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  • Alcohol And Personality Change

    Hi, I’m wondering about the consumption and an individuals personality. Is it possible that a person becomes someone else... Read More

  • Do I Have Adult ADD?

    All of my life I’ve been “different.” I seem able to work my best when I’m... Read More

  • Marriage Corner

    The Marriage Corner: How Do We Get Through This?

    How long have you been together? 11 yrs What is your age range? 30-35 Please share your story: I found... Read More

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  • Blue

    Follow up

    I found out that this bipolar boyfriend is actually prowling around on PUA Forums. He goes around and games for sex now. what an angry, insecure, sorry man. wpmen realy...Read More

    In response to The Link Between Bipolar Disorder And Anger

  • sara

    scapegoat no more

    After reading the comments the one made by Chris dec 2014 ….. feeling much better ….. today is the day no more scapegoat ….. a whole life of verbal and...Read More

    In response to Toxic Families Who Scapegoat

  • Nadim

    My son sounds like Jeanette's son desperatly need help

    My son is 20 years old suffers from depression, social anxiety since the age of 14 . like Jannet son he struggled Through college and hasn’t been going for the...Read More

    In response to 20 Year Old Female: No Friends, Depressed, What Should I Do?

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