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Self-Injury / Self-Harm: How Do I Stop Cutting Myself?


I am 18 and i constantly feel the need to cut myself to release all my emotions….when i do, i feel so much better. i started cutting my wrists and arms about four to five years ago.I don’t do any drugs anymore, and im taking zoloft for depression. i started at five milligrams and now im taking 100 milligrams. i take it every night and i still feel depressed, down, and dumb. i recently cut my wrist pretty deep…i dont think of killing myself, i just think about feeling better….and it works. i know thats not a healthy way to express my feelings but its the only way that feels good. what should i do?

hi i cut my wrist when i get really mad or upset and its just bothering me so bad and i cant tell someone do you have any suggestions on how i could stop cutting?

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I’m combining two reader questions into one answer as they are so similar.

People who self-injure often find that cutting on themselves provides them with a means of managing very difficult and otherwise overwhelming emotions. They may feel numb, and cutting becomes a way to feel again. They may feel overwhelmed with emotion, and cutting becomes a way to focus the pain they are feeling and transform it from something amorphous into something concrete that they can control. There can be a self-punishing aspect to self-harm as well.

Once established as a habit, cutting is hard to stop, simply because it works to transform those emotions from something unmanageable into something manageable. The behavior can take on a compulsive quality, just like masturbation to pornography for some people; you may feel bad about doing it part of the time, but you end up cycling back into wanting to do it and you go back to choosing it every time. In order to get a handle on stopping cutting, once it has this compulsive flavor to it, it is helpful for people to learn alternative means of dealing with their emotions, or to work on the issues that have led them to have problematic emotions in the first place. This is very hard to do on your own, which should be obvious from the fact that the people who cut aren’t stupid and the best they’ve come up with is to cut. It is easier to heal from trauma in the context of a healing relationship – either with caring peers, or with a therapist of some sort. This is key – you can’t easily do this yourself. You need to get yourself into therapy for this. Therapeutic settings can provide a relationship to witness your pain, can be a support you can trust, and can provide you with new ideas for how to cope. You do the work yourself every time, but it is much easier when you accept help.

Many (but not all) people who cut do so because they have experienced some life trauma in their day. This could be abuse, or rape or abandonment or anything in that spectrum. Something that made them feel vulnerable and bad; something that was overwhelmingly horrible which convinced them at a deep level that they were no good (e.g., evil, sinful, slutty), or that they are undeserving or that they are not in control of their lives. There are therapies which are designed to help dissolve the emotional impact of being traumatized. Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) is one prominent one widely available today. Another is called Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). Still another variations relies on the power of peer relationships in a group therapy or the therapist-client relationship in individual therapy context to help people open up and talk about what they have stuffed down. EMDR uses a sort of attention trick to make trauma memories less intense. DBT teaches mindfulness techniques to help create a detached ‘witness’ perspective from which it is easier to tolerate emotions. The other therapies basically rely on the formation of a trusting relationship in which people eventually become able to feel safe enough to talk about what they are ashamed of and, through the process of sharing that load and being accepted still, the load lightens.

The power of sharing in a trusting environment happens because normally, trauma memories are avoided. Since people are unwilling and unable to tolerate those feelings associated with the memories, they are pushed away, and can’t be unlearned. By learning to tolerate the feelings, people can talk about them which brings up the feelings and allows them to air out. By experiencing them and having a new experience of not being rejected because of them, new learning occurs which lessens the impact of the fear and dissolves the trauma some.

As your ability to tolerate whatever it is that you’re needing to avoid; whatever it is that is so distressing and disturbing grows, your need to cut will lessen. There isn’t any magic pill or wand to wave; you have to do the work and be brave and grow new ways of coping before you’ll be in a position to be okay with giving up cutting. Cutting serves a function for you now, and you need to replace it with something safe before you can easily give it up.

There are many therapists who can offer assistance with self-injury today. You might try looking for one in your area using our therapists directory. If you are in need of intensive inpatient assistance because your self-injury is really severe, you might contact Andrew Levander who runs a residential treatment inpatient facility for severe self-injurers in the Los Angeles area. If you are interested in learning more about DBT, you can listen to this podcast with DBT founder Marsha Linehan, Ph.D. If you are interested in learning more about EMDR, you can listen to this podcast with Francine Shapiro, Ph.D. the founder of EMDR. Both podcast pages have links to websites where therapists who specialize in these respective treatments can be looked up.

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  • keira tankian

    why do people cut...

    Editor's Note: Please see our community discussion for a partial explanation and discussion.

  • Sparkz

    well people cut to avoid the pain..i know tht becos i cut up myselfm i gets bullied lik mate got beaten upa nd lik wel i getz averyday it so bawd tht ihve lik jus cryied and cut nd i started writing a diary but...yeaa people does it for pain relief. nd not for the fun of it..lets say its a bad thing to fo but as in some cases this cant be helped. thank you for listeninf x regaurds Sparkz

  • Anonymous-1

    i cut because it helps me not to suicide. i often feel overwhelmed and by cutting i let out my emotions. otherwise things just build up and i try to kill myself again.

  • Anonymous-2

    hey. i'm a teenager who is used to cutting my wrist. i do it because i'm depressed and very down. :( i don`t understand why i started cutting myself. i stopped but then i did it again. help me, please. :((

  • Anonymous-3

    i have not been a cutter for long and already i know i need to quit but i just cant seem to cause i fell so controlde by my mom and dad and like it is the only thing in my life i have control over but now i want to stop but i know it will be hard and every time i try it just gets even worse

  • Emo(///_-)

    I Cut. I Really need to Stop. People Tell me I should but i dont im 12 and I have a huge problem with cutting....Its mostly ffor my boyfriend we breack up all the time. he tells me some stupid thing like "its not you its me" and i love him alot its just we keep bakeing up and i cut so much Sometimes I do think about death. I really want to live but if i dont have that boy beside me i dont want to be here. he is the one and only person I trust and he lives 500 miles away. I love him with all my heart. I dont want to loose this boy. I cut so much but if we brake up forever i will end up killing myself. People also tell me to get over it and it dosent work. our relation ship...I wouldent trade it for the world. Not even for god. iknow it sounds like i hate god. but i love this boy more than anything....He is my Bestfriend. And i cant stop cutting for him. Do You Have any advice for me? I Have A scare Of his annishal APM And its so big i cant even even wear shorts or short pants without someone comeing up to me and yelling EMO in my face...(///_-) please help!

  • stacy

    everytime something goes wrong the first thing that pops in my head is to cut myself. well i have found an alternative to cutting. tattoos and body piercing. i got my nipples pierced today. i was so scared it would hurt but it didnt, it felt great. that needle was so sharp it felt wonderful to be in control of the pain. it has worked for me so far maybe it can help you too.

  • andrea

    I have been cutting since I was 12 and tomorrow I will be 18 I have a 23 year old boyfriend and he is an alcoholic he already has a 5 year old son and I think I could be pregnant I feel like cutting more than ever right now he is in jail and it is so hard to go there to see him he always looks at my arms to make sure that i havent hurt myself but what he dont know is that my arms arent the only place i cut myself. I told him that i could be pregnant and he wasnt even upset he loves me soooo much it hurts to hide this problem like i am i have been a meth addict for 2 years and he does it too what am i supposed to do?

  • Anonymous-4

    I started cutting when I was abut 11 years old I am now 34 now. I stop for about 4 years. But for some reason it happening again. I have been on all types of meds and seen many docs and went to many programs. I hate that I do this. The really bad thing is that I have to cut more and more. I am so scared that it takes alot to get my self to bleed. It does not seem s to be helping any more. I have tryed to over dose on meds just to stop the pain. I just wish that I knew why I do this. I have been told that I am bi polar, that I also suffer borderline personilty disorder and I sufer from anixtey really bad, With panic attacts. I just want to be me again but I am starting to think I dont even know who I am r if there really was a me. If any one has good ideas to help I would love to hear. Its so bad that I can not even eat anymore and I have no friends and I can not even work.

  • Anonymous-5

    I don't have any history of mental problems. I don't have any history of trauma. No one I know has died, my parents aren't divorced, I've never been abused, abandoned, or mistreated. I've had EVERYTHING given to me in life. Logically, I know there are people who love me. People think I'm not only normal, but confident. I have lots of friends. No one would believe me if I said I cut.

    And I can't stop. I'm 21. For years, I told myself I could stop anytime I want to. But I can't. It's easier just to give in. Because I always doubt that the people who say they care about me really do. I wonder if they would care if I died. And I need to punish myself for every bad grade, for every day I don't appear happy enough or friendly enough, for every time I mess up at work, or perform badly in a sports practice, for every fight with a friend, for every time I disappoint my parents.

    People notice the cuts on my wrists and legs and say things like, "Haha wow. Are you cutting yourself?" in a joking matter. And I laugh back and say, "Oh you know me. I'm SO emo." But oh my gosh, how I want to say, "Yes, I am...and I can't stop."

    It felt good just to admit it for once.

  • Jill

    About a couple of days ago I began cutting myself after realizing how bad I've been towards people, especially my parents. They've always treated me in a way a daughter should be treated but I never seem to return the favor and it depresses me when they try and talk to me about something they feel is important, I just end up arguing with them. So each night, when I'm alone in my room with nothing else to do but think, my mind drifts off to thinking about my rude manners towards my parents. And that's when I would cut myself thinking that maybe I can inflict the pain, that I inflicted on them, towards me. To be honest, I'm ashamed of myself for doing such a thing. As much as it hurts I always seem to keep doing it again. I admit I need help. If I continue this I know it'll only hurt the ones I love even more.

  • luke

    i started cutting at the beginning of this year but i have been severly depressed/suicidal since 06. i cut whenever im upset or angry or both, tonight/last night was a bit of both. i dont think i am addicted caz i was able to stop (without trying) for a little bit, until i saw my ex at a lil get together thing (she was the reason i started) and then after that i was doing it again. i did it last night at work caz my kinda gf kissed a good mate of mine, just 1, simple cut on my wrist while i was walking away from my manager, forgetting there was a fresh blade in my knife, bled quite badly. and tonight caz my friend was being a bitch, but although it does hurt it relieves stress and makes me feel better, im not asking for help i just felt like sharing, thank you.

  • XxX

    Recently self harm started, well, about two years ago. I don't like saying that I do it but I do. It's something that I hate. I wanna stop and I can't. Can you help?

  • Zero

    I have great friends, I have wondrfull parents. I get everything i need or want but sometimes my parents dont understand. They dont know that i cut at all. I recently moved to Scotland from America and my whole world came crashing down around me. My friends cut and they say i shoudent do it but one-day it got really bad. The person i loved went for someonelse wen they promised they'ed be with me. I cryed for hours, days , months and i felt unloved and betrayed. I had always kept a razor blade in my drawer beside my bed is anyone aws to try and harm me but i never knew i would harm myself. I cut myself so deep and the blood went everywhere at first i wanted to put it away but it felt so good in my hands and i just kept on cutting and cutting until my whole arm was soaked in blood. I still cut myself today and its like a habit that cant be broken. I dream about cutting. Im obseesd but i cant stop it. I feel as though im about to commit suicide and i know if i continue i will because i have nothing to live for, but maybe someone out there can hep me realise the truth in who and wat i am. Please help

  • YumeSakina (ayla) TT-TT

    Hello, Everyone My Name Is YumeSakina. I'm A Cutter. *sigh* I Been A Cutter For 4 Years But I'll Stop For A Few Mouths At A Time At Time But I Always Go Back To Cutting Myself! WHY? TT-TT I RLY Want To Stop I Just Can't No Matter How Hard I Have Tried! *screams* That Isn't My Only Prb. I Also Am Crazy For Yaoi/Yuri (BoyXBoy/GirlXGirl) Having Sex Scenes And Pictures And Anime With That Type Of Couple. TT-TT I Just Don't Know What To Do Yaoi/Yuri Is My Escape From Tge Real World! Cuz Where I Live No One I Know Is Gay/Bi/Lez Or Anything Alike So I'm Bi Frist Of All. And I Do Fall In Love With Females Here And There And Yes I Get Weird Feeling But I Can Never Be Loved For Who I Am In My Small Town (Chapleau) Everyone Here Think Gay/Bi/Lez People Don't Diserve Love Like Everyone Else. Like FTW? What Is Up With That? Anyways...I Cut Myself Cuz Ever Seince I Was Little I Always Felt Alone, I Always Like Females/Male Like =s Then Again Am I The Only One I Know That Is Like That...*sigh* My Mom And Dad Are Out Drinking Again And I Was Left To Get The Food Home To My Brother Who Was Maybe Hungry And I Always Have A Blade With Me I Though Hey If I Have One With Me And Maybe I Could Fight The Feeling Of Wanting To Cut...Hmph! Dum Idea My Mom And Dad Have Not Found Out That I Started Cutting Again I Just Got Back From A Home In Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario On Feb.02.09 But Now It Is Worst I Am Now Cutting My Boobs And Cutting Words Such As "Pain/Love/Hurt" (Yes, I'm A Female, 17 Of Age) I Started Cutting When I Was 13 And Now I'm 17 Going To Be 18 In Aug.24 Anyways, I Want To Know How To Stop Cuz No Matter How Much I Cut My Pain Won't Go Away (dum huh) Anyways I Wish So Badly I Could Stop But I Just Can't! *sigh* I Need Help !!!No!!! I Need To be Loved! Anyways I Sound Like Some Weirdo But I'm Not! Anyways "Why DO People Cut?" Simple We Cut Because We Want To Feel Pain When We Don't Know What Else To Feel, Or We Want To Hurt Ourself Cuz We Hurt Others See I Know All OF The Reasons Of Cutting Cuz I Cut For All Of Them, All But One! Some People Cut So Other People Will Feel Sry For Them....Hmph! FIND SOMETHING ELSE TO DO! Anyways I Cut And I Want To Stop But It's Hard When You Can't See How Much People Want To Help Cuz You Are Looking For Something More Then They Are Giving...If You Want To Ask Me Anything Look Up My Youtube/Imvu/GaiaOnline/LiveJournal...It's All The Same Name "YumeSakina" Okay I Have To Ask One More Thing Is It So Hard To Ask To Be Loved?

  • slowly fading..

    i cut myself and have been doing so for about three years now. self harm seems to be the only way to make me feel better when im upset. i have a messed up family and thats the reason im always depressed. my friends try their best to help, but they just dont understand. recently ive also stopped eating properly and now the sight of food makes me feel sick so i think im getting bulimia.. :S I dont like the fact that i starve myself and cut myself but i dont know what else to do. im constantly thinking of suicide but i dont think i'd ever actually do it. all i know is that i need desperate help and fast coz i dont know how much more i can take this life. :(

  • Kate

    I use 2 self harm i self harmed 4 about 4 years i use 2 feel lke if i cut my self all my troubles wud go away but dat was nt d situation cos wat i was going thru wud neva jus go away. I know what its lke 2 b deppressed i no hw hard it is 2 stop n yeah u can get addicted 2 cutting ur self n ne1 hu is reading dis n is self harmer i feel 4 u i know wat its lke 2 cut but u dnt hav 2 my advice 4 self harmers 2 try n stop is it helps 2 talk about feelings n write feelings dwndnt keep feelings locked away dats wat makes u want 2 hurt ur self n i can gaurantee u dat u cut ur self once u will do it agen cos u will look at d marks n feel more deppressed i know i hav bin dere self harm may seem lke an answer 2 cure d pain but it isnt i can tell u dat d ppl u love n love u will hurt if day know d pain u were putting ur self thru dnt hurt ur self cos u do n u will hurt ovas i know lke i z i hav bin dere

  • fakeitevryday.

    I have been threw alot in my life and i am only 18 i have delt with physical abuse and mental abuse. i have delt with drug and alcohol addictions i have been to two mental hospitals and on medication. I was diagonosed as being bipolar and manic depressive. I understand people cut when they are depressed because i used to do it. but my thing is now i have stopped taking my medications for my mental disorders and i was fine at first. i had been clean off drugs now for almost a year. but here lately i have started drinking again and taking pills and i went as far as doing cocaine again last week. drinkin isnt that bad i can handle that but here lately with the drugs again and the daily pressures of life all i have been thinking about was cutting. i havent done it in years but every time i get in the shower or im alone i have to fight myself not to put that razor blade against my leg.

  • Shilo-Lee

    what alot of people don't realise, is that cutting becomes an addiction, you'll start off with depression, then one day, it'll get too much and you'll see a sharp object, at first you think, once won't do anything.

    but it becomes a regular thing, you don't want to, but you can't help it,

    it's your escape from life.

    you release everything through the pain and extasy you feel with cutting.

    i was a cutter for three years, non-stop.

    i have now realised that it was an addiction, one that was so hard to quit, even harder then smoking or drinking. but i stopped, with the help of an amazing family, friends and boyfriend.

    it took a while to realise how much it was hurting them, i tried keeping it from them, because i didn't know how they would react to it.

    if you do cut, you need to let someone know, my friend did that to me, i didnt tell anyone except her and she told my school, they sent me to a councilor, and things have had there ups and downs since then, but i'm glad she told someone, otherwise i may not have stopped.

    i didnt want to kill myself, i didnt want to take my own life. but the thrill i got out of cutting, it was extremely hard to stop.

    as i said if you do cut, please tell someone, you have no idea about how much the people around you care abaout you and would help you get through times like this.



  • Anonymous-6

    i have a really low self-esteem. i feel like crap almost every day. i love being in school and my friend and pers but once i get home i start to cry for no reason.! i then start to cut. i am not a cutter though. thats not me.... well i've only been doing it for half a year and it feels so good. im going to start getting piercings so that covers for how much i like pain. i feel like im the fattest person ever, my friends tell me im not.. my boyfreind tells be im gorgeous but i know im not. everyone thinks im a f**** perfect little ball... but IM NOTT .. whatever. suicide it is..

  • Shilo-Lee

    Hold on.

    i can honestly say i've been there. i still am, being at home can take your mood down so much. i hate being at home. i have no idea why, but i get upset and cry most of the time when i'm home alone.

    two nights ago, i spent the night crying, i'd spent the day with my boyfriend, and everything was fine until i got home. i brokedown. i thought i was pathetic, that my boyfriend was crazy for being with me, that my friends and family werent really there for me.

    I felt alone, i felt like i couldnt do anything right.

    and to be honest. i seriously thought about cutting again.

    the only reason i didnt was because my boyfriend was on the phone to me, as well as one of my closest friends.

    i constantly feel like i'm relying on them to keep me from doing stuff like that but they have made it obvious that they care about me.

    i don't know how i can help you, but i hope this helps a little bit.

    Take Care


  • Anonymous-7

    i just ran across this but i started cutting myself around age 11 or 12. but popping a rubber band on my wrist helped me alot. it takes alot of willpower. you know as well as i do that its an addiction almost. but the rubber band helped me... so you should try that too. because one day you will really hate your scars and be embarrassed of them, i know i am.

  • Anonymous-8

    I began to cut when I was thirteen. I'm now 27, and although I very rarely do it now, it's always a massive urge when I'm feeling very low, or when something happens that feels to overwhelming to cope with.

    I'm so scared of ending up where I used to be with it cutting extensively every day, hiding my arms from everyone, etc, and that makes the shame and regret around doing it now feel much worse than it used to.

    One way I stop myself now is by imagining myself a a young child again, around six or seven if I feel like I'm on the brink of cutting. I remember how lost and alone I would feel back then, and then imagine myself now as a grown-up cutting that young child's body with glass/scissors, or whatever. It makes me realise that what that young me needed was someone to be loving and supportive, and that perhaps if I'd had that, I wouldn't have started cutting in the first place. It's far harder to justify my cutting if I think about it like that, and it usually stops me, though I do still end up feeling v sad - I think it's true that it's crucial to have another coping mechanism in place before you stop cutting - otherwise you've nowhere to go with your bottled up emotions.

    Learning to talk about how I feel has been important - esp. if I'm angry or upset with someone. It's crazy how it can be so difficult to express that there's an undefined fear there, perhaps that they won't listen to me if I speak out, or they won't like me... I don't know. But the times I have spoken up for myself, and been true to the way I'm feeling about things, have made me feel instantly lighter, and the urge to cut has just gone!

    It upsets me to see blase comments on here ["suicide it is then", etc]. You don't have to cut it will all work out and be ok, but nothing will change until you start to do something differently.

    Check me out with this zen fucking advice! The only reason I'm on here is because I feel horrible horrible horrible tonight, and so typed "how can i stop myself from self harming" into google. I'm just trying to convince myself not to do it! I do feel better though. Am going to go to bed and see how I feel in the morning.

    Hope all goes well for anyone reading this. Remember - the urge and the action are two separate things stay in the gap and the urge will pass. xx

  • Caring reader.

    All of you who posted messages saying that you were suicidal and alone, please get help right away. If you are in school you can go to the school psychologist, social worker, or counselor. If you are not in school you can go to a free mental health clinic at a hospital in your area. There are also community based clinics. Tell someone who can help you find the resources you need. Hang in there, and get help immediately.

  • Anonymous-9

    Hi I'm 16 years old now and I've been cutting since I was 8 years old. So I've been cutting my self for 8 years. I started when I first move to a new state which was when I was 8 years old. I cut to let stress out and emotion out. People do condiser me as a emo/goth girl. People are scared of me. I use to see a srink cause I was and still bulimic but I quit seeing him. I DO NOT think of suacidal @ ALL. I'm actrually scared of thinking of death. But anyway I won't to tell someone about it but if I do then that person will tell my mom and idk if I could deal with my mom rage. Cuz she doesn't know @ all about people who self-harm/cut them sleves. So can you please give me any advice of what I should do???

  • Anonymous

    When I was a young teen, I was a god-fearing morally upright by-the-book kind of kid. I fell madly in love with a girl that cut, and eventually started cutting me. I was drugged and raped, photographs taken, and the girl I was in love with was the recipient of said photographs. She proceeded to sleep with every friend I had (She was a very beautiful girl, and loyalties of teenage boys are often very fickle indeed) and told me that if she ever saw me again, she'd kill me (She believed I'd cheated on her, something her last boyfriend did, and something I swore i'd never do). I believed her, after all, who ever heard of a boy being raped? I started to hate myself, and I began spiraling downward for the next two years... I broke several mirrors just because I was so angry at seeing my own reflection. I believe that I worked so hard at twisting my own mind, at never allowing the hurt to heal, I finally broke my mind into pieces. I began hearing voices, and each voice had a name - Wrath, Death, Fear, Envy, Worthless, Loathing, and Amy (Same as my ex that I "betrayed"). The voices would all speak at once, and occasionally seem to actually control movements of my body. My stepmother tried to exorcise the evil out of me, but I had lost faith in God, and afterwards it seemed he'd lost faith in me as well. I started losing control, my grip on sanity, and I was losing to Death and Wrath (Death being suicide, Wrath being the one that would try to destroy everything). When I cut, I could make the voices stop, for a few minutes. I could actually breathe... I currently have 1,017 visible scars on my body, and I can't say I regret any of them. I'm happy today, I've found unity in my mind once again, (No more voices!) and ya know what? Chicks dig scars. =P

  • stephanie

    for eight years i lived with my father who abused me, this is my 1st year not being forced 2 livein that envirornment any longer. i did cut but stopped when i changed 2 my mothers custidy she knows sum of wut happened but hardly a small fraction i tell her i would like 2 see a theripist but 2 her im no longer cutting so im fine. i want 2 cut again so bad it would feel fu**** great i know i wont be able 2 restrain myself much longer and on bad day i idk wut 2 do 2 feel less emotionaly disterbed. i dont want 2 give her 2 much insight 2 wut happened but idk how 2 tell her that i need 2 do sumthing, see sumone before i go back into cutting myself. please sum1 tell me wut im suppose 2 do

  • janey

    i know whats ist like to cut iv been cutting since the age of 17 and now am 34 it to hard to stop when yuv been treated like crap for all those years my family are very disinting from me and dont bother not got any freinds just mostly stay in the house

  • abigail

    I have cut myself before. I did for a couple years. The first time I did it I swore I would never do it Again. But then, I had a really bad day. I rembered how awesome it felt. The tingling that seemed to run through my veins. How it helped my let out the pain I felt on the inside. It helped me bring that to the surface. Then I got really addicted. I cut everywhere. My house, friends houses, school, church. Anywhere I could be alone I did it. No one noticed so It didn't seem to be a big deal. It moved from my arms to my thighs and so on. One day, I bled through my jeans and was sent to the nurse. The to the school doctor lady. I was very aginst it. But I slowly started getting better. I was never left alone and was put on sucidal alert. Then as things started getting better, I got meds and such, I overdosed one morning. And it all went down hill. But, I climbed back up and slowly stopped. I fight the earge everyday. But I were my scars as battel wounds and share my experince to whoever should know that things will get better if you want them to. And don't be afarid to ask for help. You never know when you could go to deep...

  • cutter

    I've been cutting on and off. I started at 12, cut a few times when I was 17 and again now at 21 I cut my wrist a few times. I asked for help from counsellors, social workers, doctors, but I don't know how to stop thinking about it. I haven't cut in two weeks...probably because its the break and I don't really have anything that will provoke anxiety at the moment. I will try the tools my SW told me about ie. biting on a lemon, submerging self in ice cold water, punching a pillow etc..and see if it helps. I still don't know how to get rid of that urge to cut though.

  • AJ

    I am 10 years old and I cut can you help me. My friends worry. I bleed I want to stop can you give me any advise to stop.

  • Anonymous-10

    to myself self harm is an addiction


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