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Robin Kahler — Contributor

Robin Kahler is a patient who was diagnosed with affective bipolar disorder in 1988. She works from her home in Tucson, Arizona, as an antiques appraiser and dealer.  She enjoys a full-time hobby as a freelance writer. Her articles are written to offer her personal experiences (successes and failures) with her own clinical depression. She was raised in an inner-city ghetto, with a parent who was also bipolar, and her stories reflect those situations as well. She and her husband enjoy running a home-based business. They have two adult children, six grandchildren, and several pets.

Her bipolar disorder has been successfully managed for over twenty years and during that time she was happy to be able to finish high school, and graduate college on the Dean's list.  She also enjoyed classes in photography and won several awards with her landscape photos. Other courses of personal study throughout the years varied and have included: antiques, nutrition, and optometry.  She worked as an optician for six years while attending law school and has a degree in business and business law.

In her senior years her kidneys rejected her lithium therapy, and she now works with her doctors to maintain a happy and active life-style without lithium. Her bipolar disorder remains managed.  However now diseases such as: arthritis, spinal stenosis, and fibromyalgia present a source of chronic pain which create a new type of depression for her.  Robin feels this simply adds to her ability to have a personal understanding with other forms of depression, and she hopes her writing can be a source of encouragement to herself and to others. She admits that her dealings with the frustrations from chronic pain remains a continuing effort and is not yet as managed as she would like it to be.  Thus, it remains an on-going journey.

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