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Are you in transition around your job or relationship? I work with people during important transitions in their lives, for instance either starting or leaving a significant job or relationship. Although often difficult, periods of change can offer opportunities to bring your life more in alignment with what is truly authentic and fulfilling for you.

Relationship issues? I assist partners in traditional, alternative + queer relationships to get past blame and shame to more understanding, trust and intimacy. I use an eclectic approach combining the latest discoveries in neuroscience with powerful and effective developments in relationship research. Learn how to get out of stuck places and reactive arguments faster. Learn communication skills that move you beyond "right" or "wrong" to a place of emotional understanding.

Food + weight struggles? As former Director of the Eating Disorders program at Community Institute of San Rafael, Marin, I advocate a Health at Every Size approach. I work with people who obsess that if they only had the perfect weight their lives would work out. So many of us through over dieting and body hatred have lost our connection to ourselves. The body instead of being home for our psyche/ spirit becomes the battleground. I work with clients to get off the fasting/ feasting cycle and reclaim their appetite for life!

Do you feel emotionally stuck in the past? You might be suffering from trauma. I help my clients move through traumatic experiences using EMDR (eye movement desensitization reprocessing). This well researched method has fast and effective results in working with people suffering from trauma. I also help my clients release the cellular and muscular memory of the trauma (which is where trauma is often stored) using somatic psychotherapy (Hakomi and Somatic Experiencing). This is an approach that taps into body awareness and mindfulness, which does not involve touch. As a certified hypnotherapist I have also found hypnosis to be a very useful and effective tool for resolving trauma and for some people it works even better than EMDR.

As a former yoga teacher and somatically trained psychotherapist one of the ways I can assist you to make lasting changes is through fostering body mindfulness. I use somatic psychotherapies (Hakomi and Somatic Experiencing) to work through trauma and facilitate transitions that last.

For more information and articles, podcasts and interviews by Ondina Nandine Hatvany, MFT, please visit her website: www.OndinaWellness.com. Ondina can be reached on her confidential office line at (415) 381-1065 or via e-mail: ondinah@gmail.com.

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