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Rachel is a Licensed Social Worker and has been a therapist in private practice in New York City for 17 years. Rachel Moheban gleaned two things from her life and those around her—a curiosity for the way people related to each other and a discovery of the self-healing power of the mind. This inquisitiveness inspired her to pursue a Masters Degree in Social Work from New York University. It was not long before Rachel's gift for providing humanistic therapy made her one of the most sought after psychotherapists in New York City. What these fortunate clients experience is a warm, dynamic exchange between client and therapist. Rachel removes her clients' trepidations with engaging interaction that arrives at the heart of their problems and unearths their unfulfilled dreams. Non-judgmental feedback and individualized psychodynamic techniques empower clients to conquer anxiety disorders and depression. Individual therapy is not the only thing driving Rachel's thriving therapy practice. Top law firms, advertising firms, banks and nonprofit organizations request Rachel Moheban's corporate counseling services. Even with this success, Rachel's experience is as a couples therapist and her growing clientele of dating, married and same sex couples.

Her specialty is working with couple's and Relationship issues, and she also coaches individuals and couples and has developed a couples Program (which benefits couples in an incredible way.) In working with Couples for the past 17 years private practice, Rachel recognized a need for couples to have a way which includes what you have heard referred to as “self help” and cognitive behavioral ways where couples could learn how to cope and manage issues that come up in relationships. Couples usually end up coming to counseling when it is too late or they have so much resentment that it becomes harder and harder to form a connection with their partner. In response these problems Rachel wanted to discover a way where my couples could benefit from resources before they got to this point. She decided to add a coaching dimension to my practice and provide couples with various resources that could provide them with benefits and solutions before it was too late to preserve their relationships. Rachel realized that in addition to the already great results psychotherapy provides her clients that her couples could benefit even more from adapting a variety of resources especially the effective combination of psycho-education, pro-active skills and techniques. These approaches combined inspired her to create the success formula needed to make fast and immediate changes in relationships. This is why she designed and developed her coaching audio program the “Ultimate Relationship Resolution Program”. This technologically advanced relationship program developed by Rachel prevents and also accelerates therapy by addressing the five underlying issues that trigger common arguments that plague every couple.

Rachel began to notice couples—whether they were dating, married or same sex partners—were missing a key ingredient to creating and sustaining rewarding relationships. She realized couples needed a program to address common relationship issues such as communication problems, physical intimacy, anger and money before they arise. The psychotherapist saw the thick wall of resentment stacked between couples that waited too late to seek relationship therapy. Couples and singles needed proactive relationship coaching that provided psycho-education, skills and techniques to serve as prevention as well as a complement to therapy. They needed a safe place to get to the root of their problems and transform their relationships while learning from others in the comfort of their own homes. They needed the Ultimate Relationship Resolution Program.

The Ultimate Relationship Resolution Premarital and Marital Program is an uplifting and dynamic counseling system that can be used in any marriage enrichment setting. The Program is designed to assist the biblical foundation of marriage provided through your church and dives into the five common issues that plague even the happiest couples. Even if you already have a premarital and/or marital program in place, this has proven to be an excellent accompaniment to your existing counseling.

This audio program with accompanying workbook allows you to provide effective counseling for the couple to complete on their own (perfect for those with busy schedules or those with distance challenges—such as military families).

The Ultimate Relationship Resolution Program includes Five Audio Counseling Sessions and a Downloadable Workbook complete with Action Sheets and Exercises. The audio sessions cover:

1. Strategies for Communicating Effectively with your Partner
2. Strategies for Resolving Money Conflicts with your Partner
3. Strategies for Managing Anger in your Relationship
4. Strategies for Enhancing Physical Intimacy in your Relationship
5. Strategies for Deepening Emotional Intimacy in your Relationship

She did not stop at The Ultimate Relationship Resolution Program. In addition, to transforming couples' relationships and lives Rachel also provides coaching for singles. She helps singles drive past insecurities and counterproductive habits—barriers standing in the way of the love and life of their dreams. With her 1:1 Breakthrough sessions and newfound social and dating skills, they can enter the dating scene with confidence.

Rachel Moheban Wachtel, is also Management Consultant and for over 17 years has worked on-site at various corporations providing counseling, training and crisis services. Passionate about workplace relationships, Rachel specializes in helping management and employees to work together more efficiently and effectively thereby improving productivity, morale and bottom-line profitability. Rachel's clients comprise a vast diversity of industries and professions and her background as a Social Worker and Psychotherapist enables her to create substantial changes in workplace behavior.

She is also certified in Critical Incident Management and has also worked for over 20 years as an Employee Assistance Counselor for various companies assisting employees with work related issues.

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