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I was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome in my late teens and spent several months in the hospital. I am now in my mid thirties and am very concerned as the symptoms I had seemed to have re-appeared this past year and it is getting harder to hide and control my behavior. Is it possible for me to relapse after managing to stay off medication for nearly ten years? I could really do with some sound advice as I am a single mum now, with four small children, and I really don’t want to end up back in hospital.

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It is entirely possible to experience a relapse of PTSD, especially when someone is under pressure and difficulties. However, that does not mean that a hospitalization is required.

From what you imply in your E. Mail, you are either divorced, widowed or never wed, but, under any circumstances, you find your self being a single mom. Being responsible for four small children and without a partner is difficult to say the least. There is no surprise that you may be experiencing a relapse.

However, I want to make perfeclty clear that you should not do a self diagnosis regardless of what happened in the past. Instead, you should get an appointment with a therapist, either a clinical social worker or a clinical psychologist so that you can begin dealing with the present pressures to which you are currently being subjected.

It is very possible that you are undergoing not only stress but anxiety, worry and depression as well. Psychotherapy is the best way to deal with these pressures instead of scaring yourself with diagnoses all by yourself.

A single mom of four! Wow, is there any wonder that you are upset? Go and get help immediately.

Best of Luck

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  • John

    I have been diagnosed back in 2002 with PTSD, anxiety, severe depression and now I have become agoraphobic. I don't want to get dressed, I stay in my home with windows closed, doors locked and I have a very difficult time even driving to the Doctor anymore.

    My story is too long here. I need to at least tell you where it all began. In 1985 I began to work for a very large Level I Trauma Med Cen with the Big City Morgue in the basement. I was Security Supv. on the evening shift. I saw all the worst of the worst. The City Police of the big city I once lived in brought in their prisioners as did many small surrounding towns.

    Being that I was the Security Supv., my office was next to the E/R Sign in desk. I also montored the Ambulance ent. when we had so many trauma pts. come in. Many mangled and DOA's. Being a City/County Hospital we had the County Morgue in the basement. It was me, responsible after the Co. Med Examiner went home at 4:00 P. M. and I was the only one with keys to that office and body cooler. I did this for 18 years. I simply saw too much. I dabbled in drugs and booze to get rid of the thoughts about the bodies I personally had to handle checking for valuables. I was the only one with the keys to lock up homicide victims and suicide victime. I saw too many people who blew their head clear off. Bodies of Air Crashes burnt to a ball of black char. Decomposed bodies of old people, suicides found, homicide victims with limbs missing but laying in the body bags etc.

    I don't want to go on with that. I was put on SSDI. I did not ask for it, I was not given a choice. I became numb and used to laugh and talk about what I had seen to get it out and let others know why I kept repeating myself etc.

    When I was put on SSDI I moved back here to the Miss. Gulf Coast where I was stationed during the Vietnam war. I then went through Katrina with 28 feet of water over our house. I had a mate of 28 years. When I left alone with my dog in a 40' motor home to set up on my property to temp live in I had a terrible accident. The car hauler trailer brakes failed and I went off a 708 ft MO. Ozark Mountain. I ended up loosing my right leg and I am right handed.

    On March 21 2007 my mate of 28 years took my pistol and shot himself in the heart. This I did not see comming. I screemed at the 911 operator to get the police her quick with an ambulance. He had went back to the bedroom and did it while sitting on the bed. I grabbed his hand and he was only able to give me a small squeeze as I felt his life leave his body. I can't get over it!!!! I still can't go in that bedroom. In fact since that date I sleep in my big recliner in the living room. It's just me and my three dogs against the world it seems at times.

    It seems no one understands me. I pray but still have sad thoughts. I am so depressed that when the doctor told me I had CHF and an enlarged heart, I took up smoking again just to shorten my life. I want to go, I don't want to hurt myself right now but I do not want to stay any longer on this earth any longer than I must. I drink coffee all day and don't eat. When I do I eat cookies or soup but I don't make myself meals anymore.

    Is there anyone out there that can relate to me without giving me "(It's okay John, everything is going to be fine.)" My only blood relation has all deserted me and says I am just putting on an act. That hurts worse than anything. When I go to the V. A. Hospital they don't believe me when I say I have no family or neighbors to help me. I am in a power chair as I fell and torn my right arm rotator cuff 6 inches. The V. A. waited 7 months to get me to the proper doctor. I have an old 12ga shotgun wound in that same right shoulder as back in 1973 I stared down the barral of a 00 buck 12 ga and saw the orange flash as I was trying to turn my head away. I was shot through the plate glass window of the convience store I managed. I used to have good managerial skills but now I am doing good to get from one day to the next. I wake up with the thought of "oh GOD not another day!!" Is anyone listening to me? Is there anyone who will accept a mind that feels like it has been though a huge wreck with horrible thoughts. I feel I just exist for more pain every day. Thanks if someone sees this and still wants to talk to me.


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