I am a 43 yr. old woman who is being stalked/harassed by a religious zealot. This has been going on for over 2 months. In the beginning the guy just showed up at my home. We were polite but said no thank-you. He has been by my home so many times, as many as 3 times a day some days, at 6 am, at lunch, at 11 pm. We told the man if he did not stop we would call the police. Have called the police, they have been to his home to speak to him 3 times, to no avail. Had him arrested this week, his bond states for him to not come back or will stay in jail until hearing in June. Yes, he was back at 6 am next day. Police are now looking for him. I am a nervous wreck. The man says God is talking to him about my family. Says my husband is in religious jeopardy because of me, but that he is not afraid of me. Says it is a heavy burden and he is tortured. I think the guy is crazy and needs a psych evaluation. Police suggested I call his family, guess they are nuts too. I do not know where this guy came from, have never seen him before all of this started. He is clean cut, late 20’s, uneducated and ignorant. I am very concerned about this situation and am wondering how dangerous the situation might be. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. P.S. – have never discussed anything with this man, most I have ever said to him was that religion was a personal matter abd I would not discuss it with him, oh, have told him to vacate my property many, many times. Thank you for your time

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If this fellow is talking to God, it is far more likely that he is crazy than an authentic prophet. He certainly should be given a psychiatric evaluation, and at the earliest opportunity. Hearing voices is a hallmark of paranoid psychosis, and may indicate schizophrenia, mania (as in bipolar � manic depressive disorder), or several other illnesses, all of which have brain involvement, and may respond to medication.

But it is not your responsibility that the man is likely crazy. Your first responsibility is to keep yourself and your family safe. I’m glad to see you are taking the threat seriously. This stalker would appear to be an authentic threat to your safety, and if not � certainly he is an intruder who will not take a hint. We know his behavior is aggressive and non-responsive to normal correction. There is no way to know whether he is dangerous, but in this case, you have to assume he is. What you are doing with the police and the courts is agonizingly slow, but most probably the best and most socially appropriate way to handle this man. Probably, also it is the path most likely to result in his receiving appropriate treatment. In the mean time, perhaps you can develop a plan to relocate temporarily in the event the authorities are unable to do anything for you for periods of time. You might also pursue (non-lethal) self-defense preparations (perhaps the police can help you with this). Your first priority is to remain safe, but keep in mind that your stalker is very likely a delusional and quite ill human being who needs to be restrained and cared for.


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