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Online Mindfulness Therapy is an exciting new development in psychotherapy that uses mindfulness to transform and resolve difficult emotional states such as anxiety and depression, fear, phobias, anger, post-traumatic stress and other forms of habitual emotional reactivity that adversely affect your sense of well-being and create conflict in your personal relationships.

Mindfulness Therapy teaches you how to recognize patterns of habitual emotional reactivity in yourself and how to stop proliferating emotional suffering. Once you have learned to recognize reactivity as it arises, Mindfulness Therapy then teaches you how to build a high quality relationship with your core emotions that need your attention, and this inner compassion and acceptance results in transformation and healing. Mindfulness Therapy is often described as a direct path to healing, because it works with the inner structure of your emotions and facilitates transformation at the core. The outcome of Mindfulness Therapy is that you become less reactive and more responsive, both internally, and externally in your personal relationships.

The Online option via Skype is a very convenient and effective solution for many people who do not have access to a local Mindfulness Therapist or prefer scheduling sessions in the comfort of their own home.

Mindfulness Therapy is particularly effective for Anxiety conditions including Social Anxiety, Panic Anxiety and problems with low Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem.

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Dr. Strong was born in the UK and studied medical science at the University of Oxford. He began his investigations into mindfulness and its application in psychotherapy in the 1980s and currently has a private practice in Boulder, Colorado. He founded the Boulder Center for Mindfulness Therapy and teaches widely.

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