Anger And Aggression

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  • Angelina Forde

    Thank you for making this handy resource to everyone and anyone with internet access!

  • Anonymous-1

    its ok prejudice is in everyone dontlet someone or something get u down ALWAYS keep ur head up never look down BUT dont always forget who u are

  • Anonymous-2

    it was not until i started to study counselling (by correspondance - so i'm doing it all on my own), that i understood that i am okay. i have also began to realise that i can achieve to my wildest dreams and the only person that can hold me back is me!!

  • cassie lewis

    Anger is something that is not always controllable and it can't always be stopped by ones self. Some people need help stopping there anger problams. People also take there anger out in diffrent ways. My brother is Bi-Poler 1 with suicidal tendences and he takes medicin daily for his problam. I deal with anger or sadness by hurting myself,but my brother huts everyone else but his self most the time.

    Living in this type of household has taught me that if you need help don't be scared to admitt it because anger can take away from your life being happy and functional the way that most people wish for it to be.

  • sam

    i dont think it is right been predudice it nasty and it can hert peoples feelings a lot and i think there should be an end to it.

  • trisha

    I have been raising this child since she was 1 day old, her mother was on drugs and did not want this child. Many court dates and she's finally mine.

    Her behavior id out of control because her mother did not see any doctors and child has a.d.h.d and has sereral behaior problems.

    my child is now seven years old and i truly love her but have to get her behavior together. she's not the only child there a three more children that are her sisters and brother with the same problems.

  • Anonymous-3

    anger and aggression is in people who work construction and similar trades. they have a lot of prejudice. This needs to be addressed.

  • JR

    What about prejudice against people in the construction and related trades ...?

  • Roe

    I rent in a house,thesepeople are all angry and doing spiteful things. I am getting affected by them. They are all overweight I weigh 94 lbs.I talk to people calmly never angrily. Will someone please respond to me.Help!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous-4

    This group may God bLess you.You need to get help for anger management and get to the root of it.MIne was cause because of intrusive thoughts,seeing a knife in my hand.I have never hurt a fly ,and it had me angry because thta mental image kept coming.I prayed,renounce angerr,ask God to heal emotionally and also got professional help.I also learned good ways to vent the anger on this site.

  • sierra willis

    i need help controling my anger issues beacuse it is controling me and making me make the wrong desicions . in school and also at home please i need the all the help i can get

  • J sprat

    My boyfriend has anger which is very bad... and no not as of yet has he hit me. but if he dont seek the right help i feel he may hurt other's, he tryed the 12 step's support, but that dont and didnt work...please please please help soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please

  • Cade

    My name is cade. i am 22 years old. i lately have been having horrible mood swings and extreme anger. Little things destroy me! Wright now i am unemployed and without insurance. I know that i have been diagnosed with adhd and bi-polar disorder but i havnt taken any medicine since i was 18. all i know is i can't afford to pay anyone for medicine but i really need help!!! dose anyone know where i should go? i Live in chandler az!!

  • Josh

    I cnt seem to be calm, the smallest things make me furious and get me in trouble all the time, what should i do?

  • Anthony

    Is it really normal to be so angry all the time? I literally get quite irritated with certain noises or sounds while I am in the midst of doing something. I feel sometimes like actually hitting people for their unecessary statements, brazen behaviour, or even sounds such as coughing or even clearing their throat. Why I get so agrivated, I am not sure. While driving I snap if I hear a horn, or if someone gives me a dirty look. I am tired of having a short fuse and at my age, I don't think there is a way to change my reactions and behaviour.

    Naturally I am a super nice person. I will bend over backwards for anyone who is nice to me. I will extend my helping hand further than most anyone would. I enjoy good humor, and have the ability to take many things with a grain of salt. However, my rage seems to resinate a nastiness most people are warded off by. Mainly my rage kicks in at work. Every job I've ever had, minus one or two, I have been like a bull in a china shop. I have no idea what causes this. It usually ends up with me quitting my jobs shortly after being employed. I begin to hate everything and everyone after my first week at a new job. If you have any idea as to why this disorder may occur to someone, please let me know.

  • DWWD

    i have anger issues. not sure y though. i have a great sense of humor i get along well with others, but once someone "pisses me off" it's like i feel my blood boil and it WILL NOT stop. it's as if i have to carry out an evil deed to whoever i feel "killed" my good mood and the anger won't go away until i do. Even if im "successful" at controling my rage for the moment, i still find myself gritting my teeth, or making smart-ass comments until i delivered a "relaxing" blow. what the hell is up with that!?

    also im not easily angered but once i get to the point of anger it's extremely difficult to maintain control of my actions

  • shannon lynn byrum

    i have anger issues that make me yell at my sister my daughter my parents and my friends please help

  • Vince Piper


    Find whats causing the hurt and you realease the need to feel angry...

  • James S

    Am responding to your question. There is a support group located in Chandler Arizona called Family Support Care BH. This is a non profit agency and they provide services to consumers with mental illness or disorder. They also have housing assistance to no or low income families. Check them out. or call 614.286.8511. hope that helps

  • Frank

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  • tillie

    im creating an artwork about aggression i need to know what it feels like so i can express it

  • Helpin Hand

    Yall. Call me a holy roller but you need God in your life. Ask and He will answer...

  • mum of son

    I have a 28 yr old son who seems to be becoming more angry as time goes on. He has OCD thankfully only mild, he does not live at home with me now, he lives with his girl friend. The OCD may be getting a bit worse but I only know what his girl friend tells me. However, I do worry about him and only want to help. Please can you offer some advice as to how I can help him.

  • labels.....

    i quite dont understand myself at times i know gettin stressed out is a bad thing but when i get myself all depressed no reason just to feel pain it hurts but people can try to understand but they wont it just hard to open up not because i dont trust them but i have a problem with holding everything in i feel if i speak my heart it makes me feel weak knowing that others say its not but just feels that way i need help.