Other Drugs Of Abuse

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Member Drugs: (Brand Names) [Street Names]

  • PCP [Angel Dust]

What The Drugs Looks Like:

  • PCP typically appears in the form of prepared blotter paper/pills or in liquid form.
  • Marijuana may be dipped into a liquid form of PCP

Most Typical Routes Of Administration:

  • Mouth (swallowing pills)
  • Nose & Lungs (Inhaling smoke)

What This Drugs Does:

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  • Short term:
    • Feelings of relaxation, drowsiness, euphoria,
    • Sensory distortions of sight, sound, space, time and body image
    • Difficulty concentrating, impaired coordination, slurred speech,
    • Increased respiration, heart rate and blood pressure
    • Sweating, chills, nausea, vomiting
    • Confusion, disorientation, paranoia, agitation, restlessness
    • Behaviors may be hostile, violent erratic or bizarre,.
    • "Bad trips" are fairly common among PCP users
    • Coma, convulsions and death can occur at very high doses.
    • The effects of PCP are very unpredictable even among experienced users, and it can produce severe effects, even at low doses.
  • Long term:
    • Brain damage: speech problems, memory loss and impaired thinking
    • Chronic anxiety and depression
    • Social withdrawal

Pattern of Withdrawal Symptoms:

  • Nervousness
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

Most Significant Problems:

  • Possibility of an overdose exists, but is not likely to be fatal
  • Strong possibility of brain damage!

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