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Crohn's Disorder Side Effects


I don’t know what has been wrong with me recently, I have been finding it very difficult to sleep, I cry easily and have been having problems coping with even the most mundane of tasks. I suffer from Crohn’s Disease which has been very unsettled over the past few months, causing me lots of pain and requiring a hospital stay. As well as this, my boyfriend (who is normally pretty selfish anyway) has been very unsupportive and I find that I have no one to talk to about my illness, my relationship problems and my worries about the future – especially with regards to how this disease is affecting my life. I feel very unattractive and sad most of the time, even though people tell me that I’m pretty and have a lot going for me, but I really, really don’t believe them. When I look in the mirror I just see someone who is ill and depressing to be around. I wish that I could talk to my boyfriend but he is very disinterested, and I find it very hard to talk about my illness to friends and family as I am a very private person and some of the side effects are very distressing. I went to see my doctor about the illness but burst into tears during the consultation, which made me feel so embarrassed and ashamed of myself. I really feel like I can’t cope with being ill, having nobody to talk to and also having to put on a front and ‘act normal’ every day, as well as looking after my boyfriend and listening to his worries. I feel like I’m going to explode some days, and I am finding it hard to see a light at the end of the tunnel even though I am still only 24

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You are clearly in a lot of emotional pain right now. Some of this pain may be treatable. Please make an appointment with a psychologist who can help diagnose what is going on. You may be depressed or experiencing some other issues. You are clearly not satisfied with your relationship and you’re pretty down on yourself. There is a lot to talk about and you need an outlet where you can talk in safety and privacy. Please also find a support group for your illness – there may be one or more of them available through the hospital near you – or even internet based support groups that live in the message boards and chat servers of various health sites. You might be amazed to find out that you are not alone in your pain – that many others are out there who also have Crohn’s Disease (or have family who have this illness) and can relate to your experience. People were not meant to suffer in isolation. Please spend a little energy and locate some social support.

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  • jenni

    I know your pain. I have been diagnosed with IBS-D and lived with it since I was 16. Everyday is a battle for the bathroom. As soon as I wake up, my stomach hurts and I need to go to the bathroom right away. Now that I'm 23 my symptoms have only gotten worse. After many tests, my doctor told me it was IBS, especially since it runs in my family. I have been thinking it could maybe be Chron's. My symptoms are much worse than my mom and my sisters, and they just keep getting worse. I live in constant fear of having an accident at work and when I leave the house at all. My social life has been majorly restricted since I became chronically ill. Some days I think about suicide as an option to sotp my pain. If I didn't have my boyfriend and his constant support, I may not be typing here today.

    I don't think your boyfriend really cares about you. It's not good to be someone who is chronically ill and be in a relationship with an unfeeling and insensitive significant other. If he really cared about you, he would listen to you. Chron's is a life alterniing illness, you want someone to help you through the hard times.

  • Liz

    I know how you feel. I am dealing with malabsorption problems due to some antibiotic poisoning and I have never been so depressed in my life. I have constant discomfort and sadness, I feel really unnatractive and I have no idea as to where my future is headed. I do not even know if there is a cure for my problem I just know that I have intestinal damage and I just want to cry all the time about it, how it has ruined my life. I am so dependent upon my mom to help me out because it is affecting me psychologically so much. I would welcome any friends online for common support.

  • Meena

    I have a boyfriend who does a lot to help me and put up with my baggage and I'm still wondering if I'm better of depending on myself. It really is terrifying being do dependent on other people and medications.

    Right now I'm scared to try new meds. I've been doing well with bathroom symtpoms since I got extensive allergy testing and have since avoided a lot of those foods. It's the other symptoms that are bad right now- sleep issues, anxiety and weight gain are making me consider Remicade (it saved my sister's life but her case is a lot different). The risks scare me to death.

    Supportive people really are essential to health! Don't cut yourself short.

  • Molly

    I also have crohn's and a husband who does not really worry about it unless I am in the hospital and he is having to take care of the kids. I take Humaria now, it is working great! You have to find someone out there like support groups that can help. Other patients tend to know more about the disease than the drs. It is frustrating, but trust me there is worse out there! Hang in there and hopefully you can find the right man to love you for you and be supportive no matter what! Best wishes!

  • Ray

    My mother ws diagnosed with Crohns a couple of years ago. She has lost alot of weight, at least 15-20lbs, and it scares me to think of dying. I am not as knowledgeable about the disease as I should be, but i have een reading up on living with the illness. Im aware that i may someday be diagnosed due to my mother having it, but i am more scared for her heath than my own. I work out every day and watch what I eat and she does the same. Shes a Vegan and barely eats. WIll she die? How long does she have and how can I help? thank you

  • Anonymous-1

    my father passed due to crohns in 1979 at the age of 32. im 32 now. he drank a lot, as i do as a baretender, its a way of life, sadly. Crohns has come a long way as far as treatment is concerned. never be embrassed or sad due to this inconvience. im sure i probably have crohns, or ulcers based on everthing i have read and heard. no health insurance, i dont want to know. i know that is an ignorant way to think. reading all of your blogs makes me want to be more aware, if your boyfriend doesnt support you, tell him goodbye. awareness is key. i hope we all end up okay, and win life's battles. good luck, God Bless, and Thank You for sharing.

  • scott

    I'm 43 and have had crohns for over 15 years been cut on twice for blockages have weighed 120lbs twice fought to regain my health twice first time i did ok 2nd time not working teeth are all almost gone from bone density issues ya i feel you guys and gals pain. wish iI had the answer for all,but seems to me everyone has different affects good luck to us all my prayers go out to everyone who suffers

  • Garry

    I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease 20 years ago. I suspect I may have picked up TB in Phillipines but never developed TB as such. I have an internal fistula and am now only on Pentasa. Have had 12 or 13 colonoscopies and dilatations but am stable - have been for at least 12 years.

    I suffered a breakdown when diagnosed and have had depresssion for 20 years. The medications for Crohn's caused me hell. Imuran shrank my leg muscles, Flagyl antibiotics made me feel like hell, Salazopyrin gave me rashes and nausea Prednisolone gave me symptoms of drunkenness - I fell over in the street - People gave me a wide berth!! Lost my balance, night vision, and sense of taste (No that is NOT trivial!!).

    But Mesasal (now as PentASA) has been my salvation. No side effects so far as I can detect!

    Now I am stable and have no pain except for occasional diarrhea. Remember the worst experiences of others my not be yours. A day at a time!

    Sounds like your boyfriend is SOME FRIEND. Get out more, find some supporting friends and reemember there is always someone worse off than you. Bu supporting them you will help yourself greatly.

    Do not give up however long the dark tunnel of depression may be!


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