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New Middle Childhood Material Now Available

Kathryn Patricelli, MA was an editor with from 2004-2015. She received her Master's Degree in Counseling and Psychological Services, and holds a Bachelor’s ...Read More

We wanted to let you know about several exciting new additions to our site.

First, we’ve added a large chapter of material on Nurturing Children’s Self-Esteem to our Self-Esteem center, particularly in the middle childhood years (ages 8-11). This chapter of material describes practical ways parents can provide children with the love and nurturance their continued healthy development requires. We start with a discussion of self-esteem; what it is and why it is important. Following from the importance of healthy self-esteem, we go on to discuss specific steps parents can take to foster children’s positive self-esteem and self-image.

Then we’ve added a brand new center – Child Development Theory: Middle Childhood. This center describes children’s physical, mental, emotional, moral, and sexual development during the middle childhood years occurring between approximately ages 8 and 11. It is part of our Child Development and Parenting series exploring what we know about how children grow and what they need from parents in order to develop healthfully from birth through adolescence.

Later this month, look for our Middle Childhood Parenting center to go live, which will contain many chapters of information on nutrition, sleeping, hygiene and appearance, health and medical issues, safety, education, discipline and guidance, dealing with difficulty issues, and a special look at puberty.

We hope you will find these new additions helpful!

Continue reading about Nurturing Children’s Self Esteem.

Continue reading about Child Development Theory: Middle Childhood.

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