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I have been depressed continously for over 4 years now and have suicidal thoughts a great deal. After taking an overdose about 4 years ago I eventually sought help. I am now seeing a counsellor. But thats it. I have no other help at all. I can’t talk to my family. I can to my friends a little but I don’t tell them the worst things. At work I am told to be sensible and move on or I am treated as paranoid and a bit of an idiot. I am just told that everyone is stressed, not just me. I am not in touch with my feelings and am not usually aware when I feel bad until something happens, ie, a row with a friend or bursting into tears and being unable to control myself. I find being out of control very frightening. I am always reading that if you feel suicidal then seek immediate help. I felt really bad last week after an upset at work and I contacted an out of hours team who said that they didn’t think talking to me was helping – I was unable to talk through my problems properly as I was too upset. I then took an overdose. I ended up in hospital. Everyone there was brilliant. Even though I explained how I was feeling to a psychiatrist before I was discharged ie, suicidal feelings, nothing happened except that they contacted my counsellor (who after 5 days still hasn’t got in touch) and asked an out of hours team to contact me which they did. But that was it. If I got that bad again I feel there is no point contacting the emergency services again and I will have to sort it out myself, ie, by taking a few extra pills than normal and sleeping it off or by taking a serious overdose. I feel I am not being taken seriously and it makes the feeling of no-one cares a lot worse. I feel as if I am basically being left on my own to deal with it. How can I get them to take me seriously – or is there no way?

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I am completely baffled as to why you are not being taken seriously and it upsets and worries me a lot. I have no explanation for this, but, I do have some strong suggestions:

1. Get yourself a serious psychotherapist and I want to urge you to see a Clinical Psychologist. You can do a search for one on the Internet or talk to your Medical Doctor or find someone on your insurance.

2. You need to see a psychiatrist and your Medical Doctor can recommend someone or do a search on the Internet for one in your community or on your insurance. You need a proper evaluation, diagnosis and put on the correct medication and at the correct dosage.

3. One of the worst things about depression is the feeling of helplessnes it creates. In fact, depression often results from feeling helpless and that causes depresson and depression increases the sense of helplessness.

Therefore, get into action now: follow the suggestions I have made and do not delay.

Frankly, your situation is extremely serious and I am listening to you and taking you very seriously.

First, we have to get you out of suicidal danger and two suicide attempts is extremely serious. Second, then psychotherapy can help.

I want to wish you luck and really push you to go and get the help you need.

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