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Hallucinagenic Mushrooms


ok about a year back i was severly depressed. I also have suffered from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder since early childhood. I went to doctors and got help. i now take anti-depressents such as: Zoloft, and Tafernil. both have helped emmensly!! Now the thing is that i have plans with some friends to do shrooms. i have done them once before and enjoyed them. But i’m a little paranoid of the effects that it may have with my medicine. i know either way its not good to do and when i say its just once i mean it cause i wouldnt get into drugs after all the mental rehabilitating i have done to regain my emotional stability. Please tell me your answer as soon as you can. Thank You!

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You are a fool if you do the shrooms. You know already how delicate your brain is, and how much work had to be done to get you stable. You also know that doing drugs of this type will be harmful to your brain, and may upset your delicate balances. The wise thing to do is to take care of yourself – to stay away from ‘recreational’ drugs of all sorts throughout the rest of your life. If you proceed with your plan to do these drugs even once you are very simply and plainly a fool.

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  • Psych Guy

    Dr. Dombeck,

    I was really digging this site until I read this post. Is it therapeutic to tell someone they are a fool, or for a Ph.D. to even be giving out medical advice?

    Psilocybe cubensis is an entheogen and when used in the correct set and setting can be quite therapeutic. Surely you have heard of the therapeutic benefits of psilocybin (the active substance in the mushrooms the earlier person was asking about). Currently there is very promising research being done showing its benefits for patients with PTSD, OCD, Depression, Cluster Headaches, and Anxiety.

    I think it might be better to remember that things such as dosage and set and setting can play a big role in how one's experience plays out when using such a substance.

    If one were to try to dissuade someone from using such a substance, instead of calling them names, I would suggest that we consider pointing out the negative aspects (both mentally and legally). I would also attempt to look at what the patient is wanting/needing and seeing if there were other ways to get such needs fulfilled.

    Think about it.



    Dr. Dombeck's Note: An interesting aspect of this Internet connected age is that what you write down stays available long after it has ceased to be an accurate representation of you - your advice, or whatever you'd be generating. The present bit of advice was written down about nine years ago (it now being 2010). Looking at it now, I have to say, that yes, I was blunt on that occassion. There are a couple other instances where I did the same thing, notably, one where I made a similarly blunt assertion that people who used marijuana knowing that they had a bipolar (or similarly heavy duty) diagnosis were also being foolish. More than a few people have called me on the carpet for that one, some for having been blunt, and some because they like to smoke pot and believe it has beneficial medicinal effects. At that point in time, I was much closer to having recently come off my postdoctoral training at a dual diagnosis hospital where I saw directly the effect of pot and other drug use on patients coping with a variety of serious mental illnesses. For the most part, however, my advice does not have this tone.

    If I was answering the same question today, I'm sure I'd be kinder in phrasing but I'd be providing about the same content for my message. It is simply not good idea to be putting substances into your body when you have a mood or psychotic disorder that are not prescribed by a doctor who independently believes that those substances will improve your mental state. That is my opinion, based on observation and discussion with other clinicians. I'm very willing to believe that various substances commonly used for recreational purposes can have therapeutic effects if properly used. However, I don't think that patients should ever be encouraged to take such substances without external expert guidence and instruction.

    We're human beings, we doctors. We make mistakes and misspeak at times. This really bothers some people (who want us to be perfect authority figures), and presents a happy opportunity for others to become self-righteously indignant (when they want an authority figure to tear into for their own inscrutable reasons).


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