Great Relationships: Five Things I've Learned From Couples In My Practice

Part of my job is to teach and counsel, but I also learn from my clients. Every relationship is different of course. Still, as I look back over the years, it's easy to see that there is much we all share. Below are five things I've learned from my own relationship and from couples in my practice.

These lessons are a gift. As we move into 2010, it's important to remember: in every crisis there is a treasure; time together can work magic; your needs count too; differences add spice; and small things matter. Like clues on a treasure map, these lessons point the way to the real prize – a close, loving relationship. Happy New Year!

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  • Martha

    WOW, incredible material. Sad part, my husband thinks this is all about me. He has no problems. We are 65 and 64, married 45 yrs, dated 2, high school sweethearts. Many trials and tribulations, but in it for the long haul. Divorce was never an option. He still sees this is my problem. We're not sure where we go from here.