Health Tip: Become a Heart-Healthy Chef

(HealthDay News) -- Cooking meals at home gives you greater control over the healthiness of the foods you and your family eat.

The American Heart Association suggests these healthier cooking and preparation methods:

  • Trim visible fat from meat before cooking. Look for beef marked as "choice" or "select" for the leanest cuts.
  • Look for "round" and "loin" cuts of pork and other meats.
  • Opt for lean poultry breasts instead of legs and thighs, and always choose skinless.
  • Substitute egg whites (two egg whites for one whole egg) in recipes that call for eggs.
  • Opt for low-fat versions of milk, cheese, yogurt and other dairy products.
  • Choose fat-free or lighter versions of salad dressings for marinades or dips. And look for low-salt choices when shopping.