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Do I Have OCD?


I have a question concerning OCD and I would like to hear your opinion on whether I may be suffering from such a condition. >From the articles that I read I feel that I may. I often have feelings that the actions that I do may create harm to my love ones and the world in general. Sometimes I feel as if I have to touch the ground to show respect to the world and that I have to show respect in a religious manner. Like saying God Bless to handicap people. And I don’t have a problem with this because if makes me feel good but sometime, a lot of times I get stuck were I will have to say it repetitively to make sure that the respect is there. I can sometimes overcome this and I will move one but this is a 24 hour thing with me. I am to the point to were it is getting worse and I also have it in my dreams. Is this something that I will overcome or is this something that I need medication and professional help with. Thank you for your time.

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Though frequently recognized as irrational, compulsions still manage to force people who have them to act them out, often many times in a row. So, on the face of it, it would appear that you are having experiencing compulsions of some form. Whether this indicates obsessive-compulsive disorder is present can only be determined by a local psychiatrist or psychologist. If it is OCD, you’re best off thinking of it as a sort of neurological/medical disorder and not one that will tend go away on its own. Rather, it will more likely wax and wane with symptoms getting worse during times of stress. OCD is classified as an anxiety disorder, and can be treated with psychiatric medication and cognitive behavioral psychotherapy. You would be doing yourself a favor to get yourself diagnosed yes or no so that if OCD is present, you can benefit from treatment.

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  • Anonymous-1

    i've been fighting ocd since the age of twelve, and five years later the fight continues. i ritualize constantly no matter what it is i'm doing, whether i'm making dinner, doing the dishes, going for a walk or even talking to someone i'm constantly preoccupied with rules and rituals. i can hardly leave the house without obssessing over something and giving in to the meaningless and agonizing complusions. can you help me?

  • Henry

    Well every since I was a kid I did this silly thing like tap my ankle sometimes when I walk and I didn't feel right unless I did the other side aswell. And had to be the same amount of times or it wasn't right. It drove me crazy sometimes embarrasing. I tried to cover it up so no one would notice. And now I'am 30 yrs old and I still do this. I also have this situation were as though I constantly think about things and just worry over and over sometimes about the smallest things and my wife and family gets upset and tells me I worry too much. So I try get those thoughts out of my mind but it constantly plays over and over and it bothers me like crazy. My father told me as a kid that I worried about nothin and at times git in trouble because I had problems consentrating in school and though I studied for my test I still recieved low marks at times. I also have problems with my wife today because she says that I bug her about bills and dead lines ect. Also at night when I sleep I actually see my whole day ahead of me prior to me gettin up and actually going to work. I see what has to be done and how I have to do it as well as time and materials and it's a problem because I forget things that I should remember. Now I have this porn problem where I constantly think of porn and just have to watch and if I don't I just won't be right. Please give me an opinion that I can work with.

  • Anonymous-2

    i know how you feel iv been fighting to and i try to speak out but it doesnt help


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