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How to Beat Caregiver-Related Depression
posted by Gary Gilles, LCPC on Dec 16th 2014
How to Beat Caregiver-Related Depression"There are nearly 21 million Americans who struggle with depression at any given time. And as a caregiver, you are at greater risk for depression than the average person. Why? Because many caregivers sacrifice their own physical and emotional needs for the sake of their loved one. The process of providing care can strain even the most capable person. The resulting feelings of anger, anxiety, sadness, isolation, exhaustion-and then guilt for having these feelings-can exact a heavy toll." More...
3 Simple Shifts for a Stress-Free Holiday: A Busy Person's Guide
posted by Pat LaDouceur, Ph.D. on Dec 15th 2014
3 Simple Shifts for a Stress-Free Holiday: A Busy Person's Guide"This time of year, you'll find quite a few articles about having a stress-free holiday. A quick search on Google brings up almost 63 million. First, you'll find generalities: How to avoid overwhelm: be realistic, How to survive holiday parties: set aside your differences, How to get it all done: ask for help. Good ideas, as far as they go. Who doesn't want to be realistic? Who wouldn't love to set aside differences? But if it were that easy, you would have already done it. You need something more solid." More...
Teach Healthy Living to Your Grandchildren
posted by Gary Gilles, LCPC on Dec 12th 2014
Teach Healthy Living to Your Grandchildren"Want to leave a lasting legacy that will benefit your grandchildren their entire lives? Teach them healthy habits. Better yet, show them how to practice healthy living through your example. The best time to start these lessons is when your grandchildren are young, before bad habits take root. Here are some creative ways to get your grandchild on the right track:" More...
Poetry as Pregnancy: When "The Shrink Rap™ on Mental Illness" Gives Birth
posted by Mark Gorkin, LCSW ("The Stress Doc") on Dec 11th 2014
Poetry as Pregnancy:  When "The Shrink Rap™ on Mental Illness" Gives Birth"Finally, I saw the obvious: the original Mental Illness Rap had to give birth to a separate poetic progeny. Initially, seeing the obvious was not so easy; you get wedded to your "baby" until realizing this "brainchild" has grown and is now a potential "mother of invention" or, at least, of procreation. As I once penned: One must begin to separate, one must be separate to begin. Now I understood that less (letting go, placing limits, streamlining, and sharpening the focus and scope of the original Rap) can be more (producing a better defined and related yet stand-alone second generation Rap). And isn't that the essence of gestation and giving birth, no matter the creative arena?" More...
Loving Someone with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)
posted by Darlene Lancer, JD, MFT on Dec 11th 2014
Loving Someone with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)"Caring about someone with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) tosses you on a roller coaster ride from being loved and lauded to abandoned and bashed. Being a borderline (having BPD) is no picnic, either. You live in unbearable psychic pain most of the time on the border between reality and psychosis. Your illness distorts your perceptions causing antagonistic behavior and making the world a perilous place. The pain and terror of abandonment and feeling unwanted can be so great that suicide feels like a better choice." More...
Symptoms of OCD?
posted by Janet Singer on Dec 10th 2014
Symptoms of OCD?"For those who think they, or a loved one, might be suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder, it is easy to do an online search and find a list of typical symptoms. But it is not always that easy to figure out if you or someone you care about has the disorder. Some symptoms of OCD might not seem as if they are symptoms of anything at all. " More...
Skills and Spills Along the Path of Relational Conflict
posted by Gary Gilles, LCPC on Dec 9th 2014
Skills and Spills Along the Path of Relational Conflict"Whether in a marriage, between parents and children, or among friends, conflict is an inevitable part of any ongoing relationship. The question isn't if there will be conflict but how you will navigate the conflict when it occurs. Here are three skills you can practice to enhance your conflict-resolution and two to avoid." More...
Mental Health Software Project Management: Getting Started on the Right Foot
posted by Terry McLeod on Dec 8th 2014
Mental Health Software Project Management: Getting Started on the Right Foot"We might as well get started on the right foot…When a project begins we do our best to be transparent about what needs to be done. At its heart, a project can be defined in simple terms:" More...
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Work Steals Valuable Sleep Time, Study Finds
Dec 16th 2014
"Flexible start times, less late-night TV would help solve America's problem, experts say." More...
Brain Inflammation a Hallmark of Autism, Study Shows
Dec 10th 2014
"But researchers stress it does not cause developmental disorder." More...
Abnormalities Found in Brains of Young Bipolar Patients Who Try Suicide
Dec 9th 2014
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Study Finds Need for Improved Schizophrenia Care
Dec 4th 2014
"As many as 4 in 10 seeking help after first episode are medicated inappropriately, researchers say." More...
Nearly 1 in 12 Americans Struggles With Depression, Study Finds
Dec 3rd 2014
"But, just a third of severely depressed people have sought help." More...
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