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Outpatient and Inpatient Drug Treatment Centers in Long Beach, California

The process of selecting an alcohol and drug addiction rehab facility tailored to your situation can seem like an arduous and time consuming undertaking, however our comprehensive treatment listings information will help you determine top rated Long Beach, California outpatient therapy and residential treatment programs in or near your city. Alternatives to consider typically include thirty, forty-five, sixty, ninety day or more inpatient recovery and monitored withdrawal and detox assistance.

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Whether you plan on remaining near your area or want to venture to a distant locale for your drug or alcohol abuse rehab, our searchable MentalHelp treatment directory information will assist with the decision process in locating top rated alcohol and/or drug abuse therapy facilities. Dial us at no cost at 1-888-993-3112 Ad Info & Options for more information about public or private alcohol and/or drug abuse rehab programs in Long Beach, Placentia, or any other city, should leaving familiar surroundings be a vital aspect of your recovery efforts. Embark on a course towards a new, clean and sober life without delay.

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Need help breaking free from addiction?
Call 24/7 for treatment options.

Overdose Deaths in Long Beach

This visualization conveys overdose deaths over time from commonly-abused substances. The diameter of the circle and its associated figure represent the number of deaths per 100,000 residents.

    • Fewer ODs →

      ← More ODs

    Need help breaking free from addiction?
    Call 24/7 for treatment options. Ad Info & Options

    Topical and Local Substance Abuse Resources

    MentalHelp hopes to connect individuals struggling with substance abuse problems with quality CA addiction treatment center options in Long Beach for themselves, their friends or family members in need of help. Numerous kinds of treatment options exist, and can benefit those suffering under the weight of alcoholism and drug addiction – for example, some recovery programs in 90815, 90806 or close by might offer treatment with pharmaceuticals like with methadone or buprenorphine; others may not support medically assisted detox and treatment. By displaying certain recovery center characteristics and options – for instance, Long Beach adolescent or teen programs, spa-like facilities or medically assisted recovery – and by offering our independent, credible treatment reviews and surveyed ratings, part of our mission at is to make the search for quality painkillers, heroin and any other substance abuse recovery centers a less difficult process.


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