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If There's Nothing New, There's Nothing Good.


Hi, I’m trying here to tell just what is relevant, but there are a lot of things to tell. I’m young, so my environment changes frequently. I am starting to face responsibilities as I am becoming an adult, which seems to be my core problem, the transition from leaving an awesome childhood.

I think a part of my issue has something to do with me growing up in 13 different places. I went to many different schools and had many different friends and hobbies.  Everything in my life has been evolving and progressing until about now.

I am currently 22. I had a drug problem when I was 18-19, which was kind of the peak of a happy childhood that I didn’t want to end. My parents found out, took me to rehab, and I completely stopped using and engaged with new friends.

Then I became a training addict and started competing in martial arts. However, lost interest after a while. I simply got bored doing the same thing. I’m still active in my training, but I don’t have the same passion anymore, because there is nothing new.

I am unemployed, I have debt, and I can’t stand school. I have ADHD and this has put a pretty dark cloud over myself. Now, I actually enjoy it a bit because I used to have a job, was studying, had money was training, but, I was unhappy because I got used to it. So, my inner control is forcing me into new situations where I do other things than I am used to. This is regardless of whether it’s “good” or “bad.”

I can conclude that I need new things to happen frequently, and this clashes very much with how I can be successful in society. And that is my mind bug, depression, anxiety or whatever I should label it.

I see the future as two ways. One is where I ignore the future. Another one is where I stop enjoying life while becoming “successful,”

I would love for you to give me your thoughts, suggestions, or what smart tricks you use to solve mentality puzzles. Thank you

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What a great title for your question. That title expresses, in six words, exactly what ADHD is all about. There is the constant need for new and more stimulation, at least in this type of ADHD.

You are limiting your options to two: Either control the ADHD or live a boring life. In actuality, there is no reason for you to live a boring life. Many people choose careers that fit their need for constant stimulation. While this does not hold true for everyone of these, it is safe to say that a few people choose to join the police force as a way of satisfying the need for new experiences. Others join the armed forces, the fire department in big urban centers, and any number of other careers that guarantee lots of action.

Of course, even with these types of jobs, there is some need to control the ability to focus attention and limit Hyperactivity. There are several ways to do this including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to learn how to cope with this problem and, sometimes, medication that can also help in conjunction with therapy.

CBT and training will help you focus so that school, if you wish to return, would not feel so awful that you would hate it. School would then make more things available to you in terms of careers, even those that provide more activity. You also need to know that it is not unusual for ADHD and depression to go along with one another and that ADHD meds and anti depressants are often given together.

There is no reason for ADHD to cause a black cloud over your head. It can be an advantage if you get it under control and make good use of it. I had one patient who, along with his computer job, was a spelunker. That has to do with exploring caves. He belonged to a society for spelunkers and joined them on their adventures. He became skillful at it and loved the danger and adventure. It really provided him with the stimulation he craved. He was on medication for his ADHD and depression.

To repeat, you need not choose between joining society and being bored vs dropping out and seeking the kind of stimulation that will probably include drug abuse, a common problem with ADHD.

Best of Luck

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