Signs, Symptoms, & Effects Of Addiction

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Signs, Symptoms, & Effects of Addiction topic center

This topic center will provide information on:

  1. Signs and Symptoms of Addiction.
  2. How Drugs Affect the Body & Brain.
  3. Withdrawal, Intoxication, and Effects of Specific Drugs.

If you suspect that you or someone you know might be struggling with an addiction, it is helpful to know what signs and symptoms to look for. This topic center will help you understand the signs, symptoms, and effects of addiction.

Throughout these categories you will find information on how to determine if someone has an addiction; the intoxication and withdrawal symptoms of drugs like alcohol, cannabis, and opioids; the effects of mixing drugs like alcohol with cocaine, benzodiazapines, or opiates;  and how drugs affect the brain.

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Signs, Symptoms, & Effects Of Addiction

How Do I Know if I Have An Addiction?

There are several ways to know if you have an addiction (or if someone you love does). In this section, we review the formal method of determining if someone has an addiction. Professionals call this the diagnostic process, or simply diagnosis.

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