Pregnant With A Mental Illness


My daughter is pregnant and in a psychiatric hospital and only able to take Seroquel. She is sick and she can’t stay at the hospital and there are no group homes in our town. I am raising her daughter who is 10 and I am 60. I can’t raise this child. I can’t have my daughter living ini my home while she is psychotic. Where can she go so she can be cared for while she is pregnant? She wants to keep the baby, but she is not fit to raise a child as proven by her behavior with my grandaughter. Are there any religious anti abortionists who take in people with this problem. Human services plan to take the child when it is born. During the last pregnancy my daughter had severe post partum depression and became psychotic. She went in and out of the state hospital 5 times. My daughter is easy prey.

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The situation you describe is certainly tragic but, unfortunately, all too common. I do have some suggestions that might help.

1. Supposedly, the mental hospital that your daughter is now in is supposed to arrange a proper discharge for her and with her pregnancy in mind. You need to meet with the Social Worker who is arranging the discharge in order that you make the needs of your daughter and yours very clear. That should include the fact that your daughter cannot return to your home. The fact that there are no group homes or supportive living arrangements in your town does not mean they do not exist in your state. It is the  job of the Social Worker to look into that and make arrangements for the transfer of your daughter when she is discharged. You really need to call the Social Worker as soon as possible or call the hospital and make arrangements to meet with her.


2. There are agencies that do not do abortions and will arrange for the infant when it is born. You could look into organizations such as: 1. Catholic Charities, 2. Salvation Army and, I believe they may run residences and check with your local Church for others.

However, here, too, the Social Worker doing the discharge is supposed to look into this. To repeat, you must meet with that social worker.

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3. For very difficult cases, like that of your daughter, there is community support made available to help patients survive in the community. A case worker is arranged to do this. Of course, this depends on the state in which you live.

4. There are two excellent resources on the Internet that can really help you and they are:


This is the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill and you will find information for family as well. There are phone numbers and they can help you. They run “Club Houses” all around the country and have been very helpful and getting patients to adjust to living in the community regardless of how ill they are. They can provide information about your grandchild and the unborn child.


Please get to that hospital social worker quickly.

Good Luck


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