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Dear sir, I’m young 26 yrs. old..I’m having depression problems for many years..but i’m not able to decide whether i should seek help from others or fight myself?..I’m afraid that my professional and personal life will be ruined if others know about my problem..I don’t want other to know about my problems..are my worries ok?..what will happen if others know about my problem? will they react?..would i loose my job?…would anybody like to marry me? can i hide my problem from others still can get help?..are these thoughts illusion?..or is any truth behind it..i’m afraid..pls. reply..thanks..

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There is no question that you should seek help for your depression. You are a young person, depression can be treated and there is no reason why you should continue to feel miserable. If you had a sinus infection or a strep infection in your throat you would not be asking whether or not you should seek treatment. Well, depression is just the same. In fact, anti depressant medications are the most prescribed medications in the world today. Thanks to modern medicine people no longer have to suffer from any of these disorders, whether they are the type that affects the brain or they are the type that affects our lungs, kidneys or any other part of our bodies.

As to what people will say I want to remind you that, if you are not comfortable talking about treatment for depression there is no reason why you should tell anyone. Furthermore, your rights are protected so that your employer cannot fire you just because you are taking medicines to relieve depression. The only exception I can think of is if you are working for the military or for a corporation that is doing work for the military, but in a department with highly classified information, your job could be compromised. However, even in that case the company can move you to a non classified department. Certain areas of the military might be worried if they knew you were on medications because your performance can be affected by the medicines. For example, the air force might not want you flying jet planes if you are on medications. The same concern would hold true if you were a pilot for commercial or private jet Air Company.


As for marriage I cannot imagine any reason why a person would not want to marry you just because of depression and medication. In fact, given the way things are today it is highly likely that your fiancée would also be on medication in the present or was on it some previous time. Anyone who would not marry just because of depression and medicine is not worth marrying anyway.

Please, try not to be afraid. Modern psychiatry can only help you and you will see what I mean once you begin treatment. "There is nothing to fear but fear itself." That’s a great quote and it’s true. Get help and live your life to its fullest.

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