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Marina Edelman, MA — Contributor

Marina Edelman, M.A. is a Marriage and Family Therapist Intern in private practice in Westlake Village, CA and is a member of CAMFT. Marina gained her master's degree in psychology from Phillips Graduate Institute. She has been featured in broadcast, print and as a speaker on mental health topics.

Originally from Russia, Marina moved to the U.S. as a child. From an early age, she has been an avid listener noted for her empathy and intuition. Her own personal development led her to become a psychotherapist intern with an emphasis on money issues, mood disorders and relationship problems. Marina utilizes a solution focused approach to therapy, which recognizes the individual as a whole. All aspects of the person are considered: behavior, cognition, beliefs, body sensations, imagining, and dreams. She holds the position that the client is the expert and her role is to be a facilitator to bring about a sense of awareness, improving the individual's contact with oneself and one's environment. Her firm belief is that change doesn't need to take forever; she will help you find the insight and awareness you most need to move forward in your life. You will experience achieving a dramatically higher quality of life in the utmost caring and non-judgmental environment through discovering your inner strengths and effective coping skills.

Marina offers financial therapy as one of her specializations. Financial therapy deals with financial problems related to subconscious behavior. Financial therapy is a process of evaluating and reprogramming one's money related habits so that an individual can move from self-defeating behaviors and attitudes to ones that help him/her thrive. Her method of bringing one's relationship with money from the subconscious to consciousness works to reduce anxiety and depression around money, while creating new thought and behavior patterns.

Marina also has expertise in resolving intimacy and relationship problems. Her mission is to help couples become successful and happy so that they feel more intimately connected to each other and more fulfilled and alive in their relationships. She provides tools, structure, and education needed to:

  • Acquire communication techniques that work so that you feel close and calm, not distant or angry, even when talking about difficult topics
  • Connect more intensely with each other
  • Feel more deeply desired and loved by your partner
  • Feel more attracted to your partner again
  • Believe that you are your partner's first priority
  • Create a plan that breeds intimacy rather than prevents it

You can learn more about Marina Edelman, MA MFTI and her practice at or by contacting her directly via email at

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