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If going through treatment for addiction isn’t hard enough, remaining in recovery can be an incredibly difficult, heroic task. Whether one chooses to remain completely sober or use drugs in moderation, the potential to relapse seems continuously omnipresent. Individuals in recovery must pay extra careful attention to their thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and environments on their journey to lasting wellness. If you have come to this section because you or someone you know is in recovery, give yourself a pat on the back (or a hug). You're doing great and your efforts will yield benefits.

Depending on your unique history, personality, and preferences, different forms of support will be helpful in recovery. Here are a few quick options to consider:

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  • You may feel drawn towards a 12-Step or other spiritually-based approach. Look for an AA, NA, MA, or GA, or other “anonymous” group in your area. You can use our Meeting Finder to find a group near you.
  • Perhaps you are more interested in a secular or self-empowerment recovery group. Do an internet search for groups like SMART Recovery, Women for Sobriety, Secular Organizations for Sobriety, or LifeRing Secular Recovery in your area.
  • You could seek out a sober living facility in your area, where you live with like-minded individuals also in recovery.
  • Some people feel most comfortable pursuing recovery without treatment or a support group. This is completely OK- in fact, people beat addictions on their own all of the time. How many people do you know who stopped smoking cigarettes on their own? What about people who receive opioid medications after a surgery- don't they mostly quit by themselves, too?
  • Consider picking up a good book on beating addiction or staying in recovery. Search the internet for inspiring videos, online support groups, and other resources in your area.

Whether you choose to pursue recovery with or without an organized treatment or recovery group, it is always helpful to seek the help of friends, family members, or other individuals that can support you. Stripping away all of the acronyms, amenities, and types of therapy that exist, most would agree that the essential ingredient to success is the support of your fellow human beings.

In this topic center, you’ll find pages on different theories of sustaining recovery, for example from an evolutionary perspective or a public health model. You’ll also find useful tips, such as how to manage heroin withdrawal, handling anxiety after quitting Xanax, or sustaining a relationship where alcohol was involved.

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If you are looking for information on addiction treatment, rather than information on maintaining recovery, visit our Addiction Treatment topic center.

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