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Treatment Of Trichotillomania


My fianc?e has been suffering from Trichotillomania for about 14 years and we are not have any luck at all with treatment. It’s tough finding anyone who is even familiar with it at this point, I feel like we’re teaching the doctors. She is currently taking Neurontin, Buspar, Celexa, Klonopin, Lithium. PLEASE can you help……any suggestion would be appreciated.

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For those that don’t know, Trichotillomania is an impulse disorder wherein afflicted persons obsessively twiddle, tug and yank on their hair, sometimes creating quite pronounced bald spots.


p> The thing about medicines is that they tend to act generally on the entire body or brain. They can help lift the floor of someone’s mood, take the edge off of anxiety feelings, dampen a schizophrenic’s voices and even lower the degree of forceful compulsion experienced by persons with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, but they sometimes have difficulty containing particular impulses. You’ve gone the medical route and hopefully that has helped somewhat even if it hasn’t stopped the hair-twisting cold. My suggestion is to add cognitive-behavioral therapy to the treatment mix. You’ll need to find a cognitive-behavioral therapist (probably a Clinical Psychologist), and hopefully one who has experience treating impulse-control disorders and obsessionality, if not Trichotillomania itself. You may want to interview a few Psychologists as to their behavioral training before deciding on one to work with – your fianc?e will almost certainly not get better with standard sorts of counseling. The cognitive behavioral therapy itself is results oriented, practical and relatively short-term (3-9 months in duration), geared towards first measuring the problem behavior and then intervening to teach the patient stratagies and tools to help lessen the frequency of impulsive behavior.

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  • Anonymous-1

    i have this problem, i need help with. it started when i was young my father would always put me down never incould me in anything, i have 2 older brothers, and three sisters. my childhood my father never said one nice thing too me, he always did things for the olther kids, and left meout. so intime i did things to get him to payanttion to wheather they were go or bad, but the only time he notice me was i did something wrong, but in my eyes i got hes anttion. iam 33yrs old now but, this problem has stayed with me..i do things like steal, from people i love, lie to people i love, and many more, things. just so my husbend notices me..please help

  • Anonymous-2

    I am 29 years old and I just discover the name of my problem trichotillomania istarted pulling my hair when I was 9 years I can not anderstand why but I want to stop I need help i'm living in dubai and I don't know to whom to talk and how to start,if somebody has any comments on this plz don't hesitate

  • non-maniac

    I started hair pulling also at about age 9 and fought with it well into my 30s. Cognitive therapy was the only thing that really worked -- you keep a journal handy and write down all the times the compulsion is triggered. In this way you can 'catch' yourself doing it and work on stopping it. Sorry to say my case was so bad and so prolonged that the hair never completely grew back, so find yourself a cognitive therapist asap.

  • Madison

    i am only 13 years old, but i have this problen and people think thats its just a habit and i knew it was something more. I knew i had a problem. My problem is not very extreme but it still scares me that i will get to that stage and i will start to get bald spots

  • sandi

    As long as I can remember I've been pulling and eating my hair. I'm 40 now and I have never been in control of this trichotillomania and probably never will. That's a depressing thought on its own,not sure if it affects you medically in other ways! I'm tired though of the ups and downs!!!!

  • sandi

    As long as I can remember I've been pulling and eating my hair.I'm 40 now and I have never been in control of this trichotillomania and probably never will. That's a depressing thought on its own,not sure if it affects you medically in other ways! I'm tired though of the ups and downs!!!!

  • autumn

    I have the same hair pulling problem. I don't even want to leave the house because I get made fu of all the time

  • Anonymous-3

    since i was 11.. im almost 58 now and the urge never lessened even on anti-depressants.. and i have tried them all! I want to do it all the time..why does pain feel so good to me?

  • Anonymous-4

    I have pulled at my hair since I was 20. I was working third shift and got insomnia really bad and had to quit that job. I am 31 now and I still do it. It frustrates my husband to no end. Its embarrassing! I am trying to take celexa as a way to calm down and help control nervousness.

  • cylinda

    Ive had my hand on my hair one way or another since first memory but now my 14yr old daughter is pulling hair out her head,causing a bald spot now infected sores is this disorder hereditary?


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