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Peggy L. Ferguson, Ph.D., LMFT, LADC, has been in private practice in Stillwater, Oklahoma since 1990, and in the counseling field for over 25 years. Dr. Ferguson has provided inpatient and outpatient counseling services to individuals, groups, couples, and families for issues ranging from addiction to individual self-growth.

Dr. Ferguson's practice has focused on all facets of addiction and recovery, including family dynamics of addiction, mental health, and relationship issues. With a specialty in marriage/family therapy, I view relationships from a systems perspective, which lends itself to treating the relationship, rather than identifying one partner as "the problem" to be "fixed". Marriage and family issues might involve step-family problems, infidelity, jealousy, money issues, sexual problems or intimacy issues, or family business issues. Addiction is conceptualized, not only from an individual chronic health issue framework, but systemically as a family, workplace, and cultural problem. Additional common mental health issues presented in therapy include depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive behavior, grief, low self-esteem, sexual addiction (and other process addictions), and co-occurring disorders.

In addition to her practice activities, Dr. Ferguson is also a writer, consultant, and community resource. For more information, please visit Dr. Ferguson's websites at and

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