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Blog Authors — Contributor

Our blogs are written by a dedicated team of authors who are equally passionate about sharing their insights, perspectives and personal experiences.

With a focus on addiction and mental health, we’re able to tackle a broad range of topics here on the blog—including depression, anxiety, grief, relationship difficulties, eating disorders, and trauma, to name just a few.

So, without further ado, let’s meet the team:

  • Destiny Lopez is a seasoned writer with expertise in blogging, content management and editing. Based in the Los Angeles area, Destiny eagerly shares her wealth of knowledge about all things mental health.
  • Natalie Baker is much more than an extremely talented writer; she’s also a former practicing attorney whose passion and experience in the addiction recovery niche is unparalleled. Currently based in Florida, Natalie’s unique insight and expertise makes for powerful content.
  • Kerry Nenn is a freelance writer and author who holds a bachelor’s degree in social work from Evangel University. Based in the Chicago area, Kerry’s passion for mental health is immeasurable and her positive attitude is infectious.


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