that in 4th period when we were handing out carnations for valentines day, I had to go to her classroom to give her her class's box. When I gave it to her, she had this big conversation with me and another teacher down the hall (whom i also have a crush on, not as much) about anything and everything. She still knows my name, and I love it when she says it. Recently, I've been seeing her driving her car behind the bus. But she's married and has a son. :( I think she's 28.

  • Katy

    hi katy here

    im 13 14 next mounth and ever since the start of 2007 i have had a crush on one praticular teacher she usta teach me sceince , now we dot have her anymore i always tought i was weird because of this i could never look her straight in the eye and i always get neverous when she talks to me my irish teacher wears the same perfume as her and everytime she walks by i go in to a daze

    last year i took it a step too far i had an obsession and i knew i was in love with her i soon began to stalk her and self harm i remember i once engraved her intitials into my skin and put a love heart and put my initiatls after it , i know she loves me back and is just to ashamed to admit it

    this year i have a new scince teacher and i feel that i dont have a as deep obseession as i did i still have an obsession but not a bad one , like i have all of her free classes marked on my timetable and i have were shes going to be marked aswel so i can walk by there going back to my class even if it is out of my way

    earlier this year me and my best frein were talking about out hot pe teacher and she goes do you have a crush on any teacher i said no and she just replied it think ** ******* is hot and i was like ha i knew it so do i and now we just stalke her in school

    now i have an crush on my german teacher who i absalutley hated with a passion last year what the hell is happning am i a lesbian and am i attracted to the same type of women

    i should mentin there all slim blonde hared and blue eyed ?

    what will i do i can live like this anymore

    will i tell her

    xox katy tt

  • Amy

    Hi,I’m 18, doing dental school and absolutely in love with my cell biology professor. She’s 48, gorgeous, intelligent and funny. She’s divorced and has 2 children (one older than me!!!). I have no idea (what so ever) of what I should do, but I do know if I keep being as interested in cell biology as I am now I’ll probably be invited to become a monitor (since I’m the best student). We talk a lot even mail each other a lot. I’ve already investigated for her and corrected some tests. Don’t misunderstand me, I love biology, but I love her more… I think she’s getting the wrong message, but I no longer have the strength to stay away from her.What to do?

  • Anonymous-26

    I would like to start off and say i am 15 years old girl and in grade 10. I'm in love with my 30 year old history teacher (also a girl). When i first meet her i thought she was so funny and beautiful. She has short brown, curly hair, bright blue eyes, glasses and a fit figure.I love her smile it's kind of akward in a cute way. She has a wonderful personality and she is very passionate about what she teaches. She is all around a great person.

    From the first day i meet her it was like love at first sight. I found myself not wanting her class to end. I would find ways to see her by walking by her class room to see if she is there. I love ehr so much and theres not a day that goes by with out me thinking about her. We have so many things in common. We both love and play hockey, we love history etc. Every time i talk to her i can't help but stare she just so beautiful.

    So this is my problem. I am in love with her but i don't think she even cares about me at all. there is only a age difference of 15 years but who cares. I love her and i want us to be togather and i truly belive that we are soul mates. I want to tell her how i feel but afaird to because of what she might say in return.

    Someone please help me! What Should I do??


  • Jesse Smithers

    I'm 16, my English teacher (female) is in her 50s. She crosses my mind at least twice a day and I savour each minute of class time I have with her. We get on really well and share so many interests. I don't love her as such, I just have so much respect and admiration for her skill as a teacher and her passion for her subject. I am drawn to independent women and she certainly embodies that as she has a strong character. I will be very upset when I leave day revolves around her class and our meetings at lunchtimes.

  • Anonymous-27

    First off,

    I am bisexual for sure, no doubt about it. Anyway, shes 50, and I'm 14. Shes the nicest person I've ever met, most people don't like her..I'm not exactly sure why. I guess because she accually teaches. She doesn't know I'm bisexual, and I'm not sure I want her to know, mainly because she seems really religious, because she's often refering to god. I hug her all the time, and I'm always telling her that I love her, and she says it back at me. What's strange is, if were in the hallway, and there are people around, we don't accually say "I love you" we "mouth" it to each other, or say it quietly. My best friend and I are always talking about the situation, were usually joking about it. However, when I get serious about it and ask her questions about it, all she says is I don't know. It also seems like she is always looking my direction when shes teaching (even my friend has noticed it). I know this isn't a sexual attraction for her, but for me it sorta is. I love her as a mother, or friend more than anything. I love talking to her, and wish I could more often. We tease each other alot too, just making fun as friends do. I'll be talking to a friend saying something like "God, I feel dumb today" and she'll say something like (shes not even in the conversation shes just nearby) "today more like everyday," and laugh little things like that. Also, if I'm upset she'll ask me whats wrong, and first thing the next day, as soon as she sees me, she'll ask if I'm in a better mood. I've gotten in trouble with her before, for things like cussing in class, and we were mean to each other for a few days, then I appolgized and everything was ok. So, I want to know if this is normal, does it sound normal, does it sound like she cares about me at all, or just being a teacher?

  • ANON

    First off im 16 my english teacher ( i noticed a lot of these teachers everyone is inlove with , teach english) is around 25/26I first had feelings for when i was i would dream about her and crave to see her in the corridor just to see her perfect smile once more.Then recently we all found out she was a lesbien, she has a girl friend.In the past year my feelings have become stronger, i really think its love but im not sure what i can do about it.I cannot tell her, but i cannot stop loving her?Shes so beautiful, her eyes and smile light up the room , she has an amazing sense of humor and when i see that she is upset about something, it makes me unhappy, im jealous, of her and her girlfriend, i wish it was me and her but i know it will never happen, i wish i didnt feel like this, i talk about her all of the time ahink about her even more.I don't know what to do, i cannot let her no, it would ruin everything, everything would be too awkward but in class i cannot stop staring at her, hoping she'll stare back, compliment me in some way.I have never felt this way about anyone before.I just do not know what to do, please help me.

  • Sophia

    I have read all of your stories, and they have touched me on a deeply personal level since I am struggling with the same problem. I am a freshman and i am having deep feelings for my health teacher, and the feelings MAY be mutal. She and I have talked privately sometimes after school, and what she says really leaves me thinking and i learn a lot from her. She is 25, I am 15. Whenever I talk to her, she sometimes pauses a lot and she looks down and she sometimes sighs after she says something and then she sits there at her desk and smiles and i smile back at her, and we're kind of staring at each other, maybe not really sure what to say and I always break the stares off, for fear of revealing too much in my facial expressions. And she will chuckle and say " was nice of you to stop by". And sometimes when I come to her to ask her when I can talk to her again, she will beam at me and say almost in disbelif : "You want to talk to me? after school? alone?" and she will go red or have a grin on her face. and she always says "I'm looking forward to it!" and she has come to my house for dinner and she afterwards told me that she had a nice time at my house. Almost everyday, when I'm in history class, last period of the day, she comes walking in the hall, and from where I sit I can see her and she waves to me and sometimes I catch her looking at me when she's talking to someone else, and if she catches my gaze, she will either: 1) Smile and wave 2)look away quickly 3)look somewhat embarrassed. Whenever we pass each other in the halls, she sometimes touches my shoulder and rubs my arm up and down. She doesnt really like it when other kids at my school flirt with her, and some of the times it was in front of me and she basically told them to go away and she would return to our converstation like nothing happened. She has been affectionate with me, on several occasions touching my arm, hugging me, and putting her arm around my shoulders. She has called me "babe" once. and one day when I was walking in the hall, going to tennis practice with my friend and we were dressed in tight shirts and shorts and she saw us and she said "whoa!" smiling and she said it again and she was looking us up and down and her gaze flickered to me and smiled. In class, I notice her watching me while I do my classwork and once I looked up at her and we had an intense stare before I pulled away. And I have caught her looking at me and when I did she immediately looked down at her book and started wrting. In class, she tells me that she looks forward to reading my papers or hearing me present. My friend knows her and we talk about her. My friend has told me that whenever my health teacher sees me, her eyes light up and sparkle and she is sometimes blushing and she is a bit shy in my prescence. I have noticed her blushing when I tell her nice things. When we talk, she almost always giggles at me. I have never seen her giggle that much with anybody else, except her boyfriend(Yes, I met him!) And she laughs at my jokes, even when they're really not that funny. She told me that I was her best student out of all of her classes and she has said that she would like me to keep contact with her...She tells me personal things sometimes and I offer some insight into them and she tells me that I'm sweet and she at once mentioned that if I stopped visiting her, she wouldnt know what to do, and that she would miss my visits. I told her that I cared for her, and she said "I love-I really really really like you." She almost said love! and she very quickly changed it to "like". I cant help but wonder if she has an attraction to me? I would very much like other ppl's insight into my situation...and I would appreciate it. I would like to know if you think she has an attraction to me. This is a very unsual time in my life and I am realizing my sexuality and am open to exploring it. And this teacher really shares a lot with me and I would love to share a whole lot more with her. Thank you for reading this!

  • Sophia

    i forgot to say-my health teacher possibly is bisexual. and others have noticed the bond between us. 1 teacher, a male, may like her and he is constantly checking to see if I go into her classroom after school and he always stares at me when I'm with her. He tries to get her attention, but she seems to be focused on me mainly and he doesnt like it. He never smiles at me when I offer a smile and he smiles at the other students, but not me. And one day when my teacher came into gym class, she went over to us and she told us to do some pushups for her. she said "come on guys. do it with me." and a kid said "nah, how bout you and sophia do it?" and she looked suprised, angry, then somewhat catious, and then she had a really werid smile on her face! and she didnt call him out or anything...i didnt hear it myself , but through a friend who was there told me. so thats it. thanks and srry for rambling!

    -from Sophia

  • Milan

    I'm a female master's level student and I've recently developed a crush on my professor. I've been her GRA for the past year. When I first began the GRA position my feelings towards her were neutral. However, as she began to encourage and develop the academic side of me I noticed a crush beginning to take place. At first I tried to ignore the crush, but I recently learned that she is bisexual and that's made it difficult for me to ignore my feelings towards her. However, I am aware enough of myself to understand that my crush has more to do with the qualities she possesses that I wish to embody including her sexual orientation (I’m still in the closet). The difficult part of this for me is that she wears clothing that exposes her mid-drift (I can imagine myself caressing her there), sits close to me (when we're alone in her office -- the door is open, but still!, and responded in some way (I’m not sure what) when I placed a piece of gum in my mouth.

    I'm beginning to wonder if it's all in my head or is something going on here? It's feels like there's energy between us, but I can't imagine her being even remotely attracted to me. Also last week she told me I smelled nice and this week I looked good. Now that may sound strange, but I did smell nice last week and I was dressed extra nice that day (five other people told me the same thing) -- so I could be overreacting. I admit I did enjoy it, but fear the consequences. Either way, I'd never respond, out of fear for both of us. What I'm wondering the most is how do professors know if a student has a crush on them and if they do, would they do anything different to discourage that crush (such as not sit closely next to that person)?

    I guess part of me wants her to know so she'll be extra sensitive to me, but then maybe I just need to advert my eyes??? The other part of this is that since we are both women she may be talking to me as women often talk to each other, i.e. you look nice, what is that you’re wearing, and we give hugs. She’s reached out to hug me twice, both times were appropiate to the situation. This is becoming difficult for me.

    Any advice? Don’t look

  • Anonymous-22

    not too long ago, about january, i wrote a comment about my history teacher. i realised she wasnt pregnant and that i was probably just paranoid. anyway, me and her have become alot friendlier than we had been and it has really lightened my mood:D its only made me fall for her more, but it really has been the best 2 months of my life. ive been having issues at home and at school, and at the end of one of my lessons, she kept me back to ask me what was up and since then, she's been like a friend to me:) shes told me personal things and same with me and weve smiled at eachother in the hallway, said hi, said bye after lessons and everything. shes been so lovely with me. she has the sweetest nature and shes also funny, clever and extremely beautiful, all the boys have crushes on her and they all stare at her and make sexual comments as she walks by. she said shes coming to see me on my career experience day:) people have noticed that we're mostly together alot of the time and one of my friends even referred to me and her as 'best buds', but i still think that a 'bond' is wishful thinking. she looks at me in class and when she's standing in the hallway when she's on duty, but a)it's not all the time and b)when she does, i think she's just watching to see if i'm okay. she's still engaged to my turd of a math teacher and I think they're due to get married in summer which will kill me. So i'm trying to make most of the time i have left really. I've tried falling out of love and it isn't working. So aswell as talking to her constantly, i'm trying to brace myself for her getting married. all the other stories, i can't explain how much i can related to some of them, and those who do have a special bond with their teachers, I envy you and I wish i had a special bond with mine too.

  • Anonymous-28

    i'm in year 11 now, 15 years old.

    when i was in year 10 i went on a school trip that involved water sports and other crazy activities. unfortunately i happened to be on my period but didn't think i would be so i didn't come prepared.. so i went to see the female teacher on the trip and told her that i didn't bring enough stuff, she was really kind and took me to a supermarket to stock up. she was so kind and when i said i didn't want to join in some of the water activities she was fine with it and just let me do something else with her.

    when we returned from the school trip i went to say thankyou to her because i wouldn't have been able to cope without her but i nearly cried and she gave me a hug. after this point i always wanted to see her, not because i fancied her, but just because she gave me the attention that i wanted.. i had dreams that she would talk to me, or counsel me with my problems. eventually i got over it..

    now i'm struggling with my dance gcse and she used to be a dance teacher and she said that we could go to her anytime for help.. and i went to see her but when i talked to her i went all hot and red and i think it was definately noticable, i also got all emotional..

    i need to see her again for her to help me but i'm so do i stop myself going red and getting emotional?

    this happens with my science teacher as well..

    what's wrong with me? xx

  • someone

    HI! i recomend to you don't think that you love her in the way you can love a boy of your age....I felt the same way but not only with my teacher etc...and i knew that that wasn't the kind of love you think it is...think about dateing with her wouldn't it be disgoustin'...i loved them like they were a part of my family...and when i realized that...since then i love them still but not obsessive

  • ilovemT

    i am female and so is my beautiful PE who is about 30 & married! i am 14 & i know i have no chance. i dream of her and jack off over all the time. the other day i was sat on a chair as she stretched up to turn on a fan! I went in to heaven as i saw up her top. i sound like such a perv but my feelings are so strong, i dunno what to do!

  • Anonymous-26

    I am not sure if i can keep this comment short.

    As you see i am madly in love... with my 29 year old history teacher. I am 15 and in grade 10. We are both female.I can't explain how much i love her. But sadly she doesn't know how much she means to me.

    Looks: She was a slim body about 5"5', she has this smile that could melt your heart, her eyes are a blue green, she has these cute freckles on her nose, her hair is sholder length brown and curly, and her glasses make her personality.

    Why: Why do I love her? Maybe its her passion for history? Her love of hockey? The fact that she is only the most amazing person in the world? or maybe her sense of humor? I have never met anyone like her.

    How: How do we interact with each other. I see her every day fourth period for Canadian history. We talk every day. When we talk we hold eye contact longer then most people do. We touch each other when we talk (Grab arm, sholder etc.)

    Proof: Where is the proof that she might have the same feeling for me? Well we do flirt alot. The touching of our hands. She even once held my hand and looked me in the eyes and said "I will never forget you".

    Love: I know for a fact that i love this women> She means everything to me. One day i will tell her how i feel and maybe just maybe she will have those feelings too.

    Sorry for how long it is.

  • Maz

    Hi, I am female and was 11 years old when I first met my love interest.

    I did exceptionally well in the year 9 SATS in 2007 and just happened to end up in her top english class in year 10 (moving up two classes). Sometimes I felt like I didn't belong, as if I wasn't 'smart' enough but she accepted me quickly and wrote little notes in my exercise book encouraging me to 'impress' her. I quickly learned that she had a wonderful sense of humour and that I could 'impress' her with even the cheesiest of little jokes and comments.

    One night, after class, we just talked about rubbish, friendly banter (can't even remember what we talked about), when she suddenly leaned with her head on her folded arms on one of the chairs that was stood on a table. She stopped talking and looked straight into my eyes. We didn't say anything for what seemed like minutes, we just stared.

    After weeks of admiration, I actually wrote this lady a letter that told of how I felt and of course she denied it. She beckoned me to talk to her about it, but as I explained in the letter 'we both know that God and the law could never accept this'.

    The following weeks were embarrasing, she couldn't look anywhere near me, let alone 'straight into my eyes'. She upset me with her rejection but even at 14 years old, I wasn't nieve enough to expect anything to happen there and then. I would wait. I just knew that there was a tiny bit of potential for her and I in the future and that it would hurt like hell if she found someone else.

    At the moment, I am 16 years old and it's the summer holidays. After two years of trial and error with this lady, she's still the first thing I think about when I get up in the morning and the last thing I think about at night. I hope to go to sixth form college that just happens to be attached and in the same building as my secondary school and I promised I'd 'see her around'.

    This lady has always inclinated that something could happen in the future, she indented them into her lessons, she sent a 'love note' rejection to everyone in the class, mail merging everyones name onto them so they were personal. She wrote something like- she had tried to love me but she can't, she now knows that she can't spend the rest of her life with someone she doesn't want to be with ending with 'sorry' and two kisses. Yet a few weeks later she spoke about rememberig when she was 16 and it wasn't that long ago, which once again spiked hope into me because she made a look on her face as if to say 'maybe.. one day... you never know', 'i'm not that old'. Ha ha.

    I hate her so much for making me feel this way, surely she knows what i'm feeling, she doesn't know half of the scarring she leaves on my heart, but at the same time, it would be impossible to love her more because she hasn't just taught me english, she taught me about love too.

    She hates me because I love her, I hate her because she doesn't see it. Thank you to everyone who's read all of this but how many of you can say that you will wait years for the same person, no matter how long it takes? Please consider your love interests and their careers and if anything ever happened you would be jeapordising their lives for your selfish 'pleasure'. If you mean it, you will wait too right?

    I love her xXx

  • Anonymous-29

    okay so i gotta make this short basically i was inlove with a teacher who is a female and i didnt have any classes with her i juss saw her in the halls.... um i was 15 when i first saw her n i would try and find her in the hallways we had the same lunch sometimes i would see her and we would make eye contact.. i knew i loved her bcuz i could never stop thinking about her and i was still feeling her in the eleventh grade... so basically i did research found out she was married =( i was so sad and mad because we would always try to find a way to see each other everyday considering we had no classes together i thought somethin was there.. so i found her email on the school website and i just said hey gave her my name and number never got anything back so i was becoming so inlove with this teacher that i had to keep sending emails to her juss sayin hey can u juss email me back so we can talk and nothing!!! yeah its sad but anyways i did a little more research and found out she lived right down the street from me!!! and she would always pass my house n i would wait for her sometimes n we would connect eyes the one time she stopped infront of my house i think to c that it was actually me bcuz we both were in awww.. but anyways i wrote her a letter in put it in her mailbox and at this time i was graduated.. a few weeks later the school police called me givin me a warning not to send her emails to her nothin personal ya kno... so basically i was obviously really hurt because i was like inlove with this girl i found out she lives on my street so its like i never can get away from her its making me go crazy and lookin in my eyes everytime we pass each other in the car !!! but to all u guys out there i say go for it but definetly when ur graduated like i did

  • Anonymous-30

    It seems everyone has the same problem but with different people! Im 15, female and gay. Im in love with a teacher: We had her as a cover teacher last year for quite a few months, when i first saw her, i knew there was something about her that i liked, i knew instantly that i would have a crush on her, i figured out i was gay not too long ago, but i was going through a really rough time and she kept asking if i was ok, and she was the only one who did ask. So one day i told her everything, all my problems about being gay and stuff, and id stopped eating, so i talked to her almost everyday about eating and stuff, and she helped me alot, i also got very depressed and she helped me through it, the only thing that is keeping me depressed now is her though! She doesnt teach me now, but we keep in contact via email and i make any excuse to see her, were really friendly now, and i think shes the most amazing person ever. Shes the first thing i think about when i wake up and the last thing i think about when i go to sleep and its been going on for ages and i know it will continue for as long as i see her, which is potentially another 3 years, so im in for 3 years of hell, and it makes me want to cry! I just cant get her off my mind, shes just the amazing. So there you go, just another story for everyone, it feels good to write it down.

  • ell see


    im in love with my teacher , shes the most amazing person ever , shes funny , shes caring , and i love her , she has blonde curly hair , and the cutest baby hairs , her eyes are so bueatiful and blue , she has the cutest walk ever , she has the most flawless skin , and the nicest body ever ! she smells like gorgio of beverly hills , she likes coldplay , she teaches science and maths , she plays badminton ! shes amazing ! i hate my self because while playing badminton i hurt her leg :( nooo !!!

    well i know her 2 years and i have never felt so emotionally attached to someone i held her hand once and i didnt want to let go , i had butterflies in my stomach !! , Shes my soulmate , the angel cards told me i found my soul mate , who is infact female, i know her from school , she is very bueatiful , old , but looks younger than she is

    i just want her to know how i feel , and if she sees this , then i know that she knows who i am , and to ask me about it !! please

    because i would GLADLY die for her , i would kill my self if she died ! if i ever hurt her i would want to die , shes the person i dream about , in fact i dream of her every night , shes always there , when i was 12 all i wanted to do was kiss her now i want to her with her forever and ever ¬¬

    Ell see

  • Anonymous-31

    since everybody else is telling stories, so will i :)

    i'm 16 and totally in love with my old history teacher who's around 34. she is amazing funny, charming, caring and the most beautiful person that i have ever seen, well to me anyway, some people think shes ugly which i can't see. anyhoo, its been around 3 years, and i've thought about her everyday for i don't know how long. she's totally straight and i'm not too sure what i am. but i got really depressed over her (is that a really stupid thing to get depressed about?) and she was the only person i trusted enough to talk to, i never told her why i was depressed and i'm not too sure if i ever will. i just wanna see her everyday, just to know if she's alright, i would gladly die for her, as some people have been saying and... i miss her.

    sorry about the babbling nonsense and if you read it than thanks =] and thank you to everybody who's commented, at least i'm not alone :P sorry if i comment more, i might wanna add things... though i may not...

  • Taylor

    I don't know cause I'm a gay girl in that position where I want to tell my teacher that I'm falling inlove with her but can't tell her.

  • Taylor

    Why can't I not tell this teacher of mine that I'm emotionally inlove with her everyday and night I think about her 24/7. I have sexual feelings for her everyday. When I look at my teacher I know she is the one for me but don't know if she is gay, bi, or straight. I think that she is gay but not sure. I want her so badly I would do anything and everything for her. I would die for her and I would marry her if I had the chance. I think about her like she holds the other half of my heart. My heart desires her. When she is near me I want to kiss her and I scream in my head saying you belong with me nobody else. When she talks to other people I get jealous and want her to talk to me the way she talks to them. When she gets infront of the classroom teaching I fanasize about her. I got it bad for my teacher. I have her email address but not sure if I need to tell her my feelings. I see us holding hands, getting married, having sex, kissing out in public. I can't take it anymore I really want to tell her but scared and affraid of how she will react and the troubleness I'm getting us involved in. If you are a 423 and not AN overseas number text me at 423- 305-8015. Just looking for somebody to talk to since my counselor don't understand. THANKS!

  • Anonymous-32

    i, like everyone else here, am in love with my teacher too and i just wanna talk to someone about it but it would be quite weird if i talked to my friends, because they wouldnt understand. so, if you wanna talk at all, my email is - - thank you. :)

  • DrinkDrankDish

    Sorry for my english, I'm italian :)

    Well, like everyone in this topic, I'm in love with my teacher.

    Everything began three years ago, when I was 14 at my first day in high school (here we have a different school system). When she came in class my heart stopped beating. I was paralized, but I thought "Ok, she's a great piece of pussy, amazing." And for some days I hadn't feelings for her, of course I liked her, but only as person, it wasn't love, just admiration. Then I fell in depression because I believed I was in love with a friend of mine (a girl) - then I understood it wasn't love, it was a fixation. However, I was in depression for this girl and I became self-defeating (I'm not proud of it), I cut myself. My teacher discovered it and we began to have a dialogue. As we began to talk, as I understood how she was an amazing person. After this, we wrote on messenger and we talked every single day (more or less). I knew her, and more we talked, more I liked her. Of course I told her I was bisexual and for two years she's always been close to me. Now she isn't my teacher, but we still talk. Of course I'm afraid to let she know about my friends say that I must talk to her, but I've much fear! She fill my heart from three years, and I'm sure that is love...isn't admiration or something else.. I tried to fell in love with other boys and girls but nobody make me feel like she does. Don't know what to do. She's everything to me, and she doesn't understand it. If I tell her about my love she'd go away, and I can't live without her in my life. So, what can I do? I don't know if she's straight,bi or gay (but I think she likes men :( ), anyway we have the detachment between teacher-student yet.

    If you don't understand my post, I'm sorry, but my english is very limitate :/ Please, help me..I can't take it anymore...I've got a limit!! Thanks for have read :)

  • Anonymous-33

    last year I liked my french teacher a lot to the point of being extremely shy in her classes because I was afraid i would mess up when she talked to me. she could be a real b*tch too but i loved her sarcasm and i think it was her wit that made me "love" her.

    I'm not sure if I "love" my teacher or admire her. I would kiss her but that's all i think. It's my english teacher this year- it's the first year i've had her and she is so lovely. she always talks to us in class and i've had a few good conversations with her. i'm much louder in her class than i was in my french class but she seems to like the other girls she taught last year more.

    I don't know whats wrong with me it feels like i have to look popular in front of her so she will be impressed or something... like today i was walking to class with this guy and she was there so i started talking to him loudly and laughing and stuff and she saw us and smiled. i also always walk past her class to see if she's in there. hopefully my feelings for her will leave soon because i dont even think its healthy to like her so much.

  • Nikki

    (sorry for the spelling im dislexic)

    it all started 4 years ago when she first came to the school her beauty was mide blowing, her humor was amazing and she was always similing.after that first gaze in to her giant blue eyes i was lovestruck. i would use any excuse to go and see her . she use to get cold easly so i always let her my hat it carred on like this for ages i use to love playing vollyball as she is quite clumsy and would fall over alot. i remember this one game use both jumping for the same ball, coliding mid air and her falling on me and not getting up as she was laughing to hard. but this last year, im not shore if it is me or it is really happerning, she seemed to be more interested in me and we would catch each others eye and she would blush and look away. she asked to use my phone as i passed she looked in to my eye and stroked by hand as she took it. i gave her a birthday and a christmas prisent yesterday she hugged me then kissed me then later during the christmas consert i was sat on a table right at the back and she was sat on a stool the front on the left from me as she was talking to her friend on her right she kepted staring at me then she moved in front of me and made me put my feet on her stool so she could lean back on me. i found out that she has reasently bronken up with her boyfriend ------ this has all got to mean somthing hasent it ?? please someone help me if it does mean somthing i dont want to miss out on a chance with her but if it doesnt i dont want to ruien our friendship---- im 17 and openly bi (stranglly enouth she was the one who helped me out myself) so if anything was to happen i leave school in a couple of weeks so its legal

  • Kath

    hello I am a 16 year old female and as all of you I've fallen in love with my teacher who is 27, she is my hawaiian dance teacher (I know this sounds weird though)

    and well I've known her for just a little time maybe just 5 or 6 months but since the first time I saw her I knew she was special, She had an special interest in me and then I started noticing I was developing some kind of weird obsession on her, though I can not say I am lesbian, cause even if try to accept it I just can't. But well my real problem here is that we've become good friends, now I know she is lesbian and has been in a relationship with another girl for about 5 years. she flirts with me a lot and once told me she really thought I was lesbian and told me it was just a matter of time for me to accept it, and the worst thing is that since I knew she was lesbian I told her I liked her, and then she told me she could imagine it for the way I looked at her. I really felt awkward around her cause instead of being afraid she started flirting even more and well I followed her game.. told her several time I really wanted to kiss her, but she never told me if she really felt something for me or not...

    Last week i was with some friends and she offered to take me home and well....she kissed me then.... and at the beggining I felt as if I was dreaming it, It was just the best thing that could ever happen to me, but now I am confused since I know she likes to be with lots of girls and well I think she's playing with me -__- and I really really am getting to love her.... but it is starting to hurt so much.... and I don't know what to do...

  • hilde

    i'm just glad i'm not alone,i'm 15,and majorly in love with my eng.teacher,she's 26 years older then me married,kids all that.but yet i find myself in love with her,i've had sex dreams bout her.and always talk sexually bout her,i cant stop thinking bout her and in class its even worse bc seeing her fuels all my thoughts bout her even more so i barely pay attn. in class anymore besides my "fantasies" bout having sex with her,im also like very intently staring at her,i think she's noticed too,idk wht 2 do?

  • Anonymous-34

    I'm 16. Female. I'm in college. I think I like my English teacher. She's 27- I'm almost 17. She's been my English teacher for 3 years. She's one of those teachers that everyone likes. She's lovely. I've always thought she was attractive but it's only lately I've started thinking maybe I'm actually attracted to this women. I wouldn't say I'm a lesbian, I'm not even sure I'd say I'm bi. She's the only women I've ever had these feelings for. I'm so confused. I'm also so very glad I'm not the only one : ) Thank you all for making me feel less- lonley.

  • Ginger

    it's amazing that there are so many posts here and yet i don't think any of the teachers or our friends actually know how we feel...

    i haven't seen my teacher for two years now, and not a day goes by when i don't think about her. it's been five years and i'm starting to think i'll never get over her.

    But then the crap thing was i fell for another teacher (this time a guy) who was just amazing, then the other night he texted me and told me he's completely in love with some random girl.

    why the f*** do we love people? the only thing love does is gives someone else the opportunity to f*** up your life.

    I love you, miss.

  • Unknown person

    I've been in love with my same-sex teacher for almost 2 years now. I know she is married and has two kids. (She is 34 and i am 16) but she does flirt with me and i do too. if she talks to other peeople i get really jealous. help me?

  • Anonymous-35

    i fell in love with my former female english teacher when I was 13. I'm now 17 and I still love her. When I met her she was cool, but then i started watching how beautiful she looked. I never had feeling for a teacher or another female in my entire life. We had the same name, star sign, and other same interest. I hardly see her since i left the jr high, but I still dream of her every single night. Even when I was in serious relationships with guys I still loved her. She the only one who helped me during my deep deperssion. I suppose she's straight which hurts my heart more. She has the most beautiful green eyes in the world. When I see something green I think of her. I remember crying in the girls bathroom due to the deperssion. She walk in and held me til i stopped. She never judged me for speaking my mind. I gave her little gifts like a christmas coffie mug and a little stuffed monkey and owl cause those were her favorites. Sometimes I wonder if I'll always love her. I can't imagine my life without thinking about her. I worry that I'll get married someday sleep next to my husband, and still dream about her. She's the only person male or female that I ever loved.

  • BillieM

    I'm 17 girl & I love my 35 year old female teacher...

    I'm so dreading leaving school cause i will probably never see her again :(

  • anon

    I feel the same way. Four months and I'm leaving her. Hang in there, I love you guys for making me feel like I'm not a freak.

  • Malvania

    I am 17 years old and I love my English teacher very much but I do not know why I always feel that she doesn't like me. When she first taught me I've taken a bad idea about her that she is mean and arogant but by time I've known that she is an amazing person. I can't stop thinking of her. I just want her to treat me like others. when she meets me she does not know what to talk however, with othe people she'll talk and say joks. Sometimes I feel that I am an abominable person to her. I just want her to love me.Please help me what can I do. I always follow her and wait for her in the hall just to tell her Hi. She doesn't teache me now, she has taught me only when I was in grade 11 but she is still at School and I see her always but not talking to her because I feel that she gets annoyed while talking to me. She is so beautiful. Her green eyes are bright, her hair is brown golden I can't stop thinking of her. I appreciate her a lot and I love her for sure as teacher but I just want her to love me more than I do.

  • Anonymous-36

    hello to everyone.

    my teacher is in her 50's and i think she is just the most gorgeous person.. in any given room, any given time.

    i get really angry at her for no good reason, then i'll ignore her for days, then feel really guilty for being such a cow.

    but i still love her.

  • Em

    well im in love with my ex teacher. she was my ag science teacher. im gone to collage now and i still cant stop thinking about her. i havent seen her in ages but think about her everyday. i read most of ur commeents and im glad im not d only one who is in love with my teacher!!

  • Stephanie

    I fell in love with my former english teacher, Stefani. She's in her mid to late 20s. I have never loved a woman before and it's kind of weird. I haven't seen her in almost a year, but she's the first thing on my mind when i wake up and the last at night. We have so many things in common: we loves owls, love poetry, we're the same star sign, our favortie movie is the Labyrinth, and we love to correct grammer. She has the most dreamy green eyes that I can get lost in forever. During the time I had her for english I was going through severe depression. Til the point I thought of killing myself. I had lost my friends and it was a year since my grandpa and uncle died a month apart. I was so close then I thought about her crying when I was gone. And I couldn't have her crying over me. I was 13 years old when this all happened to me. Now I'm 17 and I still love her and most likely always will. I would give up my life to save hers in a heart beat. Her life and happiness means the world to me. The song that I can really think of my love for her is "The Reason" by Celine Dion. I'm just glad I'm not the only one who's feels like this about my former female english teacher.

  • anom

    i am 15, nearly 16. i met my English teacher when i was in year 8 (she started teaching at our school then, and was my English teacher). i hated her at first, i thought she was so arrogant and rude, and that she was really stuck up. however, as i got to know her i started falling for her. i was very depressed at the time, and she helped me, she still does sometimes now. however, recently, after one of our chats, i found out she had been telling all the others teachers what i'd been saying. i haven't confronted her, but she stopped talking to me, at least for a while. even now she still looks a little guilty but i can't bring myself to hate her or talk about it with her. i think of her all the time, i go on Facebook and have founds way into her pictures (though not hacking, just clever thinking). i cried when we found out at school than she had cancer. i cried again, happy tears this time, when she returned. shes all i think of morning at night. i hate the holidays, and i hate the fact i will be leaving school for good in 7 weeks time. we have a party together, which she will be attending, and then i'll never see her again. i know nothing can ever work,i'm nearly 16 and she is nearly 30, but i want her badly. once when i was upset and she was hugging me, i nearly kissed her and had to pull myself away. i'll love her forever. thank you guys, for letting me now i wasn't the only one. x x x

  • jacky

    i ever fell in love with my female teacher.when i was a girl16.she was my college teacher.first time i met her i love her so much.she was31.she's motivation and strong.everybody like her.i prefered her as an angel.i want be with her.i tried to connect her.i feel was very warm when i sleep on her shoulders.i remember i kissed her and hug her,when no electric and big rain(in office).one day we had to give up,because she just trick me to do work for her.i was suffer.i miss her.but now i better(still miss her and love her and need her touch).

  • Karen

    hey guys! Im 17 and i am attracted to lads! but my PE teacher im in love with i wish i wasnt. but everyday i think of her and i look forwatd to classes with her.. she's so gorgeous,and just like me.. we always talk after class and always stare at each other..i look up and she's starin at me smiling..(this has to mean somrthing?) we have so much things in common its crazy! she is leaving at the end of the school year she's only a sub.. but im crazy about her should i do something before its too late?because i dont want to regret not doing anything and thinking of her for the rest of my life!!! should i like give her a letter last day of school?? i just love her!! ye know how i feel guys.. plz reply it would be great.. thanks =]

  • AnonymousInNY

    I just turned 18. I'm female and I'm in a relationship with a male, and very happy. But I also have feelings for my anatomy teacher. I think she's beautiful, even though she's always criticizing herself, especially for her weight, which to me is perfect. And she's got the most beautiful grey green eyes, the color of the calm after the storm. I have had these feeling since 10th grade. She is 26 yrs older than me. I suspect she knows, I changed my entire attitude towards her. Another problem - she's married with a child. I have no idea how she feels, but I've noticed she has started looking at me a lot more, and she's acting different towards me as well. I'm graduating in less than 2 months. I don't intend to tell her,but I also don't want to let it go. I have very strong feelings for her. I wish there were some way to discreetly let her know, but I don't want her feeling strange because of it, especially if she really doesn't feel that way at all. I'm fairly attractive, and I'm a sweet and mature person, but I just don't even know if she goes that way. Little things hint that she does, but I don't want to take a chance and look like a fool. I don't really know what I'm going to do - just let things happen on their own, I suppose. And if she ever sees this, she should know its her. She should know that someone loves her very much.

  • Anonymous-37

    So I really need help with this.

    Im 17, lesbian, in a relationship, and in LOVE with a teacher at my school. She isnt my teacher, and I met her through my girlfriend. When she found out my girlfriend way gay she told her that she could come talk to her whenever she wanted...when school started back up this year, I met her for the first time. Ever since that day I have been intrigued. I think about her all the time, and I know for a fact that I want her. She has all the same interests as me and she is beautiful as well as intelectually sexy. Shes only 24...and to me age is only a number. I just need to know if she feels for me at all. I constantly stay after school with just me and her and talk to her about all my problems. When she gives me advice about my girlfriend she always leans twards me breaking up with her. Recently I flat out asked her if she was gay and she said she had only been dating "ladies" since college. That made me love her even more. Ah its more than an infatuation with her...I cant get her out of my head. Shes leaving next year...should I wait till then and then tell her? I guess no harm can come at that point right?


  • jacky

    i'm 18.i've loved my teacher since i'm 16.she older than me 15years old,nearly can be my mum.i like her when i met her at first time.but i fall in her volley love after met her second time.until now i love her and i hate her cuz she was't love me back. if not love me i'm not angry but why she gave me hope and lie me,that why i hate her. first time i think just can know what is love i agree. i don't think i love her and can't forget her.she gave me warm.she encorage me.she said she need me.she said she want me become a good girl and strong girl,but i know she just trick me.she promise she'll never leave me.but everything are trick.i really hate her but i can't forget her and still love her.i miss her everytime.i need her.

  • AnonymousinNY

    What are we supposed to do?!?! We're all in love with our female teachers, and it's confusing, isn't it? You want them to know, but fear it'll ruin the relationship that you DO have , even if it is only student -teacher right now... I am painfully shy to begin with- I have never even been first to tell a guy my age that I had feelings for him. So HOW THE HELL am I supposed to tell my 44 year old,married with a son, female teacher that I'm in love with her?!?! If I plan to at all I need find a way and soon -I only have 14 more days left

  • Annoymous lover

    So here's the story.

    I'm 15, female.

    Teachers have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Female teachers especially.

    In 6th grade I had a teacher that would just catch my eye and I fell for her, same thing in 7th grade, and 8th grade. But they were different teachers each year. They seemed to just "get to me" or just "suddenly come into my life." My 8th grade english teacher was the person I can most likely say I developed a special connection with. She would just look at me longer than others and stare at me, wink and smile. I started feeling deep love for her....and in some ways it's like she felt the same for me. But she is married, with kids. I didn't know how it could be possible.

    Now from 8th grade, I moved into high school but me and my past english teacher still keep in touch. However, my new english teacher....I really feel something about her. It didn't just happen out of the blue, it took time and developed into something more emotional. I unfortunetly do not think she has the same feelings for me...although I did tell her one time that I do feel like I can trust her with things. She said she was glad that I could connect with her.

    I don't know how to go about my feelings. I think about her all the time and not having her there in school some days seriously makes me sad :( I feel like I can't live without her. Like I said, it's kind of like I get a "new teacher" to get close to every year--I can almost, expect it.

    I think I'm in love with her....who she is as a person, the caring, nurturing, sweet and quiet person that she is. I think she is beautiful, and I love spending time with her. It just hurts me sometimes that she doesn't return that--but other times she does. Other times, she looks at me in a way that's indescribable. Like it's something deeper...and for some reason I like it.

  • Anonymous

    Most of the comments here I've realized are not actually les/bi love. It's actually admiration! People tend to mix these up. Just because you love to chat with the teacher everyday, see her smile etc. etc. it might mean that you two are really good friends. You admire her and love her AS A TEACHER :D

  • AnonymousinNY

    Yes, I believe that while it may be true that it is only admiration for several of the cases, I do not think it applies to all of us. I know what both admiration and love feel like - and I am DEFINITELY feeling two entirely seperate things. I admire my English teacher, I admire my music instructor, I admire my mother. I LOVE (a feeling MUCH deeper than admiration) my health teacher... I would do ANYTHING to see her happy, and I would NEVER, EVER jeopardize her family life or career by trying to start anything with her. As much as I want that,as much as I WANT to be with her, and be able to hold her even for one night ,I know in my heart I want even more so what is in HER best interest. I wish I could tell her,I really do. I barely have anytime left, and maybe somehow I'll find the courage to admit my true feelings in the next few days. Whatever happens,I know this is more than admiration - I've felt love of a teacher, and of a friend, and trust me ,that and eros are 2 completely seperate things.... I mean, there are times I wanna lean forward, grab her chin, and kiss her forever.. There are times when I literally have to physically stop myself and tell myself I can't do this. What I feel for her is so strong, and I'm angry at myself for letting it happen because I've always known what the outcome would be... I think a lot of these people could be feeling only admiration, but there are some of us (and we'll know it in our hearts immediately) who feel MORE than admiration. A good way to determine: Could you imagine yourself being a lifelong partner of this person, sleeping in the same bed as them each night, loving them, their child, their flaws, in good times and bad, supporting them, being there for them 24/7? If you can, if you HONESTLY can, it's more than admiration... and I can ....

  • Kaye

    Okay, so i stumbled upon this page trying to find blogs about falling in love with a teacher. I like reading pages like this one because we share the same problem.

    I was 13 years old when I first noticed my 2nd year advisor. She was my biology teacher and my class advisor. She's 8 years older than I am. She had the most gorgeous smile, eyes, lips, nose, and body that I have ever seen in my entire life. She's smart, witty, talented and she has this distinct scent like a baby smell. It's kind'a sweet and very alluring. It was almost like a perfume but It's not-- It's just her smell. Any how, she and I became really close friends even after class we used to met outside the campus and talk about personal things like family, friends, love life, and school stuff but I never told her that I am in love with her because I did not want to make her feel uncomfortable with me. She might have gotten a hint that I was hitting on her because I was really boy-ish before. I was kind'a like a tomboy type of girl. We were so close that It got to the point that she felt jealous every time I went and hang around with my other teachers during break time. I was so confused if what was her motive in being jealous. She told me not to hang around with my other teachers that much because she's jealous. She wanted me to spend time only with her. What does that mean? Was she jealous because she was in love with me too? It was hard to assume.

    Anyway, she just got married to a not so handsome guy at that time. She told me that she just marry that guy because it was her best friend who helped her with her education in college. So, it was just like she got married because she had too? During the end of the school year, she told me that she was pregnant but she wasn't ready for that at all. She said if she could just turn back time, she would have been more careful not to get pregnant. So, it made me think that she might have feelings for me too. I don't know, i think i might be delusional or something but that's how i felt and thought. I never got to tell her about what I felt about her and we never talked about it so yea, It was sad. After that school year, she had to leave my school because she had to take care of the baby. We constantly text, and speak on the phone But, never discussed about how we feel towards each other. We even said "I love you", "take care", and "I miss you" towards each other but I think it did not mean anything cause it's like a normal conversation to a friend. She came and visit me in my school when I was in 3rd year. During my 4th year in high school, I lost contact with her cause I lost her contact number. Sad to say, somebody took my phone and I did not copy the numbers that was on that phone. So, I had no way in contacting her. I did not even know where she live.

    It's been 5 years now since I haven't seen her. Our common friends told me that she and her ex husband got divorce 3 years ago. I was so happy in a way that I now have a chance when I see her, I'll tell her my feelings. I dream and think of her every night and day of my life. She's the only person I am in love with. I had boyfriends but never felt like what I feel about her. I have suitors but I stop going out with them cause I am just so in love with my teacher. The only problem is I have no idea where to find her. By the way, She lives in the Philippines and I moved here in the U.S 4 years ago. I will be going home next year and hope to see her so that I can tell her that I am madly, deeply in love with her. Good Luck to me! :P


  • AnonymousinNY

    First off, good luck with your situation, Kaye!She sounds like a beautiful woman, I really hope you not only end up relocating your teacher, but also that everything you've dreamed of with her becomes your reality. Best wishes

  • Anonymous

    She was my writing teacher. I've only known her for 7 DAYS....for Godness' sake. ~~ She was about in her late 20s and I'm 16.i didn't feel anything when i first met her but in the second meeting, when i got the nerve to look into her eyes, i just knew it. How silly am I right? Honestly, I'm kinda lazy so doing homework for me is a rarely things. But to catch her attention, I sent her all the homework before the deadline while the others in the class didn't bother to do it. She was really impressed. She didn't know that i had to stay up late until to finish the homework which was about 2AM most of the time. And she always looked at me longer and smile at me. I caught her looking at me then she immediately turned away. Is that a signal? I don't know really. But the only thing I know that she has a boyfriend now. So I think I just stay silent like this....But it has been driving me crazy since i realized that. Just 7 days, but what I feel for her is so strong. What to do? In the last day, i invited her and other students to go out for a a drink. I meant to invite her personally, but i was afraid that she would think of me like im a freak or sth. We talked a lot that day. Her smile is so beautiful and bright. It can brighten up my whole day. Then i gave her a ride to her hotel. During that ride, we talked about everything. I jokingly said that my friend told me that my face looked a bit arrogant. She said : "No..That's not true. Your face beautiful..Don't believe them". I just smiled. We bid our farewell then. She said she would hope to see me in the future when she come back and she would treat me out next time. But didn't she know that there's only a month until i go abroad to study?.....

  • Anonymous-38

    It all started wit me finding out my bio teacher was lesbian. I always liked guys, but as soon as i found out i suddenly began to really like my bio teacher. She's smart, funny and beautiful. I know she likes me too, she'll always pick me first and is always staring at me and once she touched my shoulder and we had like a connection. She always laughs and jokes with me and says im a really great student so i think she has feelings for me too. She is sooo beautiful and i think about her all the time and dream about her. Only problem im 14 and shes like 26. I wanna cry when i know we cant be together

  • kim

    i am in love with my female english teacher, i'm 15 (girl), she's 28-32 ish.

    (i'm not gay, i have a boyfriend)

    we always have those 'connections', like 'eye sex' or whatever it's called.

    i love her so freaking much, she's beautiful every time she looks at me i feel my knees collapse.

    i would give up anything, sacrifice anything, just for her to know that i care for her soo deeply.

    i'm debating wether or not to email her (i have her teachers email). i wrote out a draft and everything. it's all about my feelings and how i love her.

    should i tell her? i love her, i actually love her. i know so badly that this is real. i love her, i always will.

  • Anonymous-39

    Im really in love with my female science teacher and i dont no wat to do! I think she likes me and i am scared to tell her my feelings so em i tried to tell her, but i couldnt do it!

  • AnonymousinNY

    Okay if there is one thing I now know, its this:

    If you love her that much, you're about to graduate, and she's single, whether you're sure she's a lesbian/bisexual or not, take the chance and just tell her. Please- have the courage and the strength that I don't possess and just confess your love. You might risk losing the friendship because she may feel strange or awkward around you, but then a friendship never truly existed at all. If she doesn't like you in that way, at least you tried, and if she was ever truly a friend, she will always be. If she does like you in that way, be proud of yourself for speaking up and thank the powers that be for that blessing, and I wish you all the best in that situation -may you have every happiness. But see, my reasoning here is, until you try you will never know. Yes, sometimes it may not work out in your favor. But the fates are strange, and they know what they want - don't throw away the chance to be with the love of your life because you're afraid to speak up or afraid of rejection. I won't ever be able to do that, for both fear and for the fact that she has a family, and that leaves a bitter sting on my heart that burns endlessly, like someone is holding a flame against my soul.... It hurts so much, because she has a husband and child, and I REfUSE to jeopardize that. But that doesn't stop me from loving her, loving her in such a way that to walk away after I graduated was almost physically painful. I will probably see her again, but I'm going to miss seeing her beautiful smile and gorgeous eyes every morning so,SO much...

    Right now... I wonder if honestly she has any idea of how I feel. I wonder if in her heart she knows perfectly well that somewhere along the road I fell head over heels for her. I want her to know, a part of me doesn't care how awkward it might have made things if she felt differently, I mean she deserves to know. But I could never do it, could never throw away the teacher/student relationship we have, and could never screw with her mind or family...

    And I wonder if, by some chance, she would ever happen across this page. So many times I've been tempted to write our first names here so she could see it and know. Yet I don't for fear, for absolute terror of what would happen if she did know.

    So please, have courage, and let her know. As for me, I'll never,ever smoke because of her lol, because I don't want to ruin my voice. And I know I'll never forget her. Best of luck to everyone- may you get everything you dream of.

  • Stephanie

    i wrote my story a few months ago and nothings changed. i still in love with my former english teacher with alll my heart and soul. my dad know how i feel and supports me of whatever i am. he knows i truly love her more than my own life. no matter how i'm worried of what she'll think of me i need to tell her. my dad said just tell her it doesn't matter what she's says or reacts the important thing is that you tell her. i want to tell her from a year from now when i'm eighteen and out of high school. but these past few days i've been more intense romantic dreams of her than ever before. i know that this will never happen which breaks my heart even more. i know that i'll love her till the day i die that will never change. so the next time i see her i will tell her how i feel. this love is getting to strong that i can't keep it from her anymore. i'm gonna say "i need you to listen to what i have to say and find a way to forgive me for telling you". then profess my undying love for her. wish me luck to have the strength to confess my love for my teacher the next time i see her.

  • Anonymous-26

    I wish you the best of luck and I hope the outcome is what you want! :)

    please keep us filled in :)

  • Riya


    pls help me.I'm 14 lesbian girl.i have a girlfriend.i thought i couldn't have loved anyone else than her untill i met a 24 yr old teacher last year.i didn't know untill my gf herself told me that i'm in love with this first ,i became close to her more than anyother student.though she'd left the skul after two months of service, she kept in contact with me and she used to take my help to get over her problems.And finally wen i told her about my feelings, she just laughed and said that it was commom for teens to fall in love with their teachers.this hurt me a lot.and now she all of a sudden left talking to me.wenever she didn't reply to my msgs, i realised each minute how much i couldn't live without her.and the more she got close to me, the more i realised i was falling madly for i'm totally crushed between the decision whether to break up with my loving gf or to stick with her and let this pass.?i thought that this feeling of mine for this teacher would fade away like a crush or infactuation or sumthing.but no matter wat i doesn't go away.

    i need help.pls somebody help me.this is killing me.if you have anything to say, pls try to contact name is riya and my id is

    please, somebody help me!

  • AnonymousinNY

    Stephanie! I wish you the best of luck -oh, I admire your courage! Please, as someone stated below, keep us informed as to what has happened!! Thank you, and again, best, BEST wishes

  • Katharine

    I'm 15 and I really like one of my sports teachers, she's 30 i think and I haven't actually had her for sport for ages, but when I do, I always get really nervous and want to impress her. I don' know if I love her or what because I really fancy one of my guy friends, but with her she always makes me smile and she's really nice, this may sound weird but she always makes me feel safe as well. It's not a physical attraction I don't think, but when i'm upset I imagine she's holding me and hugging me and telling me it'll be ok. I just want to hug her but I still don't know what I see her as. Her just being there comforts me and I always want her attention. I'm doing my GCSEs at the moment and every exam i hope she's invigilating. When she's there I always find myself acting really cute and sweet. Please can someone tell me if I love her or will get over it or anything? Thank you and your stories made me feel so much better, I thought I was some kind of freak or something and it was so nice to find people who might be able to help me understand my feelings.

  • Katharine

    arghh I'm sorry everyone but I just wanted to talk about my feelings because i've never told anyone all this before (for obvious reasons). I really don't know if she likes me or what, loads of people hate her because they think she's an absolute b**** and I guess she isn't always nice to everyone, but she's never said anything not nice to me. And before athletics matches last year she always talked to me when i got to the track to check I knew what time my race was etc even though it was the same every week. adn during the race she'd cheer me on...? ugh i'm so confused... as i said before I don't think I see her as a girlfriend or anything, and she has a boyfriend anyway, but I always get excited when she's around and even though i've never confided anything in her I feel like I can just trust her. She lives in one of the boarding houses and I'm so jealous of friends who board there because theyv'e seen her house and everything. I don't know what to do... how can I talk to her more and get closer?? I'm leaving the school in a few years and i'm so scared i'll never see her again :( Can I just say, I'm so jealous of all you guys who are already close to your teachers! hope it goes well for all of you :)

  • AnonymousinNY

    Hey! I'm no expert on the matter, but you might just feel a deep sense of admiration for your teacher, which is a really good thing. You could definitely love your teacher. Yet I don't think you're IN love with her - its not eros or romantic love. My suggestion: Compliment her, tell her you admire her, be kind to her. And go on with the rest of your life as you do each and every other day. Needless to say, because she is comforting to you and you care for her, she will hold a special your life.. but at the same time you can care for her and not necessarily want to be kissing and romantically loving her. Good luck :)

  • Riya

    i'd written my post few days ago and no reviews have been seen as yet.pls somebody help me with my matter.i'm getting torn apart day by day......

    my id is

    help me please.......

  • anon

    Thank god some people feel the same!
    Except the teacher I 'am in love with' is the same sex (female) as me,24 with no boyfriend. She doesnt teach me for anything but is my form tutor. Lately Ive been going to her for advice because stuff at home is hard. I have this unusually starnge bond with her, because I tell her everything. And she tells me things you wouldnt dream of teachers telling you. I feel attracted to her sexually and emotionally. Its getting to the point where Im jealous of my friends who have her as a tacher and get to spend time with her.

  • radiraaa

    I totally understand. I am a female and i am attracted to my classics teacher who is alsoo a female :P She is sooo beautiful and everyone has a wee crush on her , but it's getting too much to handle lately. It's so confusing - I'm scared I'm gay/bi.. I don't want to be gay/bi. It would ruin everything D: I dunno what to do. I want her sooooo bad, but I know I will neeever have her.

  • Stephanie

    thank you to all those who wished me luck. don't worry i will give you an update when i tell her. if any all could give me any advice for me email me. dolphingirl@Gmail

  • Stephanie

    here's my email adress

  • BCee

    Wow, I always thought I was alone in this situation. I go to a catholic high school but even since grade 5, every year I've always had a crush on one of my female teachers. I am bisexual but I believe I am more in love with girls (I'm a girl too in case you didn't realize P ) Anyways, in grade 5 I thought something was wrong... so I decided to tell one of my "friends". Big mistake. But in grade 6 I develloped another crush on a female teacher.. then in grade 7... then in grade 8... now I'm finishing up grade 9 and there's 2... One of them I know will be impossible to be with. She's a 42 year old catholic woman and she's married. She's just really sweet and has the cutest personality that you just want to pinch her cheeks... (I know, weird observation) But the other grade 9 teacher was the one that I was absolutely crazy in love with. She's 30, she's single, and she is sooo nice to me... She's trusted me with some of her secrets.. that's how close we are. And one time she asked me to re-hook her bra strap to her bra.. I was more than willing to do that P But I know I can never confess my crushes for many reasons. 1. Catholic school. Not that my school doesn't accept homosexuality, but students and teachers can change their opinion about someone in an instant. 2. If I ever were to admit a crush to a teacher, it could ruin the special friendship bond between us and even if they were to like you back, they could get into soo much trouble by being with a minor/student that they could lose their job or even get sent to jail. I even tried to have a boyfriend to cover up the fact that a lot of people thought I was lesbian. Well... people no longer think I'm lesbian but I couldn't keep up the relationship. I don't feel comfortable around guys... Anyways, it's really hard for me at times because I know I can never be with the person I want to be with... but I'm thankful I can share nice friendships with all of these teachers. :)

  • anon

    Neeeeon - radiraaa - Jun 17th 2010

    I totally understand. I am a female and i am attracted to my classics teacher who is alsoo a female :P She is sooo beautiful and everyone has a wee crush on her , but it's getting too much to handle lately. It's so confusing - I'm scared I'm gay/bi.. I don't want to be gay/bi. It would ruin everything D: I dunno what to do. I want her sooooo bad, but I know I will neeever have her.


  • Riya


    I think i can truly understand your condition.i felt the same intensity to tell my teacher before i did.The funny and strange part is that my girl friend actually confessed my feelings to her and this actually did my work without letting me get nervous in front of my teacher.But of course now i think that i should have told her myself.I think its the best idea to tell her everything regardless of how she would react later.anyways, i've written a mail to you.pls do read it if you could spare a few minutes for it.

    all the best

  • anon

    Argh! I dont know how long I can take this for now. 15 years old, I have the most gorgeous form tutor. Shes 24,single, and every time Im around her I just want to shout at her that I love her. She helps out with Duke of Ed, along with other staff, and I just wanted to see her every minute of the day. I don't know what I am. Possibly bi, but alls I know is that its getting to the point where I cant stand seeing her with someone else ( I think my best friend may have a crush on her too) but I know for a fact that a crush does not feel like this. I have to sleep, watch a film, to take my mind off her. The thought of her sleeping with a man/being with another man makes me feel sick. I desperately want to get over her so bad because we have an amazing friendship, but Im not ready to accept the fact that nothing can ever happen because some people actually do think she may be bi/lesbian, shes young with no boyfriend. its so frustrating though its driving me insane.

  • Just call me "Eden"

    So I have read all the posts on this website and I wanted to say I am glad I’m not alone.

    So some advice for the newer posts: If you are not sure of your sexuality this could be a sign of something. For myself, I finally figure out my sexuality because of my crush on my history teacher. For most of you I like it’s just admiration. You see them as a role model. But for some it could be love. If you have a friendship with your teacher, you guys talk all the time and if you have maybe never felt this way before and it’s such a strong attraction and feels like MORE than a admiration, I would believe its the being stages of love. So I wish everyone luck with their teachers. Try and tell them your feelings after your done school and if you can’t wait that long, than just tell, be honest.

    Now here’s my story:

    I am a 16 year old girl, going into grade 12, last year of high school. I first had my teacher that I am completely in love with my grade 10 year. She is a beautiful person on the inside and out. So grade 10 year was great, we talked, laughed with each other but that was about it. But this one time she held my hand in class looked me straight in the eyes and said “____I could never forget you”. In grade 11 (this year) I did not have the teacher as my history teacher. I was devastated when I found out, all I wanted is the year to end. But it actually worked out for our relationship. We talked a lot more than the previous year. She vented to me about my class and she opened up to me (nothing too personal though) and as I did. I gave her a card at the end of the year telling her how much I admire her as a teacher and how she was a wonderful teacher. She was shocked and so happy that she cried and gave me a hug. I was so happy because that was the most physical our relationship as got. She also told me that I am a wonderful person and how she just loves me. So after school, that same day, I went by her classroom when no one else was there and asked her if she liked my card. She told me she loved it and once again gave me another hug. Then we talk about school, sports, life in general. The whole time she was touching me, which I was quite surprised about because usually I am the touchy one when we talk, ex: putting my hand on her shoulder. But when we were talking she had her arm around my shoulder, and kept rubbing more fore-arm, all while looking me in the eyes. So after we were done talking she told how excited she is to see me next year in her class (she teaching me next year!!!!!!) and how she loves me and thinks I’m a wonderful girl.

    So that’s my story. Yes I am gay and my teacher sexual orientation is unknown but there is rumours in our school that say she is a lesbian.

    So what do you girls think? Does she like/love me back?

  • Meghna


    Well your story sounds very interesting.I'm no expert on this but I'd love to help you out of whatever I know.

    okay let's start off with the fact that there are rumors about your teacher being a lesbian.I think you shouldn't believe it blindly because it isn't new that most of the females in a society are doubted for an unusual sexual orientation.And fortunately for you, she's going to be you teacher next year so that you can stick around and find out yourself better about her sexual orientation.I definitely think it's better.And when does your 12th year start? I have no clue because here in India, the academic school years start at a different time of the year.If your year starts soon then I think its easier for you to wait and then when you get to be with her more, you could try and find out more about her feelings for you and her sexual orientation.

    On the whole, I'd like to tell that don't make haste just because of her sudden display of affection like touching your fore-arm and stuff like you might have been because of over excitement to see you.I strongly suggest you wait and get along with her better the coming year and then take any action.May never know, maybe being with you for a longer period of time might turn her in favour of you if the rumors are right.

    My apologies if none of this is upto your mark.But just desperate to help.

    Be well


  • Eden

    Thank you for you input. It is much appreciate.

    Just to answer you question, I Start grade 12 in september, so there is a two months before we see each other again.

  • jc

    Doesn't anyone besides me see anything wrong with an adult coming on to a minor, regardless of their sexual orientation? Is the teacher married or in a committed relationship? If so, Eden is also wrong to pursue anything. There is just so much wrong with this scenario. Minor-adult, authority-subordinate, possible cheating. Find something else Eden. Even if you love her, it's time to move on.

  • Eden

    You can't choose who you fall in love with. It just happens.

    AND you don't think i want to try and move on? its easier said then done. When someone has effected you so greatly its hard to forget about them

    Also,the teacher i have feelings for is not married nor in a relationship of any kind.

  • jc

    I wish you well, but my opinion is still that, as your teacher, she should not be coming on to you. As an adult and you a minor, she should not be coming on to you. I believe your feelings are real. I question whether hers are. In my experience, people who flirt with people they shouldn't, do so with others too. It is special to you, but before you fall any harder, I think you should take a good, eyes open look to see if it is as special to her. Or are you just someone else to flirt with. I'm sorry, I know that was hurtful, but if it's true you should realize it before you get any more hurt. At any rate, she is your teacher and it is inappropriate for her to elicit these feelings in you. As a responsible adult, she should choose better, and yes she can choose how she acts. As a reponsible not-so-young person, you should realize that any sexual relationship, innocent or not, could cost her her job and career, and yes, you can choose how you act.

  • Eden

    This teacher is not a flirtatious at all and actually gets quite annoyed when other students get close to her.

    Also, I will never tell her how i feel and if I ever do choose to tell her it will be once I am gone from the school. I would never jeopardize her job.

    JC, Did you ever love a teacher?

  • Meghna

    After having read the recent posts, I guess the only diplomatic and rational conclusion that i can come upto is that as I'd mentioned before, You should rather stick around more and find out as to what exactly her feelings are.This would give you time to understand her better and get yourself on a safer side.Or maybe if you could wait, You could just be with her in a well relationship untill you graduate out and then take any serious action after considering whatever you've learned about her in your years with her.



  • chuckie

    i am 16 and a lesbian. i meet my maths teacher half way though year 9 2009 i am nearly at the end of year 11. I loved my maths teacher since i meet her and i still can't get her out of my head. i love her looks, personality, well everythink about her. i still have her for maths everytime i see her it makes me wet. i always ask for help with the classwork even though i don't one time she came over and lend over so much i saw her boobs. i couldn't help it i love em. i was upset once and went to see her to talk to her, told her why i was upset and she hugged me. i seriuosly love her and its not just a crush. iv tryed to forget her by having relationships with other girls but it just doen't feel right cause i love my maths teacher. i really don't know what to do cause i want her so badly. every time i see her i just want to tell her i love her and just bounce on her and have some bum sex. SHe is irestisable but i know i cannot be with her. iv told my friend but she said i would get over her, its been like two years nearly HELP. i want to forget about her and move on but i feel like i love her more than i love my life. this is crazy

  • jc

    I have fallen for a teacher, a co-worker, and even one of my kid's teachers. All could've been true love in different circumstances. I had the opportunity to cheat on my husband with one of these people, but I wisely chose not to. Also, I was also inappropriately approached by a 10th grade teacher whom I was attracted to. Then somewhere along the line I realized that, as human beings, we are attracted to and could fall in love with many people over our lifetimes. I'm thinking it's an instinct to continue the population. Now I don't freak out every time I realize I'm attracted to another guy, because I know I'm not going to act on those feelings. I can appreciate other men and recognize that if things were different, I would pursue that, and it's ok. I know it's different for you because you're still finding a long-term relationship and I'm in one, but still...

    I'm really glad you're not going to tell her your feelings. I'm also wondering if it would be a good idea for you to change classes. You sound'll find someone (or her again later if it's meant to be). There's just too much to risk now, especially for her (end of career +jail!). Good luck...really.

  • vernisha

    is this where i go?

    when i feel so alone

    is this where i mention

    that im tired of fighting on my own

    phases and crap

    that is not what i go through

    tired of those saying it will pass

    when these feelings never do

    workers and teachers

    always the same

    some act on it and confuse me more

    but again ive only myself to blame

    5 yeas old and my innocence was stolen

    7 years old and my life was betrayed

    9 years old my mind was gone

    12 years old prostitution i played

    14 years old i tried to make sense

    i tried to understand

    but i leaned on my workers strength

    i fell again and again

    didnt have an idea of my lifes length

    started doing drugs

    doing them hard core

    no one understood just doubted me

    i didnt want to feel anymore

    i wanted my ability to feel to leave

    i tried to turn cold

    17 and i relised id failed my intention to be numb

    again i seeked and i lost

    no siblings around nor a farther or a mum

    so i let my body be the cost

    took up drugs again

    denied it when others asked me so

    knew they wouldnt understand

    what i was going through they couldnt know

    been on and off the streets

    since i was 11 but that is ok

    it has made me stronger

    helped me keep strenght along the way

    but i failed my pottential

    i lost track

    past,present and future

    there is no going back

    in my past 5 times i tried to kill myself

    theres a reason i didnt sucseed

    i thank mother earth

    on truth and loyalty i feed

    im 18 now

    and yes im still in pain

    but i keep pushing through

    picking no one to blame

    cos pinning isnt right to do

    still i seek what i know

    my teacher a female yes! but the most loyal of all

    she keeps me seeing

    she catches me b4 i fall

    ive tried so hard to numb my wants and feelings for my workers and teachers

    that 5 times i nearly died

    so ask yourself here

    could the reason be that what you seek from her could actually be you hiding what you do not desire

    doesnt make sense

    but trust me it will

    i still have the issues with me today

    but to understand you must open your mind let it forfill

    i love my teacher so much

    that it hurts knowing she isnt the same

    but i smile to know

    that she will be at least my friend and that her intentions are no game

    we notice things we want to

    but notice other things when we are to late

    so now i smile and enjoy wat i have

    for we dont choose but live our own fate

    it kills me knowing i have to fight

    to pretend that i have no issue here

    but no one can ever cure

    what it is that i fear

    i dont live lies

    but i dont denie truth of the reality

    i know who i am and what i seek

    and only i can help me

    my only question i ask

    should be what i already know

    but when you try to find an answere instead of letting go

    well there you have it ...reality show

    im not going to ask for help

    because no one can help me

    im not going to ask for an understanding

    because i dont expect anyone to

    to be able to talk to someone for real

    would be the best thing ever

    but that doesnt exist

    it is the same thing as talking to a doc when you could just read about a fever

    what can a cancla tell me that the books they read cant

    there you go

    ive been going through this for 14 years

    no one has helped me some times i ask does anyone even know

    im a suviour

    ive become strong

    only to thank my dreaded past

    where i never knew right from wrong

    so can anyone relate

    or is everyone a lie

    people pretending and shit

    they dont know the half of it ! truth, you shouldnt denie

    step in my shoes

    and if you understand

    then let me know

    but i dont expect anything

    i just hope everyone chooses alright when picking paths to undergo

    14 years later im still seeking

    hiding behind what im trying to make real between me and my new boyfriend

    he doesnt have a clue

    well...he never asked! we all have a start middle and end

    i dont know which part im at

    but my advice is dont live a lie

    it isnt easy

    and truth of yourself you should never be forced to denie

    im sorry for thoes who walk the path im on

    and i reject thoes who pretend they have walked it!!!

    no one has a single clue

    till they notice everything and everyone is forever gone

    i can scream and yell

    but no one will come

    why ? why ? why?

    because their 'job" is done

    loyalty comes along way

    and there are 3 out of a hundred who are loyal

    i know one loyal person

    it was she who answered my last call

    since her ive made plenty more ignored calls but no one does hear


    because they arent true enough for their hearts and soal to hear

    there is a question in this

    see if you can find it

    i dont expect you to know the answere

    because how right i am you are to dertirmind to not admit

    my name is vernisha

    i am 18 years old

    my deepest secret

    i have never told

    earn my trust

    loyal you are??

    then you shall hear

    what will open your mind by far

    hear me

    if your true

    if your a pretender then please ignore

    for it is what pretenders do!

    this is a peom

    reflected on my life and where its taken me

    if you have read up to hear then thank you

    just dont enter conversation if youll soon leave

    loyalty i seek

    trust faith and hope i share

    love and care helps me sleep

    truth is all i look to when there

    this isnt a poem to copy

    its already published by me

    so if your intentions are wrong then youve failed

    the reason i wrote this your to blind to see

    if you understand the good in this poem

    then feel free to share

    but calma gets thoes who abuse rights

    so if you are to cold to understand then just move on

    false doesnt exist in what i write

    so dont try to pick faults where they are not

    its simply an expression in words so soundless

    soundless but meaningful never to be forgot

    i have my own house

    i am still moving on in life as i always will

    still tied to seeking what could be

    but remembering not to see what isnt and time doesnt stand still!!!



  • mothlight

    Well, I don't know how to start.
    I don't consider myself as lesbian or bisexual, but lately I've been experiencing something strange. I have feelings for my English teacher. People may say that I'm confusing love with admiration, but I don't think that the word "admiration" is the right one to describe my emotions.

    When I first saw her, I knew that she was something special. She didn't teach me that time. I had her as a teacher only this year, but without doubt i can say that she's my all-time favourite. For most of students English was one of the easiest subjects and they didn't take the teacher seriously. For me English was a nightmare. I'm not good at languages, especially when it comes to speaking. This year I tried to do my best to improve it and the result was obvious. The teacher noticed my life and death struggle with English, even tough I was extremely shy in her classes, almost invisible. Of course, she was impressed by the attendance - while others were playing truant, there was no single class without my presence. She seemed completely keen on her subject, always prepared and ready to help. But she is introverted and quiet. Sometimes she seemed stressed out, but never lost her temper. Even the students weren't listening, she still kept teaching. I was attending some extra classes and the teacher opens up when there are not so many students around.

    The problem is that I'm thinking about her too much. She's the first thing on my mind when I wake up. She has the most wonderful green eyes I have ever seen. She don't usually interact much with her students, but there are some unforgettable moments I can recall. I remeber her smiling at me, touching my arm many times and saying not to worry when I was unnerved. She also fought for a better mark in my exam, when I was evaluated unfairly.

    Perhaps I stared at her too much, but i often caught her looking at me. Sometimes I walked past her room just to catch a glimpse of her. There was also one incident i can't forget. When I asked her to correct some mistakes in my essay, she came really close to me and... leaned her breasts on my arm. I know, this was most likely by accident and don't consider it as something sexual, but that was a wonderful feeling. She was so close to me...Knowing that she's shy and quiet I expected that she would move away immediately. But the teacher didn't do that.

    Finally I decided to write her a short thank you letter and give a present at my high school graduation. After that she wished me success in my life, kissed my cheek and said that i'm the best student she had had. I may sound like a fool, but I expected her to be more happy. She didn't smile with her eyes like she had done it before. I'm afraid that she didn't like my present, but put all my feelings in it.

    Now I feel worse than ever. I could do anything, sacrifice anything just to have some English classes with her. I can't enjoy my summer vacation, because I miss her so much. This period of my life is over and I have to prepare for the university. I must start a new life, but my feelings don't let me go. I don't know if I love her like I would love my boyfriend if I had one at the moment. I could do anything to make her happy. I was ready to slap all my classmates when they were making fun of her. I want to hug her, but I'm not allowed to. I know I couldn't resist if she tried to kiss me. Don't know what kind of love is it.

    I really need someone to talk to. My e-mail is

    Sorry for my English )

  • Anonymous-40

    I'd like to help.I've mailed.If you do have minutes to spare for it, do check you inbox.

    Be well,

    Helping friend.

  • Stephanie

    i'm in your same ordeal. if you want to talk you can e-mail me at

    to everyone else have seen her yet, but when i do i'll tell her the truth. and i'll tell y'all how it went down.

    wish me luck:):):):):):)

  • Eden

    Good luck Stephanie!

    Have you told her yet?

  • Hiroko

    I'm 15 years old and I have liked girls before but, not as bad as my female teacher - Miss Le*****. I believe she is quite the beauty, and has a wicked personality. I have had a crush on her for the past eight or so months. I think she has picked up on it.

    I caught her at the start of the year staring at me, and when I looked at her, she smiled. The first complement she gave me was about my eyes, she said I have pretty eyes. My teacher is about 40 years old. At first I thought she was just being nice.
    I was walking past her in class once or few times, to just see her face - she was always there, but I couldn't say anything, I was too scared of telling her what I really feel. Everyday, on Lunch-times, I have been staying in her class, pretending that I'm finishing my Art Project, so I could look at her as much, as I wanted ...

    I am the only talented artist in my class, according to my whole grade. I normally show my art teachers my art books, to get feed back but lately I haven't shown her. I brought one of my books to class once, and was showing my friends the drawings, she walked past and opened her mouth, as if she was surprised.
    I closed it and she smiled 'I was just thinking that you haven't shown me your drawings in a while' I giggled and said 'I'll show you later' she nodded and said 'Yes you must'. After class I showed her my book, and she asked 'So What have you been up to? Have you been busy?' I nodded and smiled.

    Normally I can't speak properly in-front of her, its either short answers or I giggle alot. I get so shy, and blush.

    I told her few of my deepest secrets, one including my own homosexuality and one about my sex-change in the future... When I was speaking with her, I kinda felt like she understood everything, and then she strarted to cheer me up.


  • mothlight

    do you still visit this site? i really liked your posts. If you read this, please email me:

    and many thanks to those who have sent me e-mails! :)

  • Monika

    My heart feels like its about to break in two.

    All i think about is my female biology teacher.

    It first started when i was halfway through year 8 and my bio teacher started to look at me and i used to stare back and it was like we had some connection. I dream about her and cannot stop thinking about her.

    i think she likes me but not in the way i want as she gave only me a certificate and always stares at me and smiles at me when we pass and puts her hands on my back or shoulders.

    There are rumours she is lesbian and i don't know wat to do. Worst next year some of my class including me are going on a trip with her and i don't know wat to do.

    I feel she is the one that keeps me going. Please someone wat should i do??

  • Anonymous-41

    Hi i read your post and i think you should wait untill you get sufficient time to know her more well as a person.It's really important to know each other very well in person before you reveal anything.That way, you get more time and comfort to think about it know what you have for her is admiration or true feelings.When you realise the intensity of your feelings, you can surely go tell her.and by that time you both might be in a well enough bonding so that you'll feel comfortable telling it to her.

    Sorry if this doesn't make sense.Just trying to help

    take care and all the very best

  • just a girl

    i'm in the same situation as many of you, I love my teacher and I thought it was just a crush but I seriously never felt this way with someone else. I think about her almost all the time, I miss her when she's not around...

    I don't know what I can do about it, I think she likes me but I can't be sure. She has a family she loves, but she keeps giving me some signs. she makes a lot of eye contact with me during the class and treats me different to my classmates.

  • Christa

    Hi there, I'm in the same boat with y'all. I've been ridiculously head-over-heels for my Speech/Drama teacher since I first met her in 10th grade. I'm 18 now, about a year and a half out of high school and about to head off to college, but we still communicate regularly (a couple of times a day) via text, meet up for coffee, e-mail and such. She's 35, single, never been married, and has no children. I've never really discussed this with anyone, but would like to talk with others who feel the way that I do (a.k.a. THIS IS NOT JUST ADMIRATION, believe me, I wish it were). If anyone's interested, my e-mail is: . :)

  • Anonymous-26

    I would like to hear more of your story but my email is acting up.

    Tell us more :)

  • Anonymous-42

    im only 12 and i told my teacher that everyone thinks shes lesbian its a long story (if u want to know more just email me.) and it feels like she hates me as well as loves me and i dont even know if i love her. super confused

  • Anonymous-26

    whats your email?

  • Anonymous-43

    I am 17 years old and I really really really like my biology teacher. She's extremely beautiful. She has an amazing body, the most beautiful eyes, and the sexiest hair. I am not sure if she is in a relationship. Or if she's even bi/lesbian. At first she wAs only my teacher I actually disliked her, eventually her clothes got tighter and her perfect body would show. She wore v necks so her cleavage would show. She knew I loved looking at her and making love to her with my eyes. She always smiled at me and always came around my desk, she brushed her butt against my arm once maybe accidentally.

    I will never forget one morning I was there early asking her about some work and she bent forward her boobs right in my face I stared down at them and tried looking away but couldn't. She caught me but just smiled. When I think about it she gave alwAys gave me compliments and played around with me. I was her pet because I was so nice to her. I really want to tell her how I feel when I graduate is that a good idea???

  • secret

    Holy crap, look at the amount of us with this problem! I'm 16 and I think I'm in love with my English teacher... she's 28. It's the weirdest thing ever... I'm so quiet in her class because I don't want to say something stupid. She's actually amazing, and I've never felt this way about anyone before, although I don't consider myself a lesbian. I'm just very confused about the way I feel. A few years ago I felt like this about my french teacher, but it wasn't as intense as this is. I think about her pretty much all the time, and I bet she doesn't think about me at all outside of the classroom. I don't think teachers realise the effect they have on pupils if they're nice to them! I really can't figure out what this feeling is... I think there's a little admiration mixed in but I also think she's gorgeous and funny. I'll be devastated when she stops teaching me...

  • steph

    I've felt this way about her for a few months. She is stunning. Every time I see her, I get this weird feeling. Now that I have these strong feelings for her, I find any excuse just to talk to her. One time I actually walked with her, just us that made my entire week... I think about her all the time. There's not a day that hasn’t gone by that I haven't thought about her at least once. When I see her smile, or even just catch a glimpse of her, I would just smile and replay that moment over and over in my mind. I have these weird yet satisfying dreams of her. But what makes it weird is that I’m a guy in my dreams?... The only reason I chose biology next year, was so that I could have a chance to be in her biology class. I want to tell her how I feel, but I don’t feel like getting embarrassed or make things mega-awkward between us.

    If there are other people going through a similar situation feel free to add me, my msn is

  • Mxx

    I know what all of you are going through. I am 15 and fancy my science teacher like crazy. Every time i see her my heart flutters, she is sooo beautiful and i don't know what to do. I know she is a lesbian too and she always stares at me and stuff, but i don't know if she is being friendly or whether she actually likes me. She only gave me a certificate and sometimes in class our eyes would like lock. I think i am falling in love with her. I don't know what to do. Do you???

  • Anonymous-44

    Last year, I was diagnosed with cancer. It has been really hard and I didn't know who to turn to. I told my friends, most were supportive, but didn't really know what to say. Because it was almost the end of the year, the doctors decided that I could do treatment in the summer. For the time being, I remained in school. My math teacher noticed how my grades were dropping and I was absent a lot. One day when I wasn't there, she asked one of my close friends if I was okay. My friend told her what was going on. The next day at school, she was super nice. I stayed after school to make up work, and she talked to me for a long time. Unlike most people, she knew exactly what to say. Over the next few weeks, I talked to her a lot. On the last day of school she gave me a huge hug. When school was over, I realized I developed a lot of feelings for her. Over the summer while in the hospital, I was miserable soley because of the fact that I could not see her. When school started this year, I went to go see her and she said she was so happy to see me and hugged me again. Ever since then, I've literally told her everything about my life. I visit her all the time and she will drop everything she's doing to talk to me. Although she's a lesbian, I realize that she is probably just being nice to me because she feels bad for me. The difference between her and everyone else is that she talks to me like a real person, while everyone else distances themselves from me around the subject. She is absolutely beautiful and I couldn't find one thing wrong with her even if I tried. I am terribly worried that once I graduate, I won't see her anymore. I plan on asking her to keep in touch and be friends, and I'm sure she will say that is okay. If I could just have the honor of being a small part of her life, well that would be good enough for me.

  • AnonymousinNY

    I haven't seen her since about June. I miss her. Probably too much... I wonder if I ever cross her mind. She crosses mine ALL the time... And if she ever read this, I'd want to tell her- I will ALWAYS love you.....

  • :*

    You haven't been yourself lately miss. I can't actually blame you our class is shit. We don't have long left together now ... I don't know the exact amount of time for sure. A few months, maybe. I'm going to miss you so, so much when we have to part... of course, you'll never know this. Why would you? I don't make it clear. I know you don't think about me outside of class. But I always think of you. If you ever read this, miss ... i love you. & you'll never know how much it hurts loving you without you knowing or being able to do anything back even if you did know. It's torture, & my heart breaks a little more every single day that goes past that I have with you, knowing our days together are slowly going down... life is so unfair.

  • just a girl

    contact me if you want:

  • :*)

    AHS are her initials. :)x

  • Bianca26

    Ohhh, I understand each and every one of you. I've had crushes on teachers ever since I was 12. (I'm now 26) And I never spoke my mind to any of them. Sigh

    There is something so special about many teachers :s. It's so damn hard to break the cycle!

  • rosa

    I am a 15 year old girl that is in love with my 26 year old math teacher. I told my dad that i was lesbian about a week ago during parent teacher confrence in my school. My math teacher is bisexual so that makes me think that I would possibly have a chance with her some day. Maybe when i graduate. my mom died last year in the summer of july. I never got a chance to tell her my feelings for girls but i think she would have excepted me like my dad. I tell my math teacher all of my problems and she really listens to me. Thats why i like her so much. She is so awsome and really attractive. I dont know how to show her that i like her. many people say that you shouldnt tell your teacher that you like them but my math teacher is different.She would think it is cute. But i still dont know if i should tell her. :(

  • rosa

    There's always a beggining middle and end
    But you cant pretend
    That there will be an again
    Cause you don't know 4 sure
    There aint no cure
    Its gotta be pure
    I luv you so
    But I gotta let it go
    Cause u moved on
    Can't keep you back
    Its just like that
    I don't know why
    I know ill cry
    And when we die
    Well meet again
    We can't pretend
    Like there wasn't us
    Your just a crush
    But more each day
    The more we say
    The words we speak
    Red turns ma cheeks
    When you turn ma way
    All I can say
    Is don't forget
    The times we had
    It makes me sad
    That one day
    We won't see
    Both you and me
    Face to face
    @ the same place
    Cause we'll probably move on
    The law stands between
    you and me
    I don't care
    But I know you don't dare
    Or maybe.....
    Well be together
    Not or weather
    Hope we do
    Its up to you
    Cause ma answers yes
    Ill take a guess
    You might say no
    I don't know
    Cause your about
    11 years older
    That makes me feel colder
    How ill never have you
    Because of a number

  • Megs

    how well said.really, incredible.very eloquent.You got the words out of my heart.Just the same what i feel.

    The last four lines were really heartfelt.

    Thank you.

  • jasmine

    i just read the comment that says ' i havent seen you since about june' and i nearly cried, i had a crush on my (female) pshce teacher and loved her so much but she left last july and i will never see her again.... i still have nights where i cry and cry wishing i could go back to when i still knew her and it's like she was never here. i wanna get over it but i dont think im that strong. her name was anna wolmuth and she used to teach in london, dont know where she is... if you know her then let me know at (not my real name) or if you wanna talk or share your story... im leaving myself pretty open here but i guess i'll just have to take a chance... i hope this is what she would have done.


    ps. thanks for reading

  • blaa

    I know exactly how you all feel! Im in love with my pre- P.E teacher who left when I was in yr 9- beginning of yr 9!Ive been in love with her for 4 years

    I remember the first time I saw her, I instantly fell in love with her, she's the most beautiful women I have ever come across. her blue eyes and her smile, I loved showing off in front of her, and I know I was her fave student! She always begged me to come to Clubs and I wouldnt because I wanted to see her reaction, I remember when I was playing Cricket and she brushed my hair from my face and told me how talented i am, she held my hand sometimes too, I really miss her and can't get over her, I think of her every minute, i fantasize about her, and we used to always flirt and smile and look into eachothers eye, I email her sometimes, but she hardly replies bak, and i have to email her again so she would reply back, I really do love her and want to tell her, but If i did, who knows what could/ would happen! I cant get her out of my head! :(

  • AKH

    Dear Mrs. Michell,

    This letter has written itself inside and out again. I think this will turn out to sound a tad bit obsessive but when I feel this away about someone it is a rare and painful thing for me, I don’t like feeling this vulnerable. Every part of me hurts and sometimes I just break down sobbing because I feel so disgusted with myself. I look into the mirror and I see the traces of depression wrapping itself around my lungs and heart. I am supposed to be happy and my depression is supposed to have receded so why do I have to go and fall in love with the one person that I can’t possibly…love. I hate you, you’re annoying and frustrating. But I know that’s not true, I just push people away before they have a chance to hurt me. You are insane if you still care for me because I don’t deserve that. I was awful to you. At first I didn’t trust you because you seemed too nice for your own good and then I began to displace my anger onto you because you were the complete opposite of my mother. You were caring and amazing, and I just couldn’t bare it. Finally I realized that I was in love with you and that made me want to kill myself. I attempted to after I first found out, I just couldn’t accept it. I became a monster before my own eyes. Everything about you made me want to get closer to you and spill out my soul which is why I tried to make you hate me. I tried to be alone and make you give up on me but it was killing me. What is wrong with me? I never wanted this to happen. I never wanted to lose sleep over you or to have my happiness rely on you. Now when I feel like I can’t make it through school I push harder for you, as if you are the only person who even bothers to care anymore. It’s not like you do care but it’s the only thing that keeps me going. If you ever found out how much I need you, you would be even more disgusted and filled with hatred for me then you already are. You’re the perfect mother, something I never had. You are beautiful and I wish, somehow, Callie could have been your daughter. She would have been so much happier. I just wish things were different. I’m sorry.

    I was so lost and exhausted from running away from my demons constantly. They were eating away at my flesh and my panic attacks became more frequent. But for some reason I felt safe in your classroom, like I could breathe without the pain in my lungs becoming too excruciating for me to handle. That’s why I took Callie to knitting club once, just to feel safe and to be there with her without worrying. But then you brought your children and the look in Callie’s eyes when you interacted with them made my heart shatter. I saw envy and sadness in a child’s eyes that should never be present at an age so young. I realize there was something I could never satisfy her of fully I could never be her mom. The way she talked about you, someone she didn’t even know, in Maryanne’s Chocolates that day made me revert back to ignoring you, I felt like what I had dedicated my life to was suddenly insignificant. I could play mother all I wanted but it wasn’t reality. But I still felt a sense of security around you and then one Wednesday I thought with my heart instead of my head and let my emotions get the best of me. I went into your room and said I needed to talk to you. I was losing control and everyone was beginning to find out. I wanted to die, but after we talked I felt a little more stable. I felt stable enough to not go home and drown my sorrows in medicine I didn’t attempt suicide that afternoon because you gave my hope. I don’t think you even realize what a big impact you had on me, why should you? I felt like what I felt for you was connected to my longing for a mother but I knew there was something more. You were the only person that made me feel like I was actually worth something. I wish desperately that I didn’t feel this way but I can’t keep internalizing my feelings because I am beginning to lose myself again. I’ve always known that there was something wrong with me, that I was ill and not like everyone else. I dislike being put into a box and allowing society to define me. I guess if anything you could call me Pansexual but honestly why should it matter what my sexuality is? I can’t help who I fall in love with.

    I am making a promise to myself that I will send this, along with four other letters written to people that have impacted my life, sometime after my senior year. I know I will probably end up burning them instead but I feel like if I do send them then I will finally be able to accept and move past everything. It doesn’t matter if you are disgusted, you might as well hate me even more. I need to do this for myself. I’ve been in many relationships and will be in many more, it’s not like this will affect me the rest of my life. But I always will hold on to the gift you and a few others gave me, my life. Love is many different things and although this may not be the conventional type of love I still realize that it is complicated. I know that if you knew you wouldn’t even want to see me or touch me. I hate being touched because of how dirty I feel but just the idea of you truly hating me, and me being there to witness it, is something I know I can’t deal with. So when I am off on my way to Chicago I will send out a series of letters and never look back on this town. Even if no one writes back I can only hope for a sense of release and that they will learn to forgive me over time. I want to know what it is like to be happy someday. I need to know what happiness feels like, what it feels like to be human. There are things I wanted to tell you but I knew they would hurt you so I buried them and allowed them to hurt me instead. I will find the help I need on my own and someday through my poetry or through some other source you might find out about why I was the depressed girl with dark eyeliner, a hood, and bags under my eyes who refused to look you in the eye. Someday you will find out what demons were eating at me and why it seemed like I was never hungry. You will know why I don’t like to be touched and why I can’t sleep at night. Someday you will know why I just simply wanted to die. I just wanted to say thank you for everything and I’m sorry. I’m sorry for everything I’ve done and I’m sorry for falling in love with you. I’m so very sorry.


    Alycia Kay

  • BraveAndCrazy

    I'm only attracted to women older than I. It gets to be rather frustrating, really -- Because all of the "younger" older women are generally taken, and the older ones are generally losers. I know that is a generalization -- But I had to throw that out there.

    My first relationship with an older woman was when I was 17, she was 23 years my senior but I loved her with all my heart and soul. She was not single, I don't believe in cheating AT ALL, but somehow my heart took over my brain and I became so enthralled with her, and she continuously made herself available. I was young and foolish at the time, and I'm sure that I still am.

    Currently, I have a mild (or rather STRONG) crush on a woman who is 39.333 years my senior. She's single, and absolutely perfect...But she's, from what I have concluded, completly 100% heterosexual. I know she's considerably older than I am, but I like her so much, and I don't understand why.

    Sometimes I fell like I am an older woman trapped in the body of a young woman. I've come a long way in 3 years, but my heart continues to pull me in any direction that it so chooses to go.

  • Anonymous-45

    I got same situation with u, guys...and i'm stucked rightnow...I juz wanna pass it over but it's really hard. it becomes harder b/c I almost meet her, see her face everyday at school. I know i have no chance to be with her... but i dont know why i still hope...yes.. im crazy. i still remember the 1st time i met her. i was impressed, not b/c of her beauty or her hot body, juz b/c of her coldness. I was consider why a person is so cold like that ?? but...short time later, i realized that we had some similarities...and i didnt know when i fell in love with her and why. In her class, we acted so weird. I catched her eyes over time, we looked at each others for a while..I knew there was somethings. I did s.t really stupid, i can say that is the most stupid thing i've ever done in my life. u know what? I wanna check that she likes me or not by holding hand with a guy in front of her and something else.. since then, she did not look at my eyes as much as she has done before. Finish that course, I have no chance to be in her class. I miss her overtime. i sometimes, sit at some where at school and wait, wait to see her face, wait to say hi to her...1 of my friend thinks that i shouldnt tell her or even think about it...try to find a guy to love instead of missing her with pain and sadness. yes, i try and i got a guy...but finally i know that im juz not in to him by some how...i cant and i know i wont.

    now..i have no motivation to study b/c im studying the major that i really hate... there is only 1 motivation 4 me to go to school is that her, i can see her face, her beautiful eyes and also her smile. she's happy. a friend asked me that if she has asked me...we should be in relationship? what is my ans??? crazy again... i gonna say no..eventhough my heart says yes but my brain says no...why??? b/c i know i cant bring to her the happiness.. i cant. dont ask me why...juz i know myself.

    everytime i look at her, it's really hurt...but i try to control myself, keep it inside. i juz wanna make sure that she will be happy and that the one thing i want. so... i juz keep it to myself and hope in the future, she can get a person who really loves her and can bring the happiness to her.

  • Annica

    Hey guys :)

    It was nice to notice that I'm not the only one. Although it's not so nice to know that so many other poor girls are having such painful feelings than I am..

    Let me tell you my story. I'm an 18-year-old girl, I'm a senior in high school and I'm deeply in love with my teacher. She teaches me the English language although unfortunately she's not teaching me at the moment. I still see her almost every day at school: I love when we quickly see each other and she smiles and says hi to me. :) It's such a wonderful feeling but it's painful as well. I love her so much.

    I fell in love with her about two months ago but I've felt something for her since the first year of high school. She has taught me a couple times before as a substitute when the other teacher was absent and I thought then that she was very attractive but I didn't want to have a crush on her so I just stopped thinking of her. But a couple of months ago when my timetable changed I found out that she was going to teach me again and I suddenly fell in love with her against my sense. I don't want to love her but I do, the most awful feeling ever. :( I'm bisexual but even though I've accepted that myself I haven't told anyone about that and I think I never will.
    She's very cute and beautiful at the same time. She's quite short, almost tiny but that's the cutest part. ) She has the most beautiful name ever. I love her eyes, hair, face, smile and just everything about her. I love her personality and sense of humor. She's a very good teacher and she can make studying grammar fun and interesting. She's always positive and just seeing her makes me happy even though it also hurts.

    I keep asking about my essays, listening comprehensions and other excercises pretty often just to be close to her. Although I've always loved studying English so I really want to learn but with her I ask even more than normally. I don't let my love for her affect my studies, I work even harder for English though. I'll finish my studies in high school next year but before that I'll have to take the final exams and one of them is of English so if I'm lucky, she's the one who is going to give the last classes. If everything goes according to my plans I'll study in a university next year in this town. My high school is very close to the university so I'll be quite close to her all the time without ever meeting her. :(

    I'm hopeless. I love her so bad that I can't help thinking of her almost all the time. I dream of her every single day. When I'm at school I always hope to see her and keep walking past English classes many times a day just to catch a glimpse of her. When I see her I feel joy and pain at the same time. When she smiles to me.. well, it's very hard to describe that but then I forget the rest of the world and it feels like the time stops and I feel so great. I miss her all the time. She's the best thing in my life but gosh she can make me feel miserable..

  • cupid

    I just realized these from these posts:

    I remembered wanting to be adopted by my english teacher, because I'm her pet, and what if she does?
    And now I'm madly in love with a new teacher, even if I haven't see her for very long time.
    I still thought about her.
    Oh well I'm still waiting for this phase to disappear.
    I hate loving people. It's so complicated.

  • Stephanie

    hey everyone it's stephanie again. i wrote months ago that i'm bisexual and how much i loved my former female teacher. and how i was gonna tell her how i felt the moment i saw her again. well a few months ago i was going insane so my dad told said i might not ever see her agian so i should just email her everything so i can move on. i found her teachers email so i did it. after i don't know how many letters i've written her since i fell in love with her five years ago. i emailed her what i feel in my heart and soul. i know it was cowardly but i didn't know any other way. she never replied i don't really blame her.

    then it happen i saw her at the local store on 10/30 i remember the date very well. she didn't see me and my heart was racing and i was getting flusterd more than ever. as soon as i was about to walk up to her and finally talk to her face to face i notice she was with a guy. i knew it couldn't be her brother cause she only has a younger sister. so i literally ran the other direction. the entire time i was there i kept an eye out for her so i can aviod her. even though my whole body just wanted to run into her and hold her in my arms and never let go. that was and probably the last time i saw her. i'm just glad she found someone to be with. her happiness means everything to me.

    so my friends i finally told the love of my life the truth. but not in the way i wanted to. i'm still feel the pain of not being with her. but now i can move on with my life. i'm gonna graduate soon and leave for collage. but i will never stop loving her she's always in my heart and dreams.

    to AKH i've written a letter similar to yours. so if you or anyone reading my post wanna talk y'all can email me

    we all have to stick together in our situation. we all know how we feel and we can get through this. i love each and everyone one of y'all.

  • Lilly

    Hey everyone it looks like I am in the same boat as everyone else. I am in love with my teacher and have been for quite some time. I think that also she might be into me as well. I would like to get some opinions from others, cause well, I’m bias. Haha

    A little bit about her: She is beautiful, funny and extremely smart. She is not married and is 32 years old and I am 17. There has been rumours around school that she is gay but no one knows for sure. She has such a caring heart and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. She is truly amazing.

    Here’s my story:

    I first met the teacher in grade 10. She was my history teacher. Our relationship was a normal student-teacher one, nothing out of the ordinary. But still I had a huge crush on her!

    In grade 11 I sadly did not have her as my teacher. We talked a little bit throughout the year, she began to be very touchy with me, which was quite surprising because she is NOT a touchy person at all. So we continued to talk and I found out more things about her, things that she said only her family knows and I am the only one outside her family that she has told. By the end of grade 11 I gave her a card thanking her for helping me throughout the year (she helped me with some school projects etc.). She cried when I gave it to her and called me lovely and said she can’t wait to teach me next year.

    Now I am in grade 12. She is once again my history teacher and things have been going great. I was sick and the beginning of the year and had to get tests done. She was constantly asking me to stay after class to see how my tests were going and if I was feeling better. It was so sweet. Since we talk a lot, like after school and she is someone I trust, I go to her whenever I have a problem. So I had a problem with another teacher and I went to talk to her about it and she was so upset with how the other teacher was treating me so she took me down to guidance so we could talk about it. We also flirt none stop. One time I had to stay after school to do a presentation and she wasn’t feeling good and neither was I and we were sitting by the computer together and I was like “I am so hot (because I am sick)” and replies “am I making you hot?” I then laugh and say “ohh yeah” then she is like “thought so”. We are always flirting and bugging one another, it’s something that we do. Also, she has recently given me her email, so we at least email each other once a week to talk. We usually talk about hockey since I play and she used to. It’s one of our common passions. So, this one time, it was me, the teacher and another girl and we were talking about hockey and how she wants to see me play. I was bugging her saying you have ditched me three times I am not inviting you anymore. She got really upset and was like “you knew I was busy and couldn’t make it” and I’m like “yeah I know, I was just bugging you” and then she like nudges me and winks. Later I go home and I see that there is a email from her. I check it and it says how she feels bad that she hasn’t seen me play and how she wants to come so I need to let her know more game times. It was so cute. Also, I stayed after school to finish a test and we were talking about where we live. And then we realized we live a few blocks away from each other so she then tells me in the summer I should come over because she has a pool and I could swim. I forgot to mention that every time we talk to each other we are always touching. Usually our shoulders are touching and she sometimes puts her arm around my waist or her hand is on my arm (and remember she is not a touchy person at all!). One time, my friend and I were talking to the teacher and when we were talking the teacher and I were standing shoulder to shoulder and kept looking into each others eyes and touching one another arms. So after we left my friend kept asking me wants going on with you two? There is defiantly something up. I can tell the way she looks at you. As well, most people in my history class and grade think there is something going on between us because of the way we talking to each other.

    Sorry about the length. I hope someone can give me there input.

    Keep up hope everyone!

    Thanks for reading!


  • Malak

    your story is so interesting .... I would love to hear more

  • Alycia Kay

    I shared my letter a little while ago and I thought I give you all a quick update. I mailed her the letter a few days ago. I needed to find happiness this year and I knew the only way was to be selfish and let go. I am now in a relationship, with a man, but I still have feelings for her. I know it was a huge mistake and I don't know how I will face her now but I felt like I had to do it.

  • Stephanie

    hey everyone just checking and seeing what's new. if you emailed me recently i'm sorry i haven't replied back yet have so many emails and trying to focus on my last year of high school. i will get to you.

    to alycia kay i'm in the same situation you're in i'm here if you wanna talk. you can email me at

    i hope everything goes well for everyone else. i love each and everyone of y'all and no not in a relationship way. lol. i love y'all cause we all know what each and everyone's going through. take care:):)

  • Jasmine

    I want to tell my story. I fell in love with my psche teacher last march and it's the best and worst thing that ever happened to me. I had loved her lessons for a long time and i saw her as a mother figure becuase my relationship with my own mum wasn't so good. Then it started to get more sexual. i started having daydreams about her and wishing i could kiss her. I wondered what was happening and i realised i was falling in love with her. I told a friend and some other people, asking for advice. My 'friend' thought i should tell her and offered to come with me. I was so naive... i didnt realise what telling her would mean. So i told her. My friend recorded it on her phone (i didnt know) and let loads of people listen to it. And back to my story. i told the teacher and told her i loved her and i said i wouldnt dream of doing anything becuase she was a teacher but she said it changed thing. She said she would have to tell someone. She told my head of year, who thought i should have counselling but otherwise was fine about as long as i didnt tell people so much. So life went on. Then i decided to write my feelings down, on paper in a letter to her that i would never send. And it helped. But my classmates found it in my schoolbag and read it out to the class while our enlglish teacher was out. It had some very personal stuff in there and i was very upset. Two days later it was parents evening and my form tutor said i should talk to her if anything happened as i'd had some problems with bullying in the past so the next morning i went to speak to her after registration and explained some girls had taken a private letter off me. She asked who the letter was to and i said ms wolmuth, and she asked to see the letter. I didnt want her to see it but she asked again and i gave it to her. I got it back at breaktime but then the next day my parents had a meeting with my head of year and they talked and i was called in and i was told i was being moved form so that the teacher i loved wouldnt teach me and i was banned from going to pshce club or having any contact with ms wolmuth. it was like my life was over. It was round then that i started googling her and i ended up finding out her mobile number and her address and i found some pictures of her and put them on my mobile. I also got very depressed, because i couldnt see ms wolmuth and i was getting bullied badly and i considered suicide. And i found out she was leaving and every day was the same after that- i would be upset and i would hang around her classroom and find a way of passing it on the way to every lesson and then, it was the last day of term and it was assembly and we were dismissed from school and my life ended all over again.

    So it was a new term and it was like it had never happened. I held on to the pain of missing her because it was the only thing i could feel, i could remember, the only thing i knew i hadn't dreamed. and i was scared it would happen all over again with my pe teacher and i told friends but they told a teacher and i wasnt allowed to go to pe. i'm still not, at the time of writing. And there were teacher training people that i might have had a teeny weeny crush on. And I still miss them. and whilst i was looking at new teachers i still missed anna. I stayed up to midnight looking at the pictures of her on my phone and googling her and listening to love songs. But over christmas, just before new year i just sort of decided. Enough. I finally wanted to get over it. So that's what i've done for the last 7 days. It's been hard, yes. I've been so close to looking at her face again, to googling her, to calling her again-i called her once becuase my dad told me it was a wrong number and i wanted to see and it wasnt, it was the right one but i didnt say anything- but every time i stop myself, i feel stronger. Yes, i miss her. Yes, I love her. But i won't ever do that to her again.

  • Alison

    I can relate to all of you so well. I am 15, Bisexual, and I have this thing for older women. It's so weird.

    Sometime last year, there was this teacher at my school that I didn't even know. I didn't know who she was-but the thing that stood out about her was that every morning when she'd see me, she'd stare at me. I let it slide, I didn't think it was a big deal. One morning though, she seriously got to me. She stared at me and couldn't take her eyes off me. All I could do was smile.

    10 months later, She ran into me in school and I saw this deep, profound love in her eyes. (Keep in mind she doesn't know who I am) it sent shivers up my spine...the good kind.

    Determined to find out who she was, I went to her classroom and asked for a couple minutes to talk to her. She accepted. I told her a little bit about me, and brought up..this topic. I asked "i notice the way you look at me sometimes, It doesn't make me uncomfortable, it's just different." she hesitantly denied it and said "well, I remember the first time I saw you, thinking you were really cute" we sat there talking and she told me about 3 times that I was cute.

    Every-time we run into each other in the halls, our eyes just lock. We don't say much but we just stare..and sometimes I think she must like me because of the way she is.

    I just want you all to know that I know what you're going through. I think I've fallen for this teacher. I don't know what to do. I love her .

    If you want to contact me, email me anytime at:

    I have Yahoo! Messenger so don't hesitate to get in touch!


  • Anonymous-46

    I didnt know so many people out there had the same thing going on as i do! I am a freshman in college now and since 6th grade i have been obsessing over my female teachers. At first, it wasnt sexually, but now that i am older it is turning sexual. The past year i have been thinking i like women because of how attracted i am to them but i still dont know if i am Bi or lesbian or if im just curious? I seem to fantasize over older women like in their 30's or even 40's. The new semester just began and my psychology teacher seems really nice and she is really pretty. I get so nervous around her and never know what to say. She doesnt wear a wedding ring so shes probably not married but i dont know if she is straight or bi or what. I tend to think about her all the time and even fantasize about her. She probably doesnt know who i am yet since the beginning of the semester just started and she has so many students. As much as it makes me happy thinking about her, it is so hard because nothing will probably ever happen. I really want her to notice me this semester and she is encouraging anyone to come visit her in her office to just talk or to introduce yourself. As much as a want to, i know i would be sooo nervous and shaky. Any one have any advice?

  • Anonymous-47

    Think about how you would feel after you've talked to her and gottn to know her!

    I Was also in your position when I went to talk to this teacher I mentioned in my previous post, but now I feel better because at least she knows I exist and I tried to make an effort to know her! :)

    I said many stupid things while I was with her, things that could make her say "O my god, is she crazy" , and that haunts me. But you know what? When we like someone we'll always say stupid things and the like, it's human nature! Just make an attempt to talk to her, at least in the end you can't say you didn't try! And maybe afterwards you two can develop a friendship. Just let her know you would like to keep in touch with her.

    Trust me, it sounds scary but it's so worth it. (:

    Just take a deep breath, and relax. try to stay calm.

  • Jasmine

    i think maybe you should try to get to know her? Obviously don't make any moves but you seem to really like this person, you would feel a lot better if she knew who you were, properly :) I have a thing about a lot of my female teachers too so i know what you're talking about.

  • Anne

    I'm so scared, I keep thinking she won't be there the first day of school and that I'm going to get so depressed... I don't want to lose her. I love her so much, I just need to see her again!

  • Jessica

    I don't know what to do. I'm madly in love with her. The way she looks at me in silence.

    I can't make any moves

    but I think she likes me's just so hard to know...

    A part of me actually wants her :/ I want to be with her :'(

  • Amber

    It's wrong.

    So so so so wrong.

    Yet it feels so so right.

    I'm trapped more than ever.

    I just wish I could let her know :(

    Help guys. I don't even know if she's Bi. I wish there was a way to figure that out

  • Alison

    Hey guys! I wrote a while back about the teacher that I really really like.

    I'd really like to start a support group, for all of us to talk about our feelings in real time and everything and give support to one another. We are going through painful and joyful experiences and we need to talk about them. It would be so cool. I thought i was the only one feeling this way but apperantly I am not. So I would love to get in touch with some of you to form this support group, maybe via myspace? orrr maybe facebook? Msn? Yahoo? I don't know, just email me and give me suggestions.

    It would be so great! :D

    Love you all!

  • Jasmine

    I think that's a really good idea, especially as it would help to keep us grounded/ stop us from doing anything stupid (that's what ruined my life) and obviously there are different people going through different stages as well. Plus there's the whole 'coming to terms' thing which was really difficult for me. So I think that's a great idea, feel free to email and discuss further at and that's open to anyone :)

  • Alycia Kay

    Seeing her is even harder than I thought imaginable. My stomach drops and every single part of my body hurts. I’ve tried to avoid her as much as possible but it isn’t working. I see her everywhere and I know what’s she’s thinking, I know the look in her eyes. That’s the most painful part, that and how all of this is my fault. I ruin everything I touch and I hurt everyone that knows me. I can’t stand myself. I would give anything to be anyone other than me, to feel anything other than this. I don’t want to be in love with her. I’ve never even believed in love before, and I still don’t. People often confuse admiration and attraction for a concept I’m not even sure of how to define. Maybe I’m not in love but this feeling is absolutely terrifying. I’m scared of being vulnerable and trusting people. I can’t convey these feeling because nothing makes sense anymore. I don’t know to make my thoughts come out in a way that makes sense to anyone other than me. I’m contradicting myself every other sentence and I’m a war verse head and heart. I just want to feel okay again. The day after I found out she got the letter, I cried all 7th hour and the rest of the day until probably three in the morning. I only stopped crying then because I ran out of tears. Afterwards, I felt nothing. It was horrid realizing that even though I never meant to send the letter, the mailman ended up coming early and there was nothing I could do. What have I done? This regret is something I’ll have to live with my whole life. I’m just hoping that these feelings fade and that my demons stop chasing me. I’m getting too tired to run from them any longer.

  • Annica

    Hey all,

    I shared my story some time ago and I just want to tell you that she's teaching me again! :) I'm enjoying her classes so much but I'm graduating after a few months and I'm afraid that after that I'll never see her again.. Anyway, having her as my teacher again is all I want and I can't describe how I feel when I'm near to her. I just love her so much.

    One more thing: Has anyone watched a movie called 'Loving Annabelle'? I just recently saw it and you all should definitly see it too! It's about a female student falling in love with a female teacher. I couldn't stop crying at the end. It's so beautiful.

    I wish you all the best

  • Eden

    Oh my goodness!

    Yes! Loving Annabelle is actually my favourite movie! It's so good! I love it!

    Hope everything works out with you for the best! :)

  • Stephanie

    I know how you feel sweetie. I also will graduate in a few months on May 27th. I remember the feeling being around the teacher I still love to this day. I can't even breathe just remember of me not being able to breathe around her.

    I shared my story a while back as well. I was the girl who said I would tell her everything I felt the next time I'd see her. Well I couldn't wait any longer so I just emailed her through the school's webpage. My dad and a friend from this site said I should just tell her. I wanted to wait till I was 18yrs old and graduated from high school. But I was on the verge of insanity so I took a leap of faith and emailed her everything I felt and still feel. She never replied which releaves me and worries me. I told her she didn't have to respond but I'm concern. 'What does she think of me now?' would always pop in my head.

    Then I saw her the day before Halloween. I could never forget this date. I saw her form a far it felt like time stood still. Soon as when I was gonna walk up to her I saw that she was with a guy. It couldn't be her brother cause she only as a younger sister. So I paniced and I ran away. I so regret that day cause that was one of the rare times I'd see her after I left for high school and just might be the very last.

    So I watched Loving Annabelle and I fell in love with it. I can say I loved everything about it. If I meet the woman I love in your situation I would have gone after her. But during the year I had her I was 13yrs old and confused about my sexuality. I watched it several times and I was happy. Then it sent me on a emotional roller coaster. I have always loved and missed my teacher but that movie made it ten times worse. I'm not blaming the movie it's just like a dream. My dream of having her loving me and wanting to be with me. A dream that I've had over and over for the past five years. Other than that I loved it and it's now my favorite movie. Thanks for telling us about it.

    If you wanna talk you can email me if you can't find it on the site it's

    I hope everyone's doing alright. I'm just trying to hang on myself. Trying to live day by day as much as I can.

  • Meg

    My name is Meg im in middle school (my last year) and i love my teacher... I accept that im bi but i dont tell anyone. anyways it started a while back... i love my teacher but im so shy that its hard to make eye contact with her because i love her so much. like one timr it was just me in her in the library and i cant find myself to look at her,..until she said hi meg. im like the least talktive in my class so i dont really talk to her that much unless i need her help. im not at school a lot so im making okay grades (A,B,C and one D) its painful because shes happily married with two kids. i love her so much. her laugh, the way she talks and walks just everything about her. i admire her for some reason (maybe cause she said she was a shy kid in middle school too) but i know i really love her. shes in my dreams and shes truely all i think about.

  • Alycia Kay

    I finally worked up the nerve to see her. Every single second I was with her was torture, I wanted to carve my arms up into little patterns of misfortune. I'm trying to reflect on what happened but it seems like it was all a poorly acted dream. I can't remember anything but tiny bits and pieces of it. All I know is that I didn't talk to her, it was someone else who invaded her bone marrow. I have no idea who she was. She was dismissive and cold, cold for her that is. Words escaped me. I was scared out of mind and the realization was overbearing. She's never going to be the same again. I brought about this change in her and now, I see her smile at other students and know that she could never smile at someone like me. If there were any such things as heavens or a higher entity, I'd pray to take it all back. I can't live with this regret. I killed off the only angel looking out for me. She mentioned consequences but she has no idea, absolutely no idea. She's my heroin. Most nights I get this urge to run back to her for a relief. It trickles through my blood desire, want, weakness. I wish that I could let reality go and live in a world where she exists once again. But what keeps me strong is myself. My feet are still planted firmly on the ground, and every day it gets a bit easier to live without her. I can live without her. But without her, life just doesn't feel the same. I have to continue telling myself that I can get through this. Why do I do this to myself? But most of all, why do I continue to play this push-pull game, when I know I’ll just end up face down in the dirt. It’s because I love her. But that’s just not good enough anymore.

    And now I just want to disappear and cave into myself. This emptiness in my stomach makes me feel beautiful. Does that make me psychotic? To be empty, thin, not tarnished by the over whelm of food, calories, junk inhabiting my body. It makes me feel gorgeous. After I have eaten and my stomach is full- I feel completely disgusting. I wish that I could live off air. I know this all makes me sound pathetic, but it’s something I can’t help. Sometimes I just stare into the mirror and pinch at my imperfections, wishing they would just disappear. Maybe if I were beautiful, I’d feel better about life itself.

    My head is pulsating. I just need an escape, a taste of liquor or a hit off of a powerful narcotic. I just want something to overrule this pain in the pit of my stomach. I want to forget everyone in this town everyone in this world, for that matter. I just want to forget how to do everything I’ve ever learned. Wipe my mind. Cleanse my body and start over.


  • celinedee

    I was in love with my teacher ones. ( atleast, i tought i was) I read alot of comments on sites and ignored everyone saying it was just admiration and tought : They think it is admiration but i KNOW its love. And now i know that it wasnt. And i`m really glad that i didnt tell her that I `loved`her. Cause we have a really good friendship now, and i even visited her at her home ones during holiday. And we chat often at school, also during lunchbreaks. I really dont want to ruin that. So everyone: just wait untill you get over it cause there is a chance you ruin your friendship and you will regret that forever

  • Anonymous-48

    I still love you miss. after all this time.

    I don't think it'll ever go away, how I feel about you...


  • Stephanie

    I was told through a classmate that our former english teacher and to me the woman I love is engaged. She even showed me her webpage of her with the ring on her finger.

    I didn't show how I felt I just held it till I got home. I just hide in the closet and cried my eyes out. Not that I didn'y expect her to get married or to be happy. Nor did I ever expect that one day somehow we would be together. My head knew that my heart was just a different story. I just want her to happy even if that means that person isn't me. I just hope the guy realizes what amazing woman he's choosen. That he loves her and respects her the way I do.

    This has given me more reason to move on with my life. That I will find the perfect person for me. May that be a woman or man that's not in play yet. I just pray that I can finally loves someone who I know loves me back. When I lay next to them that I won't even think about her.

    Has anyone seen Loving Annabelle??? I have and I loved it so much that I bought it online. This was before I found out about her. Then I found a song the made me cry and goes has clips of Loving Annabelle. Here's a link it touched my heart so much.

    That's all I can think of what to say. Everyone take care love you all very much.

  • Anonymous-49

    I just need someone to talk to.

  • Lily

    Hey, guys! I'm trying to start up a website/forum for this kind of experience (since there doesn't seem to be one already). If you'd like to check it out, go to: :)

  • Jasmine

    Why am i obsessed? Half the time it's like you never existed. I love the pain of missing you. I love the depression. Because then I can remember you. But I'm sick. Stupid. A stupid, sick obsessed lesbian freak. I made you leave, I know it, and my school think I don't think that, don't know that, but I do. I just wish you could have helped me. Would it have been so hard, too hard, just to speak to me for a second, just to say goodbye, just to tell me it wasn't my fault, or tell me you hated me, or tell me you didn't care about me? Then I'd have something to think. Because right now I don't know what to think. Everytime I KNOW you hate me, know you didn't care, know you thought I was just a sick, obsessed girl who had changed beyond all recognition, I can't help hoping that you liked who I was, miss me, wish you'd never left. Would it have been so difficult for you to have said you didn't want me to speak to you? I would have stopped. I would have left you alone. I know you still speak to teachers here, and that makes it worse, because everytime I look at miss Shute I think of how you left her a message, donated money, a stupid thing, just a stupid charity event but it means a million things to me. And now I'm sick, horrible, I disgust myself. I'm stalking a girl who goes to your school, trying to find out the name of it. I'm so close. I'm drawing other people into something that was never even meant to happen, for Christ's sake, why can't you just COME BACK, just SPEAK TO ME, just tell me, you think I'm sick. You've moved on. You're happy. You can save me. I'm self harming. I want to jump under a bus, not even to die, to feel the pain, the numbness, this is barely love anymore, this is obsession. Is it so hard for you to just write me a note, send me a message, just. anything. Before I snap. Because unless I find someone even better than you, who will make me forget all about you, I'll do something, and I don't know what, I've been like this for months, it's only a matter of time. I'm not threatening you, I promise, I wouldn't hurt you. So why are you hurting me? And if you see this, by some curse or miracle, well, you know which school I go to. My email is (Don't ask. I like it.) And I hope you still like Seize The Day, and even though it's wishful thinking, I hope you miss me.

  • Stephanie

    Okay time to give an update. It was May 12 when I ran into my former teacher my love and now my past.

    I was at the store to pick up a few things I was walking out when I saw her out front looking at plants. My heart just stopped beating in the second. She didn't see me so I just stepped back inside waiting for her to walk in so she'll see me. It felt like forever so I just walked fast out to my car. By the time I got to my car she walked in. My dad said go to her now. You ran out on her once, you're gonna graduate in three weeks, and you might ever see her again. So he convinced me to go back in a talk to her.

    My knees are weak, I can barely stand, and can hardly breathe. So what do I do? I go back in to finally talk to her. The woman who I loved these past five years. Walking into the store all I could think Lord help and please don't let her hate me.

    She looked just the same if not more beautiful since the last time I saw her. I took the a deep breathe the next thing I knew I said her name and she turned around.

    Not sure how to describe our talk. Neither of us brought of the email I sent of me professing my love for her. We just talked about studying for finals, my last choir concert, me finishing high school, and going to college. We'd always hug goodbye when I had her for a class and when I left for high school. But this time we didn't she just tapped my shoulder as I walked away. Honestly it didn't last more than five minutes.

    I didn't wanna ruin our time by bringing up the email. Don't know why she didn't but it's the past can't do nothing about it.

    This past Sunday I was going through stuff from all my school years. Looking back on old times before I graduate Friday. Looking through pictures I found one of me and her and other pictures I had of her. I looked at it thinking how stupid I was and still am for loving someone I can never have and will never love me. I began crying thinking how much time I wasted and relationships I never gave a full chance. So I tore up all the pictures, all the poems, songs, and all the letters I wrote but never sent from the past four years. It was the only thing I could think of to let her go fully.

    Now I really feel like I can move on. Just wanted to say thank you all for reading and emailing me. I never felt more free to say how I feel and who I love. This was a great experience and I love you all.

    Thank you,


  • Meg

    ohhhhh shyyt.

    mhm thats the reaction i had when i KINDA realized. that i liked my history teacher. and even writing it down here i feel embarrassed :/ i dont know why. is it wrong? .. sigh.

    So it was on a Wednesday, and we were going over notes for the end of year exam. She was writing on the board and stuff, and i was taking notes down, everything was same as always, normal.

    And then suddenly i realized that she was really pretty. I mean yeah i've always noticed, but ive never considered myself . you know, attracted. ive always liked guys, but there were some girls that i thought were really pretty too, but i never actually felt anything.

    So i was like " pfff. oh its nothing." and i carried on taking notes and just ignoring that feeling. O btw, she has a boyfriend. who is a science teacher. He's hot. ) lol :P

    She said, "oh, i forgot to mention haha its mr ********'s birthday on monday :D"

    and one student asked how old is he gonna be? she said 28. and she said " too old for you . )"

    and everyone laughed, and someone said, " no, too old for meg X)"

    :P cos i have mentioned he was hot once or twice. P

    but she didnt hear exactly what that person said, so she was like, "whats that meg? not too old for you ? D"

    and i laughed and shook my head. and my heart was beating really fast the whole lesson and i just couldnt wait to get out. i thought maybe it was just cos i wanted to get home and relax.

    but then after.

    i COULDNT stop thinking about her.

    urrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggg. at ALLLLLLL.

    she just keeps popping in my head.


    and i recently just got a boyfriend, but i dont like the relationship cos we rarely talk and when we do, it's awkward.

    so im CONFUSEd.

    am i bi?

    i nvr considered myself lesbian cos i LOVE guys too. :)

    but its just MY HISTORY TEACHER that made me QUESTION. grrr. >:P

    oh well,

    :D TMRW i have HIstory :D

    oh, and ive just realized like, 2 or 3days ago, so ive been thinking ALOT. abouther.

    im not depressed or anything. well actually somtimes. its like up and down. i get depressed cos i KNOWITSIMPOSSIBLE. and i get happy. cos well.

    she has really pretty pale blue eyes. their INTENSE.

  • Anonymous-50

    i'm 17 and this year i fell in love with my english teacher .

    last year our relationship was just normal student-teacher. but now it's just more. i don't know anymore i can't concentrate on my school work. I'm completly confused because i don't even now if i'm bi. i know she certanly isn't: she's married and has kids my age. but sometimes she looks at me as if ... i'm not good with words and emotions. i just know that i need some help

  • Anonymous-51

    i'm just 13 and i'm in the same situation:i'm female and i love my female teacher.and i want to tell her about this,and i think i know how:try to tell her but not directly.u can start by saying she's your favorite teacher.

  • Carol

    My name is Carol and I am 17 years old. I've been in love with the same-sex teacher for 3 years now. My mom transferred me out of high school to an alternative school to pass my math. This meant I had to leave her. I cried for many weeks and I try to get my mind off of her by falling for another teacher (same sex) My mom told me good news! I was going back to my orginal high school!!!!! I am so happy everyday. Knowing the moments I may spend with her. She is beautiful, caring, and funny. She is 35 years old. I just hope that I have her in my classes this Fall.

  • Annabelle

    Hey everyone, I'm glad I found this site.I've read every single story and believe me, I know how you feel. Now let me tell you my story : I'm in love with my English teacher, she's 29 and I'm 15. I certainly know that I'm at least bisexual, if not lesbian and that I'm deeply in love with her.

    We have closest friendship ever,we text really often and tell each other something like ''I miss you'', ''You mean a lot to me'' and etc. She's even told me that I'm one of the most important people in her life and that she loves me as if I were her child (Yeah,she has a husband and a little girl ) .. So the problem is that she loves me very much but not in the same way I do . Please someone help me - should I tell her that I love her or is it better not to ruin our friendship? 2 years are left before my graduation and she said we are gonna stay friends and meet each other often

    And I'm really serious about her - I will never ever do anything to break her heart,I will hurt myself instead. But this feeling just doesn't go away and I can't move on . Another thing is that I live in a country where homophobia is a real problem so I can't tell anyone about my feelings apart from my best friend.

    Thanks for reading this :)) Any advice will be appreciated

    And sorry for my English , I'm not a native speaker

  • Carol

    summer is here and im depressed. my dad just got over esophaguel cancer surgery. there was bad complications and i have no one to talk to. my mom and i are close but she doesnt not accept my bisexuality. anyways...

    i hate summer because i am away from my love of my life. she is beautiful, smart, funny, and nice. i am actually one of her favourites.

  • Anne

    I felt in love with her just a year ago, everything was so different back then. She was so nice to me, now she acts as if she hated me. She ignores me, it just hurts so much. I don't know what happened. I hate how we talk to each other as if we were strangers, as if we didn't have a story. I even told her I cared about her, I never tell that kind of things to anyone. I opened myself for nothing. I'm trying to let go, but I know I'm going to end up falling more in love at the end. Nothing ever happened between us, I just tried to make her smile every once in a while you know... She never really appreciated what I did for her and it was a lot. I'm tired of being the one getting hurt because I always forgive her. I guess she took me for granted, but isn't that my fault?

  • carol

    summer is over, and we emailed each other once. now she is avoiding me as much as possible. my heart breaks and my feeling are crushed. i feel like a nobody...

  • Stefanie

    I'm in love with my English teacher. She's smart, funny, gorgeous. Everytime I'm around her I get the butterflies. In class sometimes, I catch her looking at me out of the corner of my eye. Like I'll be looking on the board or something and see her looking straight at me, but I don't think she knows I've noticed it. She plays with my hair. She speaks with me all the time. She's always giving me compliments and I do the same to her. She worries about me too - once when I was sick with pneumonia she wrote me a letter - I found out a while later that she had asked someone for my number and address! My other teachers tell me she brags on me all the time, but my other teachers brag on me also. She hugs me all the time...calls me baby, sweetie, darling, all these little sweet names. But I KNOW the only reason she does these things is because I'm a good student. I have the highest average in her class (it's also the accelerated class). She's friends of my family and I've known her for like ever and I know none of these things she does means she likes me as more than a student/friend. It kills me the way she does these things though..I fall for her more every time she does it! I love her so much.

  • Ok k

    Hmmm, where 2 start. i am 16, i am an advanced student at my local community college, and i have a similar issue. I am not bisexual as far as i know. However, I think im in love with my english professor. Its embarrassing, but everytime im around her i get a fulfilling glow. I am deathly afraid of disappointing her with my grades, so they are excellent. I was in her class a year ago, but im still visit her every chance i get. One part of me thinks of her as a role model another part as a friend. I am a science major, and it seems that a lot of girls around my age range have experienced exactly what i am right now. I have no "sexual" feelings about her, i dont want to kiss her either. I just, idk. What i mean to say is that i haven't felt so strongly since i fell in love with my first boyfriend. is that weird?

  • Carly

    So glad I found this site... for so long I've thought it was just me, and I had something seriously wrong. Anyway, this is the second time I've had these types of feelings for a tracer. The first time was in 7th grade, but it only lasted a year.

    I'm a junior in High School. I take resource classes, I've known this teacher since freshmen year, and I've had her as a teacher for the last 3 years (including this one) freshmen year we weren't close at all, just normal teacher student relationship. Sophomore year we got very close, she gave me rides to school (she lives close to me) and I babysit her daughter and I saw them once over the summer. Now I'm a junior and where very close. My friends say she's obsessed with me because we text an tell each other stuff, but I personally just think thats how she just is. She's super nice&pretty. She told me the other day that she really looks at me as more of a friend rather than a student an it made my whole day. I don't think I have a crush on her or anything because I've never really considered myself bi. I have thought about her before though, a lot. I constantly think about her. Today she wasn't at school so I sent her a text with a sad face and she responded saying she missed me, an that she didn't feel good. It made me feel really good to hear that she missed me, because I always miss her. Anyway, does anyone have any opinions on this? I love her, but I'm pretty sure I love her more in the family way. Like a mom. But I'm not sure. Help!

  • Allan N. Schwartz, Phd


    I am comfortable reassuring you that the love you feel for this teacher is admiration and hero worship. In other words, you love her as a family member.

    Dr. Schwartz

  • Chububa

    I have her on my mind constantly... I email her and she does not answer me....

  • Anonymous

    I'm so glad I found this site, because I can relate to so many stories on here. I also reccomend seeing "Loving Annabelle" - GREAT Movie, I fell in love with it!

    Ok, so my "crush" started my freshmen year of highschool. I had this teacher, who was new to the school and she was really shy. She taught science, my favorite subject, which made me so interested in the class, and one of the only students who would participate in class. I noticed she had the same sense of humor as me, and I would be the only people that would get her corny jokes she would tell, and thought it was so cute. I thought she was pretty from day 1, but as time went on, and I got closer with her, she become the most beautiful person inside and out, that I've ever met. One day I had to stay after for a test, and after the test we talked for a little bit, about common interests & laughed over the dumbest things. I started to LOVE going to that class, just because I knew I was going to see her. Days when she was out sick, I just felt depressed, and missed her so much. The next year, I didn't have her as a teacher, but I would go visit her to talk occasionally. And so on, going into my Junior year. We got really close my Junior year, and both trusted eachother 100%. When I would go talk with her after school, we would just talk about our life stories & the past, and would always say "now you can't repeat this to anyone" which made me feel good, that she trusted me to keep a secret. I loved messing around with her, whether bumping into her in the hallway on purpose, making fun of how short she was, or attacking her classroom with sticky notepads all over her computer with my name on it. Always a great time when I'm with her. I would get the biggest butterflies with her, and still do to this day. Her smile made me smile, when she cried, I cried with her as I hugged her to cheer her up, when she would laugh, it would make my day. Just being around her, made me feel like time stopped and it was only me and her. Towards the end of Junior year, she had to leave due to personal reasons. It was the worst day of my life, my heart literally dropped when I found out. The day she left, she swore we would keep in touch, & ended up giving me her number, which made me feel a little better. But knowing I wasn't going to see and talk with her everyday killed me. We would text almost every month to catch up, and it felt good to know we were still in eachother's lives. Currently, we've gotten closer and meet up occasionally. I couldn't be happier with where our friendship is. I still haven't told her how madly in love I am with her, because I don't want to mess up our close friendship. I'm just going to let time and fate decide, and see where it takes us. There isn't a day that goes by where I don't think about her. Everytime we meet up, I have the biggest butterflies and smile the whole day, and it still kills me saying goodbye to her, when we depart, even though we'll meet up again some other time. I just wish she knew how much I care and love her, and that I would do ANYTHING to be with her. I can honestly say, I'm in love with this woman, and even though nobody is perfect in this world, in my eyes she defines perfect, and could go on about all of the things I love about her.

    Sorry for the length, this is the first time, I've ever really written out all of these feelings.

  • My love

    @ anomymous, I can totally relate to you all. I watched Loving Annabelle like 10x. I also read many of the fanfiction stories of it. The movie made me cry and thought about my teacher.

    I got really close to my teacher in 8th grade. The relationship then was like a very close teacher-student favoritism relationship. Everyone in my 8th grade section knew we were close and I felt special. I would be in her classroom everyday and tried to finish my other teachers work so I could go be in her classroom. The more I spend time with her, the more I looked forward to going to school. She loved me as her daughter and would hug and hold me. Sometimes I would get a peck on the cheeks. We would casually hold hands while walking down the hall. I needed that affection because I wasn't getting that at home. Being around her gave warmth. While I was her student we played our teacher student role and kept a distance between us because we didn't want anyone thinking there was something going on. The school year ended and I started high school. I continued to stay in contact with her through phone and email every week. Just to fill her in on how things were going. We continued talking all through my 4 yrs of high school. She came to my graduation with roses :). I was 18 then. That's when we begin to become even closer. I spent alot of my summer with her. She invited me camping as my graduation present. It was a freezing night that day and we snuggled under the tents. We were laying facing each other when I said give me a kiss. And she lightly pecked me on the lips. And my stomach was twisting and turning with that warm butterfly sensation. It was the greatest feeling ever and I just fell head over hills for her. We now greet with kisses on lips.

    Its been about 8 yrs now and she is not a teacher anymore. Our relationship is just growing stronger and stronger each day. We have kind of like a mother/daughter relationship and whenever in the mood we can be lovers too :). I call her honey, baby and she calls me baby. I love her soo very much. We tell each other we love each other everyday! It's the greatest feeling!

  • Anonymous-52

    I just kind of bumped into this website... the thing is i am a lecturer of Mathematics & have been teaching for 10 years now... I am 34 yrs... but this time ... i have a class of girls ... n there are 2 of them who are always around... like ... they keep on texting me Maam I love you n i really miss u ... if i don't go to the University they just start texting... where are u etc etc ...

    DO you think they are in love?? i mean somtimes they way they at me really confuses me at times... i don't want to break their tender hearts .. but i am planning to leave their class section... will this help?

  • Helen

    I've recently discovered this website and forum with so many interesting stories that i can totally relate to!

    But it doesn't look like many of you come on here very often anymore :/

    I am going through exactly the same thing as so many of you have talked about (and god knows how jelous i am of all of you who are already so close to your teachers! lol) so if anyone came on here anymore, or wanted to chat, email me or add me on MSN :)


  • Pate

    Hi Helen, I'm the person that commented before yours. But I think the situation you are in is normal. Your students seem to admire you and they enjoy being in your class. I know I was kind of that way towards my favorite teacher. I couldn't wait to be in her class even though I didn't like the subject she was teaching. But just being around her makes the class better.

    You should just let them know that you are leaving but ya can stay in touch with each other if you want them to. It seems like they already have your number, so I'm sure they will call and text you very chance they get :).

  • Pate

    Sorry the recent comment was made for the person on Feb 8th 2012


  • Julia Austin

    Thank you Pate & Helen :)

    Still kind of confused at times coz in class they just keep on staring ... now i find roses & chocolates everywhere in my pigeon hole, my desk, assignments and even in cafe ... plus sort of love letters defining the color i wore yesterday was good, the perfume i wore yesterday was nice my lipstick color was awesome n etc etc... have sugeestions how to handle this?? do write to me if you can at stay blessed

  • Alycia Kay

    It's hard seeing her every day knowing she knows. My best friend has her class and I get so jealous every time I hear stories about the two of them talking. I'd give anything to go back to the point where it was me talking to her. I'm trying so hard to get over her and I'm graduating soon but I love her so much. Maybe I was naive but I got lost in her eyes and I never really had a chance. As F. Scott Fitzgerald said, "I love her and that's the beginning and end of everything."

  • Grace J.

    Hey everyone! I really just need some help.

    I'm 18 and have been in love with my old high school teacher for 4 years.

    I really want to tell her how I feel so I can move on or you never know maybe she likes me back.

    So I was just wondering, since I am 18 and she is no longer my teacher am I allowed to do so? Will she get in trouble if I tell her? Will I? Is there any laws I should be aware of?

    Also I am Canadian if that helps!

    Thanks everyone! Hope some can help me!

  • Helen

    I don't know about Canada but i would think most definitely that since you're 18 it's no longer illegal, so yeah go for it tell her! But make sure that it's what you really want and that you are really only looking for friendship, in which case telling her might ruin that. But best of luck! :) - Helen

  • Liz

    Hi! I was just reading through all the comments and I'm so relieved to know that I'm not the only one in this situation.

    I'm a sophomore in high school, almost 16, and I think I'm in love with my science teacher. She is 25 or 26 years old, so only like 10 years older than I am. She's new to teaching, this is her first year here. She is perfect. She's beautiful, smart, funny, and really nice. I'm pretty sure she's straight (she's mentioned dating guys before), but I think she is single.

    I liked her from the beginning of the year, but it wasn't until shortly after winter break that I started to notice how pretty she is. I've been questioning my sexuality a lot this past year and think I may be bisexual.

    I've been talking to her a lot more often lately, and these past few weeks she is the only thing on my mind. I always think of her, and my stomach gets butterflies. Usually I can't wait for the weekend and want it to last forever, but now it's Friday and I just want it to be Monday so I can see her again. I often think about kissing her and doing stuff with her, like sexual stuff.

    I love talking to her and lately I've been trying to find excuses to see her. I always peek in her classroom when I walk by it. When I see her joking around and casually talking to and being friendly with other students, my stomach turns and I get jealous. One day, I went to get extra help after school and I was hoping we'd be alone, but I was disappointed that there were other girls there for help as well. I'm constantly trying to impress her and I'm doing amazing in her class and trying to be perfect and look perfect.

    It makes me really sad that it took me so long to start talking to her, since there is only one month of school left. I'm constantly on edge and thinking about her, how am I going to make it through the summer? I actually don't want the year to end, and I can't wait till next year because she'll be my teacher again. I've never felt this way about anyone before... It sucks, but at the same time, I don't want this feeling to end.

  • Annonymous

    This is an update from the Dec. 4th post.

    Her & I's relationship has gotten stronger since my last post, and does everyday. We still talk often and I invited her to my graduation. She came out to see me and then came to lunch with me & my family afterwards. They all like her, and it makes me happy that they got to meet the woman that I'm head over heels for. As of now, I still haven't told her my feelings, and don't plan on for a while, because I'm enjoying the great friendship we have now, and don't want to chance anything. All I can do is just bite my tongue when she vents to me about her bad marriage. Besides all that, I still love being around her and all of the countless memories and good times we have are priceless. It's crazy how a teacher I just happened to have 4 years ago, has grown into a bestfriend, that I'm madly in love with.

  • Ruth

    I'm an 18 year old freshman I just finished my first year in college and i still have feelings for my ex fourth grade English teacher.It all started when I was in the fourth grade she treated me very special, played with my hair all the time in class she only taught me for one year. During the fifth and sixth grade I neglected her and she would sometimes tease me about that until she stopped talking to me. In the seventh grade I regained my relationship with her and that's when it all started.. It all happened so naturally. Our relationship was getting stronger with every passing year .during my eighth grade year she went out of school for a project and I used to email her everyday and she would reply and ask me to keep writing as I brighten her days. She would tell me things that are personal and whenever she's frustrated she would ask for advice. Our relationship just grew stronger over the next years and she would hug and kiss me every time she saw me and call me her angel. She invited me to her house many times (she is married with 5 kids) I was friends with her daughter who was obviously jealous of the fact that her mother loved me so much. I graduated last year and she started crying during the graduation like really hard. However, this year is just different I don't contact her very often like I used to and she rarely or almost never tales the initiative to contact me in any way. I went to her house recently( because her daughter invited me) and she welcomed me warmly but it didn't feel like it used to. Today I've come to the realization that I am so in love with her it's insane. I'm not a lesbian because I'm not attracted to girls at all but she is a different story as I'm attracted to her in every way . Are those feelings of admiration or do I really love her if she found out the way I feel about her she would probably never speak to me the same way I never plan on telling her my true feelings as I'm confused because sometimes she feels like a second mother and sometimes it feels like I'm so in love with her and it hurts . Helpl!!

  • Hasbrogrl74

    I have now began home schooling since last September since my dad passed away. She came to the funeral. I was grateful. I went to see her this past January and another student caught her attention. I was rage with jealousy. I felt betrayed.. Heartbroken. I emailed her and apologize for not saying goodbye to her. She never wrote me back. I tried to forget about her. I did for 6 months and now she is in my dreams, thoughts, and fantasy again. I just don't know what to do anymore.

  • Anonymous-53

    I'm leaving for college soon, and I'm dreading the day because I know it'll be about 4 months until I see her again. She came to a bbq at my house a couple weeks ago, and I'm going to our last lunch together in a couple weeks, and I'm so excited to see her, even though it's only been a couple weeks. Every second I spend with her is amazing and I can't stop smiling when we're together. It's crazy how a former teacher I had 4 years ago has become a bestfriend. I'm still head over heels for her, and think about her 24/7 but I'm too afraid to tell her how I really feel, and possibly ruining the great friendship we have now. I love her too much to throw it all away. After reading all these stories on here about how people told them how they felt, and now the teachers stopped talking with them, I can't imagine her never talking to me again. She's become such a big part of my life, and our relationship gets stronger everyday.

  • 1124

    I'm tired of people reading these stories and saying that "it's just a crush and you'll get over it." I bet if we were telling stories about how we fell inlove with another teenager, you would be saying differently, but since it's a teacher, it automatically makes it a "crush". I don't care who you are or how old you are, you can't define love. We can't control who we fall for. It's not like we woke up one morning and thought to ourselves, "I think I'm gonna start flirting with my teacher, even though it will hurt me in the end." I honestly wish I never fell in love with my former teacher, because the heart break I'd go through everyday was so tiring, I was mentally and emotionally exhausted at the end of the school day, always thinking about her. I would ask myself why I was so attracted to her, and would try to not think about her but it was impossible. But I couldn't get over the common interests, common sense of humor, and attraction we had towards eachother. The great friendship I got out of it over the years, was well worth the hell I went through everyday though. So everyone that wrote their student/teacher story on here, don't feel ashamed, and this should be the last place for people to judge other people. There's so many other people out there that are in the same situation as you, and are just afraid to talk about it. Don't take "it being a crush" for an answer anymore.

  • Helen

    Wow yes that's exactly what i was thinking myself! you're absolutely right, no one can define love, so if someone says their in love with someone, then they are/can be! Thanks for the breath of fresh air!

    By the way, I have a story that sounds just like yours if you ever wanted to talk to someone about it :)

  • Anonymous-54

    I am a senior in high school, last year my biology teacher and i became really close, beacuse we had two hours of class everyday but we also ran the swimming team together.after a couple of months in her class we became really close, which is not weard, but during swimming when i had to go to her house, ride with her and speend so much extra time, i started felling different towards her. because i didnt know what i was feeling and i was (i can admit) a little scared i desided to back off a little- since that didnt work i was rude to her (the biggest mistake of my life) being rude and not talking to her work for about two months, but then the feelings got more intense and we were close again... after a long talk and tons of apologies from my part... we became closer than ever sharing personal experinces.. when the year ended my question was.. how im i going to go through summer without seeing her or talking to her? well i made up a few excuses to text her and call her which work out well... now is my senior year.. and i have her again for the last class of the day... everyday or relationship qets stronger and i feel like i would do ANYTHING in the world to make her happy. She is currenlty single, has been for a while.... so i dont know if i should let her know how i feel... thinking it could turn out in to a wonderful relationship or she would never speack to me again... I dont know what to do!!! help!!! i love her because she is mature (we can have a smart conversation) smart has experience and is very good loooking.


  • Thinking About You

    Ever since I've came out here to college, our relationship has changed. We still text every once in a while, but I don't get the same feeling or butterflies like I would before. We talked about meeting up during my break back at home, but I wasn't as excited like I'd usually be. I don't know if it's because I'm 6 hours away from her and we can't see each other as often, or that I'm starting to lose the love I've had for her for 5 years now. I'm starting to think of her more of a friend than anything more, now. It's wierd to go from someone that was constantly on your mind 24/7, and the love of your life, to just a friend, and only thinking of her occasionally. I don't regret ever meeting her at all, or all of the memories we made together, but I think reality got the best of me, and it's time to realize that we'll never be together and start to let go of the fantasy. It's so hard letting go of someone that was once all that mattered in the world.


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