Introducing the ‘Wise Counsel’ Podcast

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We’re very pleased to annouce our new podcast series Wise Counsel , hosted by David Van Nuys, Ph.D.

Each episode of Wise Counsel will feature an audio interview with one or more interesting people involved with mental health and wellness, either professionally as counselors, therapists, physicians or researchers, or personally, as patients or family members of patients.


In order to make it easy to listen to Wise Counsel and keep each episode straight, we have created a new Wise Counsel Weblog . Each entry in this new weblog will be devoted to a single podcast episode. Each entry will describe a podcast episode and also offer an embedded audio player so that you easily can listen to the podcast online. A comments section, located at the bottom of the weblog pages, enables anyone who wants to to comment on what they have heard.

Our first episode, featuring a conversation with Dr. John Drimmer of UCLA on Positive Psychology has been posted to the new Wise Counsel Weblog and is ready to be listened to now.

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The Host of Wise Counsel, Dr. David Van Nuys , is a Clinical Psychologist, an Emeritus Professor of Psychology at Sonoma State University, and an enthusiastic supporter of podcasting. If you like Wise Counsel, check out his other psychology-oriented podcasts, which are available at .

Podcasts are MP3 audio files which can be played by many different sorts of digital audio players and software programs, including iPod and iTunes, WinAmp, Windows Media Player, and Quicktime. Since it is very likely you already have one or more of these programs installed on your computer, all you have to do to listen is to open a page of our Wise Counsel Weblog. The audio interview should start playing automatically.

Podcasts can be subscribed to inside your browser itself. You can subscribe to the Wise Counsel audio feeds directly by clicking on the orange "Podcast" icon, featured on the Wise Counsel home page with any modern browser (such as IE7, Firefox2 or Opera9). Alternatively, you may subscribe to the Wise Counsel weblog (each entry of which will feature an audio link you can click on and play via your computer) by clicking on the orange XML icon, also featured on the Wise Counsel home page.

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