Is Psychosis Curable?


Is psychosis curable? I have been taking medication from 2003 (drug name -aripiprazole) to the present and now I think I am perfectly all right . So thinks doctor, but he is still continuing the medication and calls it maintaince therapy (aripiprazole 10 mg ).

I am 22 years old and want to know whether or not the psychosis is curable. I don’t mind taking medication for the rest of my life but will have to prepare my mind for the same.


So, is my doctor correct that I have been cured completely?

Thanking you in advance.

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While it appears, at first glance, as though your question is simple it is actually quite complicated to answer.

With regard to the psychotic illnesses, whether they can be cured may depend upon the type of psychosis that is being discussed. In fact, it may be asked whether psychosis of any kind can be cured and, just what is meant by “cure.” Is there such a thing as cure when it comes to behavioral disorders? I ask that question because there is no way to guarantee what will happen to any of during a life time. Given enough stress and trauma, any of us could experience psychotic symptoms.


The medication you are taking, also known by the more popular name, Abilify, is used for a variety of disorders, particularly the psychoses, including Schizophrenia and Bipolar disorder. It is also used, when necessary, in combination with other medications.

Yout psychiatrist tells you that you are cured. What does he mean by that? You can certainly ask him, although he did tell you that the Abilify is a maintenance medication at this point. Using guess work, completely on my part, I am assuming he means that you no longer experience the psychotic symptoms that you did before. By a maintence medication, I assume he means that it is a low dose and is serving to prevent a relapse.

Does a maintenance dosage of Abilify mean that you will need the medication the rest of your life? That is a question you need to ask him because I simply do not know. So, ask him, he is there for you. I tend to follow the philosopy, with myself and people I saw for psychotherapy, that, “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” What I mean is that, if you are doing well with your medicine, keep on taking it. Simply ask him about the future.

You probably should discuss with him the issue of psychotherapy. Of course, you may already be in therapy but, if not, should you be? Discuss this with him.

I can tell you that, for all of us, preventing either an occurrence or relapse of depression, psychosis, anxiety disorders, etc. depends a lot on learning how to handle stress, including avoiding excessive stress, if possible.

So, this is why your question is difficult. Please, talk to your doctor.

Best of Luck


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