Online Resources for ADHD

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There is a wealth of information on ADHD/ADD online. Many of these resources have been developed and are maintained by others who also have suffered from an attention deficit problem. We've selected a few of our favorite sites for you to select from.

Mental Health Sanctuary
This site has been updated and has a great deal of information. A resource for Attention Deficit Disorders, this site includes links, articles, information, and advice to people with these disorders. Also features a translator for their web site, as well as a nice search function.


Born To Explore
Teresa Gallagher
This site is devoted to "exploring positive and alternative views of attention deficit disorder (ADD/ADHD)." Offering a useful, refreshing, and valid alternative view to the classification that ADHD is dysfunctional, the author elaborates on her view through articles, references, and a host of online resources to explore. Well-designed and easy to navigate, the site constantly emphasizes that "ADD is a difference, not a defect." The site offers positive quotes, an in-depth analysis of how ADHD might be explained through a myriad of models, such as hunters, dreamers, and explorers, among others examined. Articles also cover coincidence of ADHD and creativity, and many other engaging essays.

Tourette Syndrome Plus
Leslie E. Packer, PhD
This site is jam packed with information about Tourette's Syndrome and the relationship between Tourette Syndrome and ADD. It is easily navigated (no frames). The information is presented in a clear and concise fashion.

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Frank Kannemann
An Internet FAQ for parents and teachers of ADD diagnosed children, as well as adults interested in ADD. Readers can choose from text only, browser light (best for viewing), and browser heavy (best for printing). Very informative, although infrequently updated.

ADHD Taking Control Through Knowledge
Brandi Valentine
Includes support group information, recommended readings, and Internet Relay Chat (IRC) information. Visitors can subscribe to the monthly newsletter or communicate interactively on the message board. Through a special link on Brandi's Web site, you can access high-quality, professional, affordable counseling services.

Additional Resources

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