Lung Cancer: Recovery

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The American Cancer Society estimates roughly 222,000 Americans are diagnosed with lung cancer each year (ACS, 2010). Furthermore, about 160,000 Americans die from lung cancer every year (ACS, 2010). This makes lung cancer the deadliest form of cancer by far,; a disappointing fact considering how preventable most cases of lung cancer are.  The importance of not smoking cannot be stressed enough; it is the primary cause of lung cancer, responsible for some 90% of all lung cancer deaths. Prevention is key to living a lung cancer free life whether you have previously had an episode of lung cancer or have never before had the disease. It is important to eliminate the lung cancer risk factors from your life (refer to the risk factor overview document for more information). Living a more lung-healthy lifestyle will reduce your risk of developing new lung cancers, and benefit the existing treatments you have already undertaken.

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