Depression Test (Self-Assessment)

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Regarding Our Depression Quiz

If you feel you're struggling with little to no interest or pleasure in doing things, or are feeling down, depressed, or hopeless, the following questions are among the ones your clinician would use to begin your evaluation. When answering the following questions, it is critical you are referring only to symptoms which have bothered you during the past 7 days.

If you're unsure whether your problems could be a sign of depression, a mental health expert such as an online therapist or online psychiatrist can assist in determining the cause and suggest appropriate treatment.

Am I Depressed? Begin Your Depression Test

Feeling sad and wondering if you’re suffering from depression? Take our free online depression test to get quick and confidential results in a matter of seconds. This quiz is designed to help you understand the severity of your depression symptoms and offers suggestions to help you get the support you need.

Who Is This Test For?

This online depression test is intended for anyone who suspects they may be experiencing symptoms of depression. Completing the depression quiz above can help you in evaluating if you may require further assistance and professional support to alleviate your symptoms.

Have you recently asked yourself questions like the following?

  • Why do I feel guilty, angry or sad all the time?
  • Why can’t I stop crying all the time?
  • Will things in my life ever get better?
  • Why do I feel exhausted all the time?
  • Why am I avoiding ______ ?
  • Why can't I stop thinking about or let go of ______ ?
  • Why can't I get out of bed in the morning?
  • Why do I feel like a failure?
  • Why don't I want to leave my house or spend time with my friends?

Everyone feels down, sad or bummed out from time to time. But if these types of feelings have persisted for more than two weeks, they may be a sign of depression, and it's time to take action to ensure you get the help you need.

Symptoms must last a minimum of two weeks and must represent a material change in previous levels of functioning for a diagnosis of clinical depression.

Medical conditions (such as thyroid issues, a brain tumor or nutrient deficiency) can mimic symptoms of depression so it is important a medical professional rules out general medical causes.

If you are experiencing depressive symptoms, know that you are not alone. Depression affects an estimated 1 in 15 adults (6.7%) each year. And 1 in six people (16.6%) will experience depression at some point in their life.

Is This Depression Quiz Accurate?

This online depression quiz is not a definitive method for diagnosing depression. It should not be utilized in place of a professional diagnosis, but can be helpful in self-assessment and tracking of your mood changes over time. It's important to keep in mind that only a trained medical professional can properly diagnose depression and recommend the most appropriate course of treatment for you. If you have concerns about your mental health, seek the guidance of a qualified mental health expert.

Is This A Free Depression Test?

Yes, this is a free online depression test to help you evaluate whether or not you may be suffering from symptoms of depression.

Can This Online Quiz Diagnose Me With Depression?

No, this depression quiz cannot diagnose you with depression - only a trained medical professional can. It should rather be used to assist you in understanding if you experience symptoms associated with depression.