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The Importance of Boundaries in Romantic Relationships
posted by Gary Gilles, LCPC on Apr 15th 2014
The Importance of Boundaries in Romantic Relationships"All healthy relationships have boundaries. In fact, a relationship cannot be healthy if clear boundaries are not in place and respected. Here's a visual example of how it works: Imagine that you and your partner are facing each other. On the ground between you is a clearly marked line that stretches to the left and right as far as you can see in either direction. This line is like a property line: everything on your side of the line belongs to you; everything on the other side of the line belongs to your partner." More...
U.S. Army's Wounded Warrior Program Aims for Multifaceted Wellness
posted by Carrie Steckl, Ph.D. on Apr 15th 2014
U.S. Army's Wounded Warrior Program Aims for Multifaceted Wellness"April marks the 10th anniversary of the U.S. Army's Wounded Warrior program. While I'd heard of this program and admired the Army's dedication to caring for its own, it was only recently that I learned just how comprehensive and valuable the program is for active soldiers and veterans. Moreover, the program's structure is a stellar example of how we can all achieve wellness, even in the midst of disability or illness." More...
Right Intention
posted by Rick Hanson, Ph.D. on Apr 14th 2014
Right Intention"Of course, the first question regarding intention is, for what? All the great wisdom traditions of the world, and all the great moral philosophers, have grappled with this question. What should we want? There are many ways to approach this question." More...
Male Survivors of Military Sexual Assault Need Support Too
posted by Carrie Steckl, Ph.D. on Apr 11th 2014
Male Survivors of Military Sexual Assault Need Support Too"April is National Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and the U.S. Army is embracing the opportunity to raise awareness and educate the military community about the need to prevent sexual violence. The Army's theme is "Speak Up! A Voice Unheard is an Army Defeated," and that's a great message to promote. I also hope the Army shines a light on a little known fact about military sexual assault: There are more male victims of military sexual assault than women." More...
How Exercise Can Reduce Anxiety
posted by Randi Fredricks, Ph.D. on Apr 10th 2014
How Exercise Can Reduce Anxiety"You probably already know that if you exercise regularly a good workout can help you feel less stressed and better able to cope with problems. But can exercise help people with significant anxiety? Studies have found that physical activity can not only reduce anxiety symptoms, it can improve quality of life." More...
Fear of Heights – Story of a Rock Climber
posted by Pat LaDouceur, Ph.D. on Apr 9th 2014
Fear of Heights – Story of a Rock Climber"Joe was afraid of heights. He could have just avoided heights, as many people do. The trouble was he also loved them. Joe was a rock climber. It’s surprising how many rock climbers are afraid of heights. It takes them longer than other climbers to learn new techniques or get used to new climbs, and tackle harder routes. “It’s scary to be on the edge of stuff,” he told me five years ago. “Even a hill, or a road with a steep drop-off is a problem.” Fear of heights, or acrophobia, is an irrational fear of high or exposed places. For some people, a cliff is a high place. For others, it can be standing on a chair or even a single step of a staircase." More...
Forms of Escapism
posted by Mandy Kloppers on Apr 9th 2014
Forms of Escapism"Life is getting more challenging. Technology has enabled 24/7 lifestyles where we are always on call. Stress is on the rise and so is depression and anxiety. As a result, there is a greater need than ever for people to find ways to escape in order maintain mental and emotional stability." More...
Three Challenges Parents Face and Ways to Keep Your Relationship with Your Kids Strong
posted by Gary Gilles, LCPC on Apr 8th 2014
Three Challenges Parents Face and Ways to Keep Your Relationship with Your Kids Strong"It is not easy to be a parent these days. We love our children and willingly sacrifice our time, energy and money for their wellbeing. But even with the best intentions many parents feel as though they are walking a tightrope. They feel overwhelmed by the negative influences pressing in on their children and their lack of resources to combat these forces. Here are five challenges you might face and a starting point for combating each of them." More...
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Study Ties Antidepressant Use in Pregnancy to Autism Risk in Boys
Apr 14th 2014
"But the risk is low, and it's important to treat depression in pregnant women, experts say." More...
Young Dads at Risk of Depressive Symptoms, Study Finds
Apr 14th 2014
"But experts stress findings don't mean fatherhood at an early age dooms men to clinical depression." More...
Civilians in War Zones Also Suffer Mental Health Problems: Study
Apr 10th 2014
"The more life-threatening events that workers employed by military faced, the more anxiety, anger they felt." More...
Too Many Foster Kids With ADHD Treated With Antipsychotic Drugs: Study
Apr 10th 2014
"Researchers looked at unapproved 'atypical' use of these meds in one state." More...
Men With Eating Disorders Often Ignore Symptoms
Apr 9th 2014
"British study finds that too many males associate anorexia, bulimia as only a woman's issue." More...
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