Parent’s Anxiety Disorders And Children’s Adjustment

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The Need for Psychotherapy:

The answer to the question in #4 is absolutely NOT. No person chooses to suffer from panic, anxiety, phobic reactions or some type of personality disorder. I hear you asking the question of what purpose there is of pointing at the mother? The question is good and the answer is important. Here it is:


Being a parent is a difficult job even for those who do not experience a psychiatric problem. The fact is that people need help in raising children and in getting help for their emotional problems for those who have them. It was pointed out in a recent posting that it is far easier for people to get full treatment for physical illnesses than for emotional ones.

Mothers and fathers who experience any of the psychiatric problems discussed here: anxiety disorders, depression and personality disorders are deserving of treatment, especially when their children are young, so that they can do their parenting with a minimum of their problems interfering with the healthy development of their sons and daughters.

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There are many types of therapy and medications to help people overcome their anxieties and live happy lives. Among these are Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Modeling Therapy, EMDR, and so on. Medications reduce anxious reactions and help make the therapy work more successfully in many cases.

Therefore, the purpose is not to blame people but to let them know that there is help. It is also important to remind the reader that going for help for your self does not guarantee that the child will avoid the anxiety disorders. It is important to remember that there is always that genetic influence in the background or foreground.

5. A Personal Note:

My mother suffered from an anxiety disorder as did her mother. Certainly, in a day when not much was known about these things, she did not go for help but lived a fairly limited life. Did she communicate her fears to me? Yes, she did but not deliberately. Later, as a young adult and someone entering the field of mental health practice, it was necessary for me to get help for my fears and inhibitions. I did so and was and am able to live a normal life and that includes writing for Mental Help Net.

Your comments and experiences are welcome.

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