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Allowing Adolescents to Make Mistakes - Part I
posted by Gary Gilles, LCPC on Sep 30th 2014
 Allowing Adolescents to Make Mistakes - Part I"We all make mistakes. If you're like me, just within the realm of parenting, you've made a ton of mistakes in your quest to be a loving and conscientious parent. I sometimes jokingly say that I did my best parenting before I actually had children. Before I had children I said I was never going to do certain things I saw other parents with their kids. But when I actually got to the real-life crossroad of those decisions, I wasn't always as smart or wise as I hoped I would be. So, even though we are focusing on helping our teens with their mistakes, I think a good starting point is for us to remember that we are just as prone to make mistakes as our teens." More...
The Myth of Emotional Security
posted by Mandy Kloppers on Sep 29th 2014
The Myth of Emotional Security"Courage, self belief, faith and determination will serve you much better than the constant search for security that, in reality, does not exist. When we focus our attention obsessively on security we tend to become reactive. We play it safe and give in to our fearful thinking instead of making plans and taking calculated risks. We try to comfort ourselves by insuring ourselves to the hilt, life insurance, pet insurance, home insurance...yes, this will keep us safe. But does it?" More...
How Emotionally Intelligent Are You?
posted by Gary Gilles, LCPC on Sep 26th 2014
How Emotionally Intelligent Are You?"Most people are familiar with the term emotional intelligence but not many are able to explain what it actually means. Because I think emotional intelligence is extremely important, I frequently ask students in my classes and workshops to define it. I usually get very vague and uncertain responses. Perhaps you might also struggle to give an accurate but succinct explanation of emotional intelligence. So, let's start there." More...
Being at Peace with the Pain of Others
posted by Rick Hanson, Ph.D. on Sep 25th 2014
Being at Peace with the Pain of Others"Humans are an empathic, compassionate, and loving species, so it is natural to feel sad, worried, or fiery about the troubles and pain of other people. (And about those of cats and dogs and other animals, but I’ll focus on human beings here.) Long ago, the Buddha spoke of the “first dart” of unavoidable physical pain. Given our hardwired nature as social beings, when those we care about are threatened or suffer, there is another kind of first dart: unavoidable emotional pain." More...
Tackling Mental Illness Stigma at the College Level
posted by Carrie Steckl, Ph.D. on Sep 24th 2014
Tackling Mental Illness Stigma at the College Level"I've written about stigma before, so you know that it disturbs me. All too often, people experiencing mental health challenges resist seeking help because they fear being labeled, looked down upon, and even ostracized by their family, friends, and community. This is no less true on college campuses than it is in general society. In fact, mental illness stigma might be worse in college settings because of the increased peer pressure that exists in these environments. " More...
Building Resiliency in Your Child
posted by Gary Gilles, LCPC on Sep 23rd 2014
Building Resiliency in Your Child"There is a myth lurking in our daily lives that is hurting our children's ability to reach their potential and bounce back after failure. It's called the "talent myth." You could also call it the "gifted myth." It goes something like this: Most people are average and will achieve average levels of competence in whatever they choose to pursue. But, there are some individuals who have an innate talent or giftedness. This "natural" ability enables them to potentially achieve things far more easily and usually beyond the reach of the average person. For example, an exceptionally talented child might excel at sports, read at an early age, or show prodigy-like qualities in music. So, what's the problem?" More...
Conscious Parenting
posted by Melanie Rudnick on Sep 22nd 2014
Conscious Parenting"As a mom, I often reflect on my parenting skills. As a life coach and self help junkie, I am always trying to better myself and raise my level of consciousness. When you put those two things together, you get what I like to call Conscious Parenting. Below you will find my seven steps to conscious parenting..." More...
Celebrating Transitions in This Season of Change
posted by Ondina Nandine Hatvany, MFT on Sep 22nd 2014
Celebrating Transitions in This Season of Change"“I hate transitions,” mumbled my client Sally, who had originally come in because she wanted change—lots of change. Work, relationships—none of it was working for her. Now she was whole-heartedly resisting the very change she had so enthusiastically sought! This is not that unusual for me to see in my office. People usually come to therapy because they want change, but then they resist the very change they are seeking! Why is this?" More...
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ADHD Can Hamper School Performance as Early as 2nd Grade, Study Says
Sep 29th 2014
"Researchers report problems with reading, math, social skills." More...
National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day Set for Saturday
Sep 27th 2014
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Behavioral Therapy Deemed Best for Social Phobia
Sep 26th 2014
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Special Therapy May Help Relieve 'Complicated Grief'
Sep 25th 2014
"Standard depression treatment is less successful after a loved one dies, study finds." More...
Study: Family-Based Therapy Can Aid Those With Anorexia
Sep 24th 2014
"Teaching parents to help their children with eating behaviors may lead to faster weight gain, researchers say." More...
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