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Schema Therapy Basics
posted by Laura L. C. Johnson, MBA, MA on Oct 30th 2014
Schema Therapy Basics"Schema Therapy is an evidence-based approach for creating change in the personality dynamics of individuals with chronic emotional and relationship problems. While grounded in cognitive behavior therapy strategies, Schema Therapy is considered an integrative model because it draws on cognitive therapy, behaviorism, attachment theory, emotion-focused and relationship-based therapies, and other schools of thought." More...
Learn to Manage Your Stress Proactively
posted by Gary Gilles, LCPC on Oct 28th 2014
Learn to Manage Your Stress Proactively"Everyone talks about stress and knows it is not good for us but far fewer seem to know how to manage the stress in their lives. The key to effective stress management boils down to two principles: 1. Being proactive with the things you have control over 2. Learning to let go of those you don't have control over. Sometimes it's very difficult to know which variables you can and can't control." More...
Too Much Pretending
posted by Mandy Kloppers on Oct 27th 2014
Too Much Pretending"It worries me, it really really worries me. We go about our daily routines with a heavy load in our minds. It might be to do with losing weight, getting older, being lonely, family dilemmas, stagnant career progression, debt problems or any one of a myriad of troubles that life lands in our "deal with this challenge" inbox. Yet, despite all this stuff that exists below the surface, when someone says, "How are you?", we are most likely to say "I'm fine!"." More...
Things to Consider When Relocating your Aging Parents
posted by Gary Gilles, LCPC on Oct 24th 2014
Things to Consider When Relocating your Aging Parents"Whenever possible, the decision to relocate a parent should be openly discussed with the parent and any adult children in the family. These discussions are an essential first step when you are trying to decide whether relocating is the right thing to do. Active communication among family members can create a strong support system for the parent and all family members involved. Together, the family should talk about all residential options, each person's role in the transition, the type of care to be provided, changes in lifestyle, finances, and the physical setting of the new home." More...
Alcohol and the Brain
posted by Randi Fredricks, Ph.D. on Oct 23rd 2014
Alcohol and the Brain"The evidence on how alcohol affects the brain are clear; problems walking, slurred speech, impaired vision, slowed reaction times, and poor memory. Fortunately, these difficulties typically resolve quickly after drinking stops. More serious issues arise when an individual drinks heavily over a long period of time. In fact, research has indicated that the impact alcohol has on the brain can persist long after a person achieves sobriety. The manner in which alcohol affects the brain and the potential of reversing the effects heavy drinking has been heavily researched." More...
Excuses, Excuses
posted by Melanie Rudnick on Oct 22nd 2014
Excuses, Excuses"It's that time of year again! There is candy everywhere…in bowls in doctors' offices, on huge displays in stores, on my kitchen counter staring at me as it sits patiently waiting for trick-or-treaters. It's the perfect time for excuses.Many people will use Halloween as a reason to "be bad." Next thing you know, it's Thanksgiving, then Christmas time, and then it's back to your annual New Year's resolution to "be good" again. " More...
What is a Family "System?"
posted by Gary Gilles, LCPC on Oct 21st 2014
What is a Family "System?""It is relatively easy to understand the structure of a family system but more difficult to understand the inner workings of how that system functions. " More...
Another Gizmo: Electronic Health Record (EHR) and the Digital Pen
posted by Terry McLeod on Oct 20th 2014
Another Gizmo: Electronic Health Record (EHR) and the Digital Pen"Oh boy. Another gizmo for the Electronic Health Record (EHR). Actually, I like digital gizmos, especially when they have a practical application. At first glance, the Digital Pen in use with Next Step Solutions has a fit in the Mental Health and Addictions treatment EHR landscape. " More...
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Oct 24th 2014
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Oct 22nd 2014
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