There is a wealth of information online about depression. Many of these resources have been developed and are maintained by others who also suffer from depression. We've reviewed and rated hundreds of them, and provide them in an easy-to-use listing here.
NetHealth is a first stop, and a gateway to information about depression on the Internet. Based on a large and easily accessible online database, the editorial staff of screens the latest news and research, reviews the dozens of depression-related sites in cyberspace, and provides an innovative, interactive forum for people who deal with it. Also provides quizzes and numerous topics filled with information about depression.

Pendulum Resources
Pendulum Resources
One of the oldest mailing lists for bipolar disorder also has a Web site which is a very comprehensive resource on mood disorders, covering all aspects of this topic through a variety of resources including articles, online support groups, humor...

The Samaritans
The Samaritans
U.S. Mirror Site
A non-religious charity that has been offering emotional support to the suicidal and despairing for over 40 years by phone, visit and letter. Callers are guaranteed absolute confidentiality and retain the right to make their own decisions including the decision to end their life. The service is available via E-mail, run from Cheltenham, England, and can be reached from anywhere with Internet access. Trained volunteers read and reply to mail once a day, every day of the year.


  • Tim Desmond


    My name is Tim Desmond, and I am a therapist in Oakland, CA. For the past year, I have been working on a website that brings together all of the evidence on nearly every treatment for depression in user-friendly way. The site is

    Please visit it and link to it if you think it would be helpful for your readers.

    Wishing you well,