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Wants To Cross Dress


i am very nervous about being feminine very shy i’m a tall guy yet i act feminine and speak softly many people have told me of this nature in private i have always cross-dressed secretly ’cause i’m shy to wear a skirt in public i really feel i lack the courage to go out dressed as a woman my girlfriend is very positive i’ll be just fine and she is very serious i wanna start expressing my femininty should i begin slowly……….. i do not wish to begin very lavishly dressed i wanna dress kinda casually… first not much make-up just jeans and a nice top……… curl my hair i’d love to wear nylons on my first day dressed too……… my question is i need to know is a good way to open up thank you

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Some things are like pools with diving boards. You just have to jump into them from a height. There isn’t really a good way to explain your desire to cross dress to most people, I don’t think. You’ll just have to appear in front of them dressed the way you wish and they’ll either understand or not. I would encourage you to think carefully about where you would appear in female attire before making your debut, however. It may not be appropriate for you to dress this way at work. Good luck to you!

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  • Anonymous-1

    try at first just wearing female clothes under your clothes. That is what I do and I still get the femme feeling

  • Alexi G.


    MY MOTHER USED TO SAY '' what you can't see can't hurt you". LETS FOCUS ON THE OPERATIVE WORD...SEE.


  • I want to wear a dress as a man.

    If you want to develop courage in being able to express yourself, a good start would be to go on a "Cross-dressing vacation". What people need is a place where we can feel free to express ourselves without immediate repercussions.

    Do your research first: Find places you might like to visit and do some inquiries into how tolerant the community is. I know that the city of Austin is known to be broadminded (quite unlike other cities in Texas). Is it likely that you will meet people you already know? Try to keep to less popular tourist destinations. **Keep FAR away from intolerant communities or social groups (religious/racial/militant)**

    Make sure that you can travel with someone you already know who is accepting of yourself. Even a friendly place can be daunting if you feel that you have no immediate support.

    If you want to eventually gain acceptance of your personalty from those whom you care what they think about you... think about sticking up for the rights of crossdressers when a conversation naturally heads in that direction. If they seem dim-witted in their hatered of people that are different -- it may be time to drop them as a friend or distance yourself if they are a workmate. If the other person seems unphased by your views, communicating the fact that you have this hobby will be a good way to test the waters further. After all, talking about things with someone is better than suddenly going all out. (Suddenly shocking people by showing up in full dress.)

    We need to go slowly with people... not for fear of being caught out. But to give other people the chance to think about things without having to suddenly react. (You also don't want to come across as someone who is "pushy" in their views...)

    Good Luck.

  • Lee WL

    Hi, I am a female and always dress like a man. I started doing this since long as I can remember. The people arround just have problem with me dressing this way, especially my parents. I tried wearing "appropriately" but it just felt so wierd. So if this is what you really wanna. You should consider whether this what you really wanted. Maybe easier to face the stress if this is what you really want to do.


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