The Nature of Suicide

This introductory document discusses suicide; the taking of one’s own life. It is intended to educate readers about the nature of suicide.

  • Research indicates that the risk for suicidal behavior or suicidal tendencies is elevated due to substance use disorders, particularly alcohol abuse. If you are abusing alcohol or other illicit substances, please read about treatment here.

However, if you are seriously considering committing suicide right now, you don’t need education about the nature of suicide.

  • You need immediate support from caring people who can help you get through this crisis and rediscover meaning in your life.
  • You need to stop everything else and get help as soon as possible, no matter how badly you feel, because otherwise, you may kill yourself in short order.

If you are seriously suicidal right now – if you know that you will harm yourself unless something happens very shortly to stop you from doing so – PLEASE take the following steps right now:

Suicide — In The News
Workplace Suicides on the Rise, Study Finds

TUESDAY, March 17, 2015 (HealthDay News) -- Workplace suicides are on the rise in the United States, and people in protective services jobs -- such as police and firefighters -- are at the greatest risk, a new study found. "Occupation can largely define a person's identity, and psychological risk factors... Read More

Young, Rural Americans at Greater Risk of Suicide: Study

MONDAY, March 9, 2015 (HealthDay News) -- Young people who live in rural areas of the United States die by suicide nearly twice as often as those who live in cities, a new study finds. Researchers analyzed national data from 1996 through 2010 and found that nearly 66,600... Read More

Teen Suicides by Hanging on the Rise Across U.S.

THURSDAY, March 5, 2015 (HealthDay News) -- Doctors and parents should be aware of the increased use of hanging as a means of teen suicide and take preventive measures, U.S. health officials say. Among 10- to 24-year-olds, suicide rates by hanging increased, on average, 6.7 percent for females... Read More

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Teenage Angst And Suicide: Don’t Blame Parents

There have been nine teenage suicides from Gunn high school in Palo Alto, California since 2009. Teenage suicide happens nationwide. Each year two million adolescents attempt suicide and two thousand... Read More

Celebrity Suicides Highlight Importance Of Knowing Red Flags

I must admit, I had never heard of L’Wren Scott before news of her apparent suicide hit the media circuit. Apparently I was in the minority. As Mick Jagger’... Read More

Scientists Develop Blood Test For Suicide Risk

Considering that in the United States, suicide claimed over 100 people a day in 2010 (CDC), it’s imperative that we find better ways to detect people at risk for... Read More

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