Anxiety, Stress and Depresion in Light of the Recession

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A New York Times article yesterday discussed how the recession is bringing anxiety, depression, stress and fearful thoughts into the lives of people all over the country, even if they have not personally been affected by a job loss.

Simply the thought of what could happen if such a loss occurred is enough to evoke those feelings.  As a result, crisis lines and therapists are seeing an increase in the number of people reporting problems with such issues and they are taking different approaches to resolve their anxiety.


"Some are seeking counseling or medication for the first time. Others are resuming or increasing treatment, or redirecting therapy for other issues onto economic anxiety."

Children and teens are even reacting to the anxiety and stress with more cases of families in crisis and kids acting out in various ways being seen by therapists.

For more information, read the full article – Recession Anxiety Seeps Into Everyday Lives

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