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Welcome to the Addictions section of our website

In this family of topic centers, you will find information in the following categories. Use the sidebar to navigate through each of these topics. Each section and subcategory contains multiple articles.

  1. What is Addiction?

    1. Definitions of Addiction.
    2. Statistics.
  2. Signs, Symptoms, and Effects of Addiction:

    1. Signs and Symptoms of Addiction.
    2. The Effects of Drugs.
    3. Withdrawal, Intoxication, and Effects of Specific Drugs.
  3. What Causes Addiction?

    1. Biological Perspectives.
    2. Psychological Perspectives.
    3. Moral & Spiritual Perspectives.
    4. 12-Step Perspectives.
    5. Cognitive-Behavioral/Social Learning Theories.
    6. Other Theories.
  4. Mental Health, Dual-Diagnosis, & Behavioral Addictions:

    1. Dual-Diagnosis/Co-Occurring Disorders.
    2. Behavioral Addictions.
  5. Addiction Treatment:

    1. About Treatment.
    2. Detox.
    3. Medication/Pharmacotherapy.
    4. 12-Step & Spiritual Groups.
    5. Secular/Self-Empowerment Groups.
    6. Motivational Interviewing.
    7. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapies.
    8. Mindfulness-Based Therapies.
    9. Community, Family, & sociocultural Approaches.
    10. Alternative Treatments.
    11. Other Therapies.
  6. Addiction Recovery:

    1. About Recovery.
    2. Models of Recovery.
    3. Entering & Staying in Recovery.
  7. Information on Specific Drugs:

    1. Alcohol.
    2. Bath Salts.
    3. Cocaine.
    4. Crack.
    5. Ecstasy.
    6. Heroin.
    7. Inhalants.
    8. Ketamine.
    9. Marijuana.
    10. Meth.
    11. Adderall.
    12. Ambien.
    13. Ativan.
    14. Oxycodone.
    15. Percocet.
    16. Tramadol.
    17. Valium.
    18. Vicodin.
    19. Vyvanse.
    20. Xanax.

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