Relationship Problems

Relationship Problems

Introduction to Relationship Problems

This topic center concerns marriage and marriage-like relationship problems. Our aim here is to educate the reader about the nature of such problems and to illuminate what can be done to solve them when that is possible. We’re going to use the term ‘marriage’ here for the most part, but it should be understood that what we have to say applies more or less as readily to domestic unions and most other types of cohabiting committed ‘romantic’ relationships, whether homosexual or heterosexual in orientation. The state may define marriage rather narrowly, but we take it as a given that relationship problems do not discriminate.

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Relationship Problems — In The News
Divorce May Be More Likely When Wives Get Sick

THURSDAY, March 5, 2015 (HealthDay News) -- That part of the marriage vows where couples pledge to stay together "in sickness and in health" may be heeded more by wives than husbands, new research suggests. Although divorce rates did not increase when husbands were in poor health, researchers at Iowa... Read More

Straight Men More Prone to Jealousy Over Sexual Infidelity: Study

TUESDAY, Jan. 13, 2015 (HealthDay News) -- A woman may have the reputation of turning into a green-eyed monster when her man sleeps with someone else, but new research suggests a man gets even more jealous in the same scenario. In a poll of nearly 64,000 Americans, sexual infidelity... Read More

A Bad Marriage Burdens an Aging Heart

THURSDAY, Nov. 20, 2014 (HealthDay News) -- A bad marriage increases an older adult's risk of heart trouble, and that's particularly true for women, a new study contends. Researchers examined five years of data from 1,200 married American men and women, aged 57 to 85. People with spouses... Read More

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In Love With Being In Love? 6 Tips To Break The Cycle

Despite the love stories plastered all over Hollywood movies or the sweet nothings dripping from Hallmark cards, the truth is that relationships aren’t always so perfect. But before we dig... Read More

3 Powerful Skills To Manage Conflict In Relationships

Conflict often arises because we don’t always correctly read the behavior or words of another person. To do so takes some skill in communication. Some people have grown up in... Read More

Soul Mates And Unconditional Love

Are you searching for a soul mate or unconditional love? Your quest can set you on an impossible journey to find an ideal partner. The problem is twofold: Neither we... Read More

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