Go With The Anger Management Program

Whether you choose to pursue your anger management program in private (not recommended), or work in the context of a class or program there will come a day when your planning and preparations are over and you must get started actually changing your anger behavior. Since pursuing an anger management program is work, it will take some commitment on your part to follow it through to the point where you will see positive results. The following techniques and ideas are suggested because they give structure to your program and help you sustain your commitment. You will not benefit from any anger management program if you do not follow that program systematically, regardless of the obstacles that will inevitably challenge you along the way.

Go With The Program

You will dramatically improve your chances of making progress with an anger management program if you get yourself into a professionally designed and led anger management program. Professionally designed and led anger management programs shield you from having to think about how to design your own program and let you instead focus on the hard work of changing your behavior, They also provide you with group support from peers and from the program leader which can help you sustain the motivation to continue when the going gets rough. Support can be technical (suggesting effective new ways to manage anger) or emotional (recognizing how difficult it can be to change). You can receive support yourself, and give it to others as well when you are in a group program. Sometimes helping someone else to succeed can provide you with the motivation you need to succeed yourself.

If you can't locate a program or know that you're just not a joiner and won't do well in a formal program, you should still do as much as you can to surround yourself with an already-laid out program structure to follow, and one or more people who can help support you in your efforts. Simply put, having social support and structure for your anger management efforts helps you to succeed.

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The Internet offers many opportunities for anger management support. Online communities such as AngerMgmt.com and AngerManagementOnline.com offer chat and bulletin board forums that allow people working on anger issues to share tips with one another anonymously. If you decide to use these sorts of online support systems, please keep in mind that online communities are not always polite places and discussions can become provocative or even anger-provoking. This probably won't phase you if you have an anger problem, but then again, it is good to know what you are likely to encounter.

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