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Our searches have located 459 alcohol or drug rehab facilities located throughout Kentucky.'s localized treatment facility listings will help you locate the best-rated Kentucky drug recovery facility decision for yourself or your loved ones.

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Overdose Deaths in Kentucky

This visualization conveys overdose deaths over time from commonly-abused substances. The diameter of the circle and its associated figure represent the number of deaths per 100,000 residents.

    • Fewer ODs →

      ← More ODs

    Approximately 7% of Kentucky’s young people (ages 12-17) have abused illicit substances, with an alarming 19% of state residents aged 18 to 25 having done so as well – according to NSDUH statistics from 2012-2013.

    Regional numbers such as these indicate that a good number of the 4,413,567 individuals in KY, as well as someone dear to them might stand to benefit from undergoing some type of addiction abuse therapy program. There are numerous high quality drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs; our comprehensive treatment listing directory information can help with this important decision. Venturing out from home for treatment frequently opens broader access to different rehab center Options – such as access to wellness coaching or dual diagnosis treatment. Regardless if you reside near Louisville, Covington or anywhere else within the region, browse through this website's comprehensive, constantly maintained treatment center directory, and contact our hotline, toll-free at 1-888-993-3112 Who Answers?, anytime, day or night, to discuss more about your Kentucky addiction rehab program options.

    Need help breaking free from addiction?
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