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Life Is Unfair


Dr, every time I do drugs (illegal) I freak out. It’s not fair! Here I am, totally depressed, naturally shy to the point where I’d rather kill myself than see a shrink… and even illegal drugs are no relief! This really bites. My friends will smoke a joint and feel euphoria and a mild numbness, like emotional Novocain. Me? I think I’m dying, hallucinate, and generally freak out so much the out-of-body aspects of drug-abusing aren’t worth it. It’s the same no matter what I do… weed, shrooms, DMX. The only thing that works is sleeping pills… but then I just go to sleep. ahhhh! Why don’t I relax like everyone else? Do you know of anything (legal or illegal) that will make me feel less scared and down? Please don’t suggest I see some therapist or something. I’m phobic of authority figures (not kidding). Well, not on the internet, but in real life….

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In real life the facts are like this. Most all recreational drugs (including weed, shrooms, DMX, cocaine, speed, PCP, LSD, Heroin, etc.) will make existing mental conditions worse rather than better. This occurs because the entry of these substances into the brain interferes with normal brain chemistry (which is already impacted in many cases with an existing mental disorder). Persons who are on prescribed medications designed to help correct mental problems will often find that using drugs interferes with the ability of these medications to have helpful effects. The best course of action for a person with a mental disorder of any sort is to seek professional help in the form of medication and psychotherapy, to follow directions given by the doctors, therapists, and other clinicians, and to remain stone cold sober (except for prescribed medications) until things improve. Of course you don’t want to hear this – but it is the truth none the less. My recommendation to you has to be that you stop trying to medicate your self, and instead to get yourself to a proper psychiatrist who has the knowledge to help you.


p> I expect sobriety may be a problem for you if you have friends who are regular drug users. The best course of action when dealing with drug using friends is to distance yourself from them – to stop seeing them. Get yourself into a local AA group – they can help with the process of getting sober. AA members can come on strong, but they typically mean very well and will push you in the right (sober) direction. Find an AA contact number in the phonebook, or on the web.


p> You can do all this, despite the fact that you are afraid, phobic, sick and tired, etc. You have to decide that you want to get better, however, before you’ll be motivated to do these right things. Here is my wish that you’ll find the proper motivation during this holiday season.

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