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Bob Livingstone, LCSW — Contributor

Bob Livingstone is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCS 11087) in private practice for 22 years in San Francisco, California. He holds a Masters Degree in Social Welfare from the University of Kansas (1979). He is a member of the National Association of Social Workers and an associate member of The California Association for Marriage and Family Therapists. He is also a Psychology Today verified therapist.

Bob works with many different client populations, utilizing both his professional and life experiences to inform his work. He sees adults, teenagers and children in his practice. He led a bereavement group for adults for many years. He has helped many children of divorced families. He has also worked with men and women with anger issues. He teaches a Healing Emotional Pain and Loss class to incarcerated men and women at the San Francisco County Jail.

Bob enjoys writing, covering topics such as stress reduction techniques, the effects of the media, parenting issues, creative ways to heal emotional pain, dealing with anxiety and depression, and grief issues in article and book formats. His articles have been featured on,,,,, The Therapist and He is now an expert on, a website owned by Dr. Oz and Oprah

He is also pleased to announce that his new book, Unchain the Pain: How to be Your Own Therapist,published by Norlights Press is now available on Amazon, Kindle and bookstores everywhere.  Among his book length works are: Body Mind Soul Solution: Healing Emotional Pain Through Exercise . According to Midwest Book Review, "This book is a compelling blend of candid memoir with personal spiritual testimony". His new book Unchain the Pain:  How to be Your Own Therapist is now available from Norlights Press.  Midwest Book Review states: “ A little self-diagnosis can give one a pre-emptive strike on their problems. "Unchain the Pain: How to Be Your Own Therapist" is a guide from Bob Livingstone on self-therapy, dealing with one's own internal problems in their own way before embracing a professional. Asking readers to question themselves always and drive themselves forward, "Unchain the Pain" is a wise read, well worth considering.

Bob can be reached via email at Visit his website at View his Facebook Page at Follow him on Twitter at

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