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Dr. Dombeck's essays are now available in MP3 Podcast ("talk radio") format on a going forward basis. Click on the links below to listen to the essays.

A podcast is a kind of radio show (usually along the lines of a talk radio show) that is made available on the Internet as a digital audio file instead of being broadcast. Podcasts are available in several audio formats, but the most common format is the popular MP3 format playable by just about all portable audio players and computers.

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Podcast Length

Robert Kegan's Awesome Theory of Social Maturity

Jan 2007 00:46:46 Listen

It can be extremely frustrating trying to deal with socially immature people. Dr. Kegan's theory helps you understand how socially immature people think - what is going on in their minds that makes them so infuriating - so that you can finally understand and therefore better manage your interactions with them.
Torture is a Form of Trauma: Trauma Causes PTSD

Sep 2006 00:13:53 Listen

Humanistic Psychotherapy: Creating a trusting therapy environment

Aug 2006 00:18:59 Listen

Boundaries and Family Systems: about dysfunctional families

Jul 2006 00:25:39 Listen

Cognitive Restructuring: The Heart of Cognitive Therapy

Apr 2006 00:28:40 Listen

Learning Theory: Foundation of Behavior Therapy

Apr 2006 00:25:19 Listen

Narcissus and the Grizzly Bear: Review of "Grizzly Man"

Mar 2006 00:19:21 Listen

Repression-Sensitization: The coping perspective

Feb 2006 00:23:36 Listen

Repression a la Freud: The psychodynamic conception

Feb 2006 00:24:04 Listen

Transference: psychodynamic technique

Nov 2005 00:28:52 Listen

Philosophers, Engineers ...: Four approaches to therapy

Sep 2005 00:26:24 Listen

The Nonjudgemental Witness: An essay about psychotherapy

Jul 2005 00:19:14 Listen