Dealing With Grief And Loss

When a national tragedy like what happened at Fort Hood occurs, there are a large number of people who have grief and loss feelings that they must deal with going forward.  This can include those directly involved, as well as those who have had other losses in the past, particularly from a similarly violent situation, where there can be a re-emergence of grief feelings.  People affected can also feel grief over the loss of feeling secure and safe in their workplace and homes on the base.

Some of the resources in our Grief and Bereavement Center may be helpful if you or someone you love is dealing with a loss.  We include information on:

Grief being a normal and natural process
Stages of grief that people can experience (Kubler-Ross, Rando, Horowitz)
Symptoms of grief
Coping with your grief
Understanding when grief is complete
Helping other adults cope with grief
Helping children cope with grief and what to tell them
Cultural and Religious/Spiritual Implications of grief
Understanding pathological grief
Additional resources regarding grief and loss

To view those materials, click here.

In a violent tragedy like this, there can be more than grief and loss that people have to deal with.  There can also be the traumautic feelings of those who witnessed the incident, those who were injured but lived, and those close to all involved.  In those situations, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder can develop.  You can find additional information and resources about that in our PTSD topic center.

Our thoughts and sympathy go out to all those who are suffering from any type of loss in their lives.