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Voice In My Head


i have this problem with this voice in my head which i dont hear but its in my head i always comprimise with it and ask it to make me creative and extrovered but if i dont listen to it and do what im thinking of doing then it makes me lose the creativity please tell me whats wrong somtimes i know its not real. my grandmother has schizophernia and i have a family history of suicide my mom has borderline personality and i also made alot suicide usaually after an arguement with my stepmom and dad, please help

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You come from a family where there seems to be a history of chronic mental illness. This leaves you in a very vulnerable situation. So far as I can discern from what you have written, you have this voice in your head that is not a hallucination. However, it is possible that when you are under enough stress the voice becomes a hallucination. In other words, you respond with depression and suicidal thoughts after having an argument with your step mom and your dad.

I agree that you need to get help as soon as possible. My guess would be that you have also suffered abuse while you were growing up. An unstable home with a grandmother who suffers from Schizophrenia, a mother with a Borderline Personality Disorder and a divorce and having to adjust to a step mom, all lends itself to the kind of environment where a child would have a very difficult time.

Given all of this, the environment in which grew up, the history of family mental illness, and all of the instability you live in today, you really need to enter psychotherapy and begin medication treatment as soon as possible. The type of therapy you need is probably DBT, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, in which you can learn healthier ways of responding to your emotions, the emotions of other people and to stress in your environment. Medication can help relieve the depression that leads to suicidal thoughts and, possibly, suicidal or self harming actions. Medication can also help lower or remove that intrusive voice in your head, whatever the nature of it happens to be. It will be the combination of DBT and Medication that will help you enormously.

Please seek help as soon as possible so that you can be that creative and extroverted person you want to be and that you are when you are not troubled.

Best of Luck

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  • Anonymous-1

    don't trust anyone

  • Anonymous-2

    I have more than 2 voices in my head.

    What I'm about to write may seem unrealistic,a plot of a cheap movie or maybe even a joke but I can swear it is true.I have (at least I think I do) a problem.I am under a great deal of stress...I can feel it except I have no idea where is it coming from.At night I find falling asleep very difficult and usually it takes me 2 hours or more just to fall asleep.My mind is constantly working and I keep thinking all the time,for all kind of things (believe me, ALL kind of stuff).I am an extremely intoverted person,and I seem to not be able to feel love,joy or happiness.I keep leading dialoges in my mind... like a conversation all the time.I used to be the depressed kid on other people's eyes but in time i learned how to fake emotions and now i feel like i am crazy.Please help,i can't be myself in front of others and i can't let my emotions go because the only emotions i can let are sorrow and anger.My family has had some problems but they are not divorced yet.From my relatives only my uncle (my mother's brother) is suffering from a light form of schizofrenia but i don't know if that is relevant to my problem.Another disturbing fact (in my opinion) is that my mind thinks in a foreign language.My native language is Bulgarian and i have never been abroad,but the constant conversations i lead in my mind are in English.I don't know what to do and i haven't told my parents for my problems.I remember i was happy as a child,even though i was born with a deffect (non-straight feet,i don't know the term in english) that affected my self-confidence.The bad part is about to come.I have dreams in my head and i want to accomplish them,but this already seems impossible,and when i try to think what would i do if i fail,the only thing i see is death.And i don't mean suicide,i just picture myself doing horrible things and i don't know why.

    Can you please give me an advice or where should i seek help.I try to keep my problem away from my parents and i don't want them to know anything,this is why i haven't visited a psychologist yet.

    P.S.The voices are not hallutinations.They are something like other people's minds.It's like i have 3 different minds and they are all thinking at the same time.I just pray i don't have personality disorder.Please help.

  • mike welch

    Talk to your dr,thats what i did and after 40 years of how you feel.Im starting to see a light at the end of it.your not alone,take care.

  • Lena

    i am also having problems with a voice in my head. this voice has been appearing more than usual lately. i think the voice is me well an evil me. this voice is always thinking of the worse that can possibly happen to me and my family. it keeps me up all night i can hardly ever get some sleep which in return makes me angry and tired. its pushing my friends and family away. everytime i hear it my head begins to hurt as if the back of my mind wants to explode just to let her out. every time i hear her i get scared just hte thought that i may be crazy. i talked to my mom about this she smiled and said she sometimes hears this voice. so are we both crazy or is this normal.


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