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Struggling With Feelings And Thoughts


I have been in therapy for about 2 months I feel still though that I am still struggling with my feeling and thoughts. Each week I go to talk and I always have a new problem in my life to deal with but I never am just happy? I’m starting to even feel like a burden to everyone cause I just can’t get it together. I don’t even really feel like going to talk cause I just feel like I fail at this too. Sometimes when I’m really upset I feel like I need something more to help me calm down while other times more so now I just feel a bit numb like I don’t care either way cause its all to much. What else can I say or do to help myself I’m at the point to even tell my social worker that there is no point in trying at this. Too many topics that are a mess in my life to fix I hate feeling this way Is there anything else I can do?

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Well – psychotherapy is a great thing for helping people manage depression (which is possibly what is going on for you at least on the surface given your helpless/hopeless feelings, numbness, and feeling like a burden to others). However, not all psychotherapy is alike. You may not be receiving the best type of psychotherapy for your problem. If you are depressed, and if a reduction of your depression symptoms is what you want to achieve, then you should look into Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, or Interpersonal Therapy. These two forms of therapy are what are known as Empirically Validated – a fancy term meaning that they have been studied and are known to work for specific problems (in this case, depression). Your social worker may not be using either of these fairly standardized therapy approaches (possibly because she has not been trained to offer them?).


p> Of course, the other big thing you can do to help with symptoms of depression is to see a doctor about antidepressant medication. It is best to seek out a Psychiatrist (a doctor who specializes in treating mental health problems) when you go for a prescription. A psychiatrist is more likely than other doctors to have studied the many different treatment choices and to know which one will be best for your presentation.


p> There are many other things you can do too. Exercise or regular physical activity for one thing is a very useful mood lifter, as is joining clubs and organizations, participating in support groups, and other social activities, etc. You may find more useful information in our Emotional Resiliance, or Depression topic center articles.

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  • Anonymous-1

    when I had an extreme panic attack and couldn't eat or sleep for 3months straight, and literally looked anorexic, at the time I thought this is it, and no one can help me. I didn't exactly know what was happenig to me except that I was being punished for something, which at the time would have been the guilt for marrying the wrong person and knowing I would have to get a divorce.and of course being a catholic that I thought,was a very big sin. I suffered like this for about 6mo, and thought suicide was going to be the only way out. I would rather have had two broken legs than go through something so horrific!! finally I sought counsel and this woman offered to put me on paxil, which I knew nothing about. I was afraid, I didn't evern like taking an aspirin.but what relief it gave me! it helped me immensly, and I didn't have any side effects. It motivated me to(along with her help }o do what I had to do and realize this all wasn't my fault. A MD that I had seen previous to her could only say to me " What is a 28yr old have to be depressed about?!!!! how insensitive,and that dr. put me on Zoloft which had made my symptons worse and I wanted to swallow the whole bottle of pills. Yrs later when I had another episode I went to see a psychologist, and he made me realize that with the sx I was having which were dry heaves and diaarhia, he right away called in a rx for clonosopam, an anti anxiety med, because the paxil was not taking carethose particulaar sx, it worked immediately and I will take that as needed. I get so frustrated because I have this disorder, but I'm thankful that at least with the use of these meds it can help me, no one should have to suffer. now I use paxil every day only 30mg, I did try not taking anything and I was so proud of myself but that only lasted for 8mo, and I had a setback, so I feel I need to be on this med, because I don't want to go through an awful bout again.


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